Ghost and the Writer Chapter 2654

Ghost and the Writer Chapter 2654

The monkey sighed softly, and the profound look in his eyes grew even stronger.

"You should stay a few days longer at the Duanmu Residence over this visit. You were in a hurry last time. I'm taking you to look around here this time," Lady Duanmu suggested with a smile.

"Furthermore, you only need to master five volumes to take this test. This guy has eight! Just as he said, he's definitely going to become the top journeyman apothecary, which will earn him the 5,000 merit point prize."

"Look, Qing Shui. This little monkey is really gorgeous. I'm going to take it with me." Qing Qing joyously told Qing Shui as she carried the little monkey and walked towards him.

It was a completely shocking development. There were tens of thousands of people on all of those battleshipsˇ­ and the majority of them had the blood of the Heavenspan Realm in them.

Thinking again, Cang Wuya had once said that the concoction rate of the Beast Pill and Spirit Concentrating Pill was only fifty percent. This meant that out of every two tries, he would succeed once. However, the time wasted during each failure probably caused many alchemists to feel that the success rate of fifty percent was still too low.

Another huge acquisition this time was that Cloudmist Steps had broken through to the Obscure Realm. Thus Qing Shui's speed had increased by almost a half. That was 50% of his speed! Qing Shui suddenly felt like he had changed from a shotgun blast to cannon fire.

Meanwhile, outside of the legacy zone, the River-Defying Sect's glowing circle was exploding with intense light. In fact, the light was so bright that it formed a pillar which shot up into the air!

Riding demonic beasts, both flying types and land types, there were also no less than 200 of them!

Upon reaching the house, little fatty said somewhat embarrassedly, "let me prepare some food for you."

"I must concoct medicine!" Bai Xiaochun's eyes shone with intense focus. The enlightenment he had gained from the Holy Pill Wall Fragment, and the abstruse information from the Frigid School Medicine Manual, caused his skill in the Dao of medicine to break through from the point of being able to concoct tier-3 medicines. He was now fairly certain he could concoct tier-4 medicines!

Qing Shui felt that women were always passive. The beauty of the lady standing before him was otherworldly, her pitch black eyes exuding an illusory aura. Her body was slender and lithe; the curves of her body were soft and delicate. She was stunningly elegant despite being plainly dressed. Her beauty was not icy cold, but the aura she exuded were a mix of dominance and coldness. Her beauty was ethereal and hazy, but one would be enchanted after seeing her alluring eyes! She was a woman that was extremely difficult to manage, yet one that was an elegant and noble.?

Although he was moved, the fact that the Starry Sky Dao Polarity Sect had taken advantage of that fact to put the River-Defying Sect on the front lines caused his anger to burn. However, he knew that now was not the time for passion, but for calmness and clarity.

Chapter 52 Visiting the Hundred Medicinal Garden.

Bai Xiaochun waved his sleeve and chuckled darkly. Popping the medicinal pill into his mouth, he left the arena floor.... Behind him, the north bank disciples erupted in rage yet again.

She felt very weird, she did not hate the distance between them, and even when she was hugged, it did not evoke a hateful feeling. Di Qing felt very confused.

Whenever she saw Qing Shui, she would think about the things that happened that day. One whole night.. For one whole night, she wrapped around a guy like a fool. That scar was craved really deeply within her heart. It's not something which could be so easily forgotten.

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