From anxiety to heavenly arts Chapter 947

From anxiety to heavenly arts Chapter 947

Yan Chenyu's ice cage was a frightening skill, and even a Mid Combat Soul warrior would be trapped for it. However, the gap between herself and the Crown Prince was too big, so Yan Chenyu was no match for him. All she could do was disturb the Crown Prince, taking a supportive role while the Ice Demon King took the main role.


Li Tianyang's eyes shone with a sinister gleam. All he could think about was the Freezing Hell Jail, but unfortunately, as the Heavenly Tribulation was getting stronger, he didn't have the guts to enter even with his Combat Emperor cultivation base. Thus, he was forced to wait outside.

A smile emerged on Nangong Wentian, Han Yan, and the few other's faces. The felt happy seeing how strong Jiang Chen had become. However, at the same time, they felt a tremendous pressure as well. Each of them could be considered a rare genius, and no matter if it was in terms of talent or cultivation base, they were all elites. Regardless of where they went, they would always get the respect they deserved. However, when compared to Jiang Chen, the gigantic gap immediately showed up.

"Ai££" Hearing Hudolf's words, the man could only sigh heavily. Those goods were his and the Loyal Spirit Mercenaries was the group he had hired to protect him until Wake City approached. If the goods they were transporting were lost, then he would not be able to make up for the deficit, since this entire inventory of goods had been completely bought using the man's savings.

Jiang Chen's face turned serious, he only had one year. He was cultivating the Dragon Transformation skill, and it was tougher for him to break through to higher realms compared to others. Therefore, he had decided, once Big Yellow woke up, he would immediately bring him with him to the Myriad Demon Mountain.

"Too cruel! I have grown this old, and I've finally witnessed a true ruthless man! He has my respect!"

As for the second floor of the auction hall, that was where all the private rooms were located. Those who had the privileges of staying in one of those rooms were all wealthy people with great influence. For this year's auction, each of these private rooms was occupied by a Combat Soul warrior. Jiang Chen was the only exception.

Jiang Chen said.

"Haha, these Blood Devils can't do us any harm! Young master Jiang alone is enough to kill all of them! Also, that big yellow dog is also a terrifying being! Kill those Blood Devils!"

The two of them knew just how important the Imprint of Death was. In the case that there was no reaction from it, then it would mean that Jian Chen had escaped from their range. Even as Saint Rulers, it would be hard to find Jian Chen without the Imprint of Death. The Tian Yuan Continent was far too vast and had a sea of people to hide within. All in all, it was like finding a needle from a haystack.

With a grunt, Jian Chen slapped the area around him with his palm, causing the space in front of the slap to distort so violently that a slight fissure formed.

"He went to the Southern Continent, I don't think he'll come back here anytime soon. Oh right, Little Yu, has that bullshit Crown Prince disturbed you these few days?"

"This is a sky-high bid! I wonder, will the Myriad Sword Sect bid again?"

At this current moment, there was only a single meter between Jian Chen and the ancestor. Thanks to the severe damage from earlier and the pressure from the ancestor, mobility was quite hard. Every step required an equally large amount of energy, and with the ancestor striking at him, it was impossible for him to try and attack the ancestor.

"Cut the nonsense, you three, kneel down right now and kowtow before us! After that, give us all your belongings as compensation!"

"Jiang Chen, let go of my grandson!"

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