Rented by the Heiress Chapter 90

Rented by the Heiress Chapter 90

AST 466 Feng Clan's Expert, Qing Shui's Current Level

"Brothers, cut down those soul cultivators. With them out of the way, we can return to the Great Wall!" The surrounding thousands of cultivators could see exactly what Bai Xiaochun meant, and all began to shout out battle cries.

All these breakthroughs were the results of Qing Shui guiding them, in addition to the Spirit Concentrating Pill, Tiger Bone Soup, Snake Gall Soup, Bone Strengthening Pill, Constitution Nurturing PillĄ­...

Even as he screamed, his Sun-Moon Vast-Sky Incantation broke through, and his cultivation base climbed up into the mid Deva Realm!

"Junior Sister Du, Junior Brother Bai, I presume both of you have already examined the details of the mission," Feng Yan said coolly, his voice so light that it was almost hard to hear. "We're heading to an area in the Lower Reaches of the Heavenspan River called the Fallenstar Mountains. Junior Brother Hou's last message came from that area. The Fallenstar Mountains mark the boundary of the Spirit Stream Sect's sphere of influence. The rest of the mountains count as the territory of the Blood Stream Sect.

If nothing happened to interfere, it wouldn't be long before all of the demigods were back at peak battle prowess.

Zhu Qing was speechless; Qing Shui's attitude changed at the speed of a page flip of a book. Earlier, he was still teasing her, but he turned into a stranger in an instant. Although she didn't intend to spend all eternity with him, she couldn't help but feel a wave of disappointment from the way Qing Shui acted.

Even as the hand descended, causing the lands below to quake, the air seemed to solidify, sealing the area around Reverend Devourer so that he couldn't move!

Qing Shui's expression did not change at all. He held onto a gold needle which was covered in blood. When the longsword pierced into him, he had not even cried out in pain, nor did his expression change in any bit.

"HaiĄ­ We were really close brothers when we're young. Ever since we grew up and separated, no matter how close we are, it would still be really hard to be like how we used to be. Nevertheless, nothing much happened between us. It could be that because we're facing a life and death situation now that my third brother behaved like this. Humans are indeed fragile creatures.

The truth was that he didn't care too much about the soul medicine. Material things like that weren't very important. However, he did feel that it was a big pity that Chen Xiong still had the fifteenfold spirit enhanced jade pendant in his bag of holding. And yet, considering how domineering Mistress Red-Dust was acting, he hesitated to say anything. But then he thought back to something the Giant Ghost King had once said to him.

Once again, the familiar sound of the Treasure Hunting Pig rang out, which made everyone gather around. Everyone, including Qing Shui, were stunned when they saw the treasure that came into their view. It was the Sky Penetrating Grass.

And that was exactly what it was, a Daoist magic of Essence. Although it was only in an embryonic form, only a small fraction of what it could be, it still caused time in the area around Bai Xiaochun to change. He shivered more, and his closed eyes began to flicker even more rapidly, as though he might awaken at any moment.

Then, an enormous column of swirling black mist rocketed up into the air, twisting and turning. At the same time, an exultant voice echoed out in all directions.

The rest of the south bank disciples couldn't help but ponder that the north bank seemed too powerful to even contend with. In their minds, the Chosen battles were already over.

"Brat, you must be bored of living to be talking to my Martial Brother Song this way." The thin man that was forced to fade into the background by Qing Shui couldn't get over the humiliation. As long as his Martial Brother Song was there, he wasn't afraid of Qing Shui. Moreover, it was not his first time saying harsh words like this and it was his job to say unrefined words like this.

The sensation of danger that washed through him exceeded anything he had felt when fighting Xiao Qing, Yang Hongwu, and Zhang Yunshan, and even surpassed the feelings he had experienced when he was being chased by the Luochen Clan. The only thing it could compare to was the feeling he'd experienced because of the girl in the white dress, back in the Fallen Sword World.

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