The VIP Chapter 1675

The VIP Chapter 1675

On the way, Jian Chen and the group continued to laugh and chat in peace as they made their way to Fengyang City. They were traveling rather slow. Jian Chen and Ming Dong decided to explain the situation of the Tian Yuan Continent to Tie Ta. You Yue would sometimes interject a word or two of her own, for the sake of helping Tie Ta adjust.

Jian Chen smiled, "This one and the ancestor have already finished our talks and now it is time for me to return to the Gesun Kingdom. Many thanks to the two seniors and the Huang family for having me."

But, their blurry expressions only existed for a short moment, then all of them opened their eyes widely.

The Soul Sword was learned back when he had fought against Dugu Qiubai a long time ago. At his moment of death, he had made a breakthrough and learned this supreme skill.

After the Heavenly Wings movement skill was auction away, Jiang Chen didn't make any bids for the next couple of items, but the other private rooms on the second floor were fighting intensely. Even the Shangguan Clan had made two bids. As for the Myriad Sword Sect, they were completely silent, and they hadn't made a single bid. Ye Xiao was still extremely furious.

"Jiang Chen, take this, Soaring Heavens Sword!"

"Elder brother, what should we do now? The Heavenhawk Island Master is hiding on the island and doesn't want to show himself, and we can't break this formation."

The entire scene had become quiet. The monk wearing the golden Kasaya was hovering above the Heavenhawk Island. He still wore the expression of an eminent monk. However, after witnessing his brutal approaches, and how he slaughtered those people just now, if anyone still treated him as an eminent monk, that guy would be a true idiot.

Lian Haolong let out a long sigh before he spoke. He knew that Lianyun Castle's doomsday had finally come.

Because of the massive collision, Jiang Chen was forced back a dozen steps before he regained control of his body. While stepping back within the skies, each step he took would produce a loud boom sound, which sounded like the sound that came when once hit a drum.


A wicked look emerged on Qing Styx's face. An unending buzzing sound was produced by the spear in his hand. All 15 Divine Core Sect Elders kept channeling their energy into the Gargantuan Energy, which then passed into Qing Styx's body, causing his combat strength to rise to a new level.

Shangguan Sheng said with a sneer on his face.

Within the courtyard of the restaurant, more men began to arrive from every direction as they gathered at one spot, totaling 27 men.

"Yes, Imperial Protector!"

"Even if we die, we will never tell you the whereabouts of the fourth young master. If you have the ability, kill us all. The fourth young master will avenge us one day." A loyal head guard roared out in rage, as if he did not fear death.

When Yun Zheng's eyes landed upon the banner flying overhead, he grew startled as well. "What? They're an army from the Qinhuang Kingdom."

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