I Hacked Everything Chapter 1539

I Hacked Everything Chapter 1539

Seeing how Jian Chen had easily killed a Peak Great Saint with such a fast sword stroke, the middle aged mercenary was extremely surprised. With a sword stroke that fast, even he would need to use his entire strength to be able to dodge it. Thanks to this man's experience, these two factors were all he needed in order to establish that Jian Chen probably had a strong background. There was most likely an extremely strong master supporting Jian Chen, otherwise, how could such a young person be so strong? So for that reason, the middle aged man had tried to resolve the issue in order for the Tianxiong clan to have one less issue.

The final two Heaven Saint Masters of the Pingyang Kingdom decided to no longer use words to talk after realizing that Jian Chen was a member of the Gesun Kingdom. A fight was unavoidable at this point, and unless one of the two sides died, there would be no end. Deciding not to hold back, the both of them instantly brought out their Saint Weapons to block the fire swords.

Jian Chen continued to walk toward where the Flame Mercenaries were. Very few people were moving about, and not too far away, the sounds of pain and suffering could be heard loudly.

"What an amazing pill! Brother Jiang, you really have amazing talent! We can leave now, I'll just absorb the pill bit by bit along the way."

Just as the middle aged man's sword was about to hit Jian Chen, Jian Chen's trajectory suddenly changed. He dodged the sword and moved around the middle aged man, attacking the group of mercenaries standing just behind the man.Chapter 93: Silencing by Killing

"Of course he would come out. His own son was killed by someone, which is why he is so furious. Three Mortal Core warriors, dozens of Qi Hai warriors££ They are going to turn the Jiang family in ashes this time."

Jiang Chen let out a cold snort, then he extended his hand towards the sky. In an instant, the True Dragon Palm started crashing down from the sky, easily destroy the energy attack unleashed by Liu Peng.

Jiang Chen also made an announcement the same day about his withdrawal from the Black Sect. From today onwards, he was not a disciple of the Black Sect any longer, and he would leave the Qi Province and proceed to another place soon. At the same time, Jiang Chen gave out a wild statement. Those who wanted to seek revenge could just come after him, he would take them all on.

He pulled the Light Wind Sword out from the dead mercenary with a smooth gesture before it flashed silver once more. As the three Saint Weapons danced and flew at Jian Chen, his sword flew out and cut through the throats of two of the mercenaries and stopped right in front of the neck of the final remaining mercenary.

Wu Cong said with an evil smile on his face.Chapter 419 ÿ Tearing the Imperial Decree

Jiang Chen said casually. Immediately after saying this, he pointed his finger out. The powerful Single Solar Finger locked down Lee Long and smashed into him violently. This attack was backed by a tremendous amount of force.

"Who does he think he is? Even some of the teachers in our academy wouldn't dare speak to a battle skill wielder like Ka Di Yun"

The youth laughed, "This one is named Ming Dong. I am not from the Gesun Kingdom, so don't even bother linking me with them. Changyang Xiangtian is my sworn brother, if you truly dare to seek trouble with my brother, you will first have to go through me."

"It's hard to tell. This guy is an amazing man, he might really have some secret trick, so let's just wait and see. He always has a calm attitude when dealing with problems, and the Dimensional Creatures is a huge threat to the safety of the Red City region, so I'm certain he'll handle it with utmost seriousness."

But an attack like this was nothing to Jiang Chen. With a wave of his hand, the True Dragon Flame transformed into a bright flaming pike. With a throwing motion, the flaming pike shot out, and everything surrounding it exploded as it flew toward Huo Yuner's fire seal.

That was because if one wanted to make the breakthrough to become a Saint Ruler, they must have a fundamental grasp of the profound mysteries in the world. There were many secrets hidden within these profound mysteries and they were the reason why there were so few Saint Rulers among the Tian Yuan Continent. This layer of cultivation was far away from the level Jian Chen was currently at.

As the Third Emperor and Jiang Chen were talking with loud voices, everyone were able to hear them loud and clear. When all those disciples and elders who had lost their hope heard it, excitement immediately emerged on their faces.

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