Broken Caged Heart Chapter 409

Broken Caged Heart Chapter 409



Ling Ao's imposing manner went as high as the sky could reach. He gathered all the Yuan energy in his body between both his palms. Countless waves originating from Ling Ao swept across the entire fighting stage. Underneath the sunshine, it glowed and reflected a rainbow colored light.

"What a marvelous decision, captain. This matter is over then, our group will definitely flourish. Ten thousand purple coins, ah, even after splitting it, this will be enough for our entire lifetime." One person sighed happily.

The Imperial Emperor coldly harrumphed, then he waved his hand, directly tearing the void, causing a crack to appear. A shivering wind immediately leaked out from the other side of the gap. This was the frightening ability of a Combat King warrior. As they had mastered the Spatial Powers, they were able to tear space.

"This guy didn't bid once before this, but when a winner was decided between the Myriad Sword Sect and the Shangguan Clan, he immediately ramped the price up to 200 million. This is an insane number, I can barely even believe it!"

Qing Styx was mad. In the blink of an eye, he arrived not to far away from the Firethorn Savage. He used both his hands to draw something in the air, then he unleashed a huge barrier which pressed towards the Firethorn Savage.

Jian Chen stared at the medal blankly and said in surprise, "Who would've thought that this medal actually contains a strand of obscure World Force. If I weren't a Saint Ruler, I wouldn't have felt it at all. Just who was that old man who gave me this medal?"

"Elder Mark!"

"Cough££ nothing. Don't you think that the Divine Continent's natural Yuan energy is very dense?"

Seeing Jian Chen's movement, everyone in the mercenary group had stopped as well and nervously looked carefully at their surroundings. Although Jian Chen had repeated time after time that as long as 3 Class 3 Magical Beasts didn't attack them at the same time, then they would be in no danger at all, everyone was still extremely nervous. After all, they were up against a Class 3 Magical Beast this time instead of the normal Class 2 Magical Beasts. Although there was only one class apart from each other, the difference in strength between a Class 2 and a Class 3 Magical Beast was vast.

In the next moment, a loud and clear voice accompanied the soaring Sword Qi from the distance, "Nubis, let me finish him off."

Looking to the door, Jian Chen spoke out, "Come in!"

One of the Sixth Heavenly Layer Saint Rulers said to the other one, "Situ you old coot, Silver Striped Golden Snakes have a crazy combat ability. Also, their venom is renowned on the Tian Yuan Continent, so they're not easy to handle. In my opinion, we should fight together and kill this snake as soon as possible, just in case he runs away."

She made no move to stop him either and only stared blankly at the retreating back of Jian Chen. A soft look was in her eyes as tears slowly stole away from her eyelids and trailed down her beautiful face ¨• a face that could bring a kingdom to its knees.

When the price had gone to three million five hundred thousand purple coins, even more bidders had gave up on bidding. Even the other bidders who were still bidding had begun to balk about the price and started to have second doubts. Ten thousand year old heavenly resources were rare, but they appeared once every year in Mercenary City. If they didn't get this one this year, there was always next time.

Immediately the giant bear let out a painful shriek as it then moved away from the Great Saint Master to slap at Jian Chen.

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