I reincarnated as a friend of Slime Chapter 566

I reincarnated as a friend of Slime Chapter 566

Bai Xiaochun didn't have time to get angry about Bai Xiaochi's tone of voice. Wracked with anxiety, he yelled, "Let's join forces! Use that sovereign arm we got! We have to get this bastard out of here!"

Instantly, a terrifying gravitational force erupted out, becoming a black hole fully 300 meters wide.

Qing Shui released his spiritual sense and sensed a formidable aura getting closer. He didn't dare to let his guard down.

As Bai Xiaochun stood there at the front of the battleship looking out at the lands in front of him, he felt a great sense of familiarity. The battleship was incredibly fast, even faster than Nascent Soul patriarchs. It only took about six hours before the Heavenspan River became visible off in the distance. There, the hand of the Blood Ancestor could be seen stretching out of the river, forming the mountain peaks of the former Blood Stream Sect!

Qing Shui was suddenly struck by a realization. Perhaps Wenren Wushuang getting used to life without her memories was also a type of blessing?

He looked threatening without being angry, and seemed capable of watching the earth be destroyed and the heavens crushed, and yet not reacting at all. He was none other than¡­

Qing Shui shook his head. He did not know why he had let his thoughts run wild. He did not know if he would go to the Qianyu Clan. Maybe he would when he went to Central Continent.

In addition to Bruiser, Song Junwan had performed spectacularly. Although she wasn't in the Nascent Soul stage yet, only the great circle of Core Formation, she had wielded the Middle Peak blood sword with precision and valor. She had surpassed the leaders of the other mountain peaks to become a virtual blood fiend, leading the entire Blood Stream Division in their fight against the enemy!

Just then, a series of rushed footsteps rang out and another dozen people dashed into the room. When Shan Peng saw these people, he felt the same as a drowning person who had grabbed hold of a lifeline.

Celestial Vir¨±p¨¡k?a and his companions were in the middle of fighting ten of the minotaur monsters. The fighting was fierce, and intense booms filled the air, causing the three celestials' eyes to flash.

At present, he got yet another Blackjade Poisonous Spiderweb. These were all the poisonous ingredients which were required to make the talisman. If he was able to use it appropriately, it would definitely be able to instill even more fear in his opponents.

Bai Xiaochun cleared his throat. Considering that he was only in the late Gold Core stage, he didn't feel that going out into the Wildlands would be a very good idea.

Qing Yan was very similar to Shi Qingzhuang but wasn't as cold as her. Her exquisite little face was like that of a porcelain doll's. Carrying a daughter in one hand while holding the hand of another made him feel a great sense of achievement.

That portion of the qi flow entered Bai Xiaochun, causing him to shiver. Soon, he was back on the treasured fan, looking exhausted, but excited. As the thirty percent of the qi flow entered him, his cultivation base power suddenly formed a resonance with the ruins of the Immortal World!

Being able to crush someone, and simply defeat them, were two very different things. Crushing someone didn't require a fight; whereas defeating someone did.

Heavenly Thunder Slash!

Once again, he shook the bell. This time round, the intensity of the ear-piercing sound was clearly several times louder than before. The amount of energy injected this time round was more than double that of before. Naturally, he didn't aim the bell at his firebird. Looking at the bell that was currently glowing with beautiful colours in his hands, he knew that this was the bane of all demonic beasts. He wonders, when this bell reached level nine or ten, would the power of the bell be able to cause the demonic beast to die on the spot immediately as it stole their souls away.

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