The Cold Regent Keeps a Fox as a Consort Chapter 1038

The Cold Regent Keeps a Fox as a Consort Chapter 1038

A silver sword appeared in Jian Chen's handsÿit was his Light Wind Sword. Laughing, Jian Chen said, "Take a look, the sword Jian Chen uses, is it this one?"

As the Saint Force was compressed smaller and smaller, Jian Chen's dantian that was originally filled with Saint Force quickly began to lessen as well. Despite this, the strength of his Saint Force continued to rise, and the makeshift sword became clearer in form as well. Eventually, it became an extremely tiny sword within his dantian.

Luo Yun looked at the weirdly positioned youth without batting an eye, as if this wasn't a strange occurrence. That was because this weird position was actually the Luo Clan's method of cultivation.

"That group of bandits was truly strong. After a fierce battle we drove off the bandits, but our side had paid a heavy price. My Saint Weapon had been destroyed by a stronger bandit, and although I didn't die, I had lost my ability to cultivate and the entirety of my strength. I was nothing more than a cripple, thus, I came to this village to isolate myself from the world."

In truth, there had been many cases where the cannon wasn't able to handle the extreme amount of energy stirring inside when that would happen the energy exploded from within, causing massive damage to everyone around. However, this was a risk that every country was willing to face for the sake of a better chance of winning,

Wu Cong let out a hearty laugh. He took a step forward, then he immediately started flying toward the top of the magma pillars.

Although Jian Chen could use the Space Gate in Qinhuang Kingdom to directly travel to the Holy Empire millions of kilometers away, he did not do so because he already learnt some things about the Holy Empire from Bi Hai and the four Imperial Protectors of the Qinhuang Kingdom, including information about reaching Class 7 as a Class 6 Radiant Saint Master.

"Big brother, what is this Chaotic Body? And what's Chaotic Force? Big brother, Little Spirit can see that your body has grown even stronger now. Is that this Chaotic Body?" Little Spirit asked him curiously after listening to Ziying.

Perhaps Jian Chen also wanted to end this battle quickly, because he didn't give Ka Di Liang time to even gasp before he quickly slammed his fist into Ka Di Liang's nose.

After listening to Jian Chen speak of what happened, Ming Dong let out a slow breath of air. It was when Jian Chen spoke of the battle with the eight Heaven Saint Masters that Ming Dong had nearly leaped out of his skin.

"What££what type of power is this? Hurry up and get back!" The two envoys no longer had their calm expression on their faces and immediately flew backward to escape from the perimeter of the Sword Qi.

But of course, Jiang Chen was no ordinary man. After breaking through to the Combat King realm, he was able to fight Ling Yi.

A sharp eyed guard cried the moment he saw the clan leader come toward them. Like water, the crowd of guards immediately made way for the clan leader to walk through. But even after that, the entire area was filled to the brim with Zhou clan guards.

Many people felt like they were about to faint, especially those who had witnessed how Big Yellow had behaved back on the Blissful Island. Many of them wanted to prostrate themselves in front of Big Yellow in admiration. This dog was the prime example of one with absolutely no fear! Not only had he shit on the Myriad Sword Sect and Shangguan Clan's Elders, he now even cursed a prince as a stupid bitch!

"Since junior disciple Jiang still has something to attend to, then you should just take your time! But junior disciple Jiang, do be careful! Your name can be heard anywhere, and you have offended both the Heavenly Sword Sect and the Burning Sky Pavilion at the same time, don't be careless!"

For the first time in history, the two number one geniuses from the Jian Province were working together! They were enemies of life or death who had fought each other many time, so they were actually able to form a perfect teamwork. The sound-waves and the sea of sword blanketed the place. Wherever they passed, mountains would crumble, and rocks would be sent flying all over the place.

"Woah, Jian Chen, you've been hiding such a great wine from us! Quickly, pour us a cup, I want to try!" Ming Dong impatiently pushed his cup to Jian Chen with sparkling eyes.

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