Lord Xue Ying Chapter 2118

Lord Xue Ying Chapter 2118

Dong Yan wrinkled a frown in his forehead and said, "Although the reason for entering the Sky Penetrating Mountains for a Peach of Immortality was a bit feebler than to find the Sky Penetrating Grass, that was still a realistic goal. I didn't quite expect you to go into the mountains to find such heavenly treasures."

The man gestured to one of the guards. That guard immediately ran to the beast carriage and paid for the trip and even gestured politely for the three men to enter.

"He wasn't originally heading in this direction. He changed directions when he saw that one particular sandworm¡­." Having reached this conclusion, Bai Xiaochun immediately attacked that same sandworm.

Huoyun Liu-li understood Cang Wuya's message. She smiled reluctantly.?

"Old Hu Mala Soup!"

"With this flame, I can definitely perform a ninefold spirit enhancement on the Eternal Parasol....

"Wu-shuang, let's go and have a look to see what the core of a demonic beast looks like." Qing Shui was exceptionally happy and blissful when he said this.

Bear Leaning Against the Trees!

The Crystal Physique Card he had slapped down on himself instantly fused into his body and a layer of "shell casing" seemed to have formed on the surface of his skin. At the same time, his body was filled with energy, especially in his legs.

It could be compared to a man who was not good looking but easy on the eyes, and gradually seemed more charming and charismatic to the point that his looks did not matter. The words that Qing Shui wrote using his Golden Calligraphy Brush had that effect; they seemed to have an added allure. ?

This was not his first time hearing the rumors about the Celestial taking in a new apprentice. Patriarch Spirit Stream had mentioned something similar, and in fact, that was one of the reasons Bai Xiaochun had returned to the Starry Sky Dao Polarity Sect to begin with.

Yiye Jiange noticed that ever since she met Qing Shui, she was better able to accept new things. She also gradually realised that nothing would be shocking. Anything that happened was normal.

The two indistinct pink dots were extremely charming.

Qing Shui was embarrassed by Canghai Mingyue, who was looking at him in a stupor. He stuck out his index finger and gently tickled Canghai Mingyue's palm.

Qing Shui knew that it was because she felt the spiritual fluctuation on it.?

"Sir, please consider it again. Our Medicine Emperor Yi Clan is the top alchemist clan in the world. You will definitely further improve your medical skills and refining medicines abilities by working with us. Furthermore, we can satisfy all your requests and needs as long as we can fulfill them." The old man tried to persuade Qing Shui after his offer was swiftly rejected.

But for the second key to do the same.... They gritted their teeth and told themselves that it was another coincidence. And yet... they were completely dumbfounded at the sight of the key chasing Bai Xiaochun.

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