The Broken Marriage of Xi Lei Hua Chapter 1387

The Broken Marriage of Xi Lei Hua Chapter 1387

Those ten beams of light were powerful enough to destroy Nascent Soul cultivators, and yet, when they hit the necromancer and the soul cultivators, their bodies simply faded away.

As he became clear, they realized that he looked different. His hair was a bit longer, and he actually looked younger. However, there was something profound about his eyes, as though they contained stars, and at the same time, were black holes that could drag anything and everything into them.


"That aura¡­." Celestial Vir¨±p¨¡k?a was the first to feel uneasy, considering what he had experienced before. Backing up, he shouted, "Something strange is going on again!"

Old Man Ye quickly led a few dozen members, including Ye Guyan, with him and flew up to the sky. Although their powers could not be compared to the members of the Eastern Palace Aristocrat Clan, there wasn't much difference and they still flew up to stop them from killing Qing Shui.

Actually, Qing Shui had been mistaken. In reality that amount of Golden Essence Extract was sufficient for him to forge at least three pieces of weapons or armor, and he would still have enough remaining to refine and elevate the grades of the crafted equipments.

"Ai, that's my biggest weakness. I'm too kind. In the cultivation world, the law of the jungle prevails! I really shouldn't be this nice." Sighing, he looked over again at the dazed Celestial Vir¨±p¨¡k?a for a moment before checking on the situation with some of the other trial-takers. In one fell swoop, he increased the difficulty level for all of them.

"What's... what's happening?!?!" As countless exclamations of shock rose up, the cultivators near the pagoda were trembling mutely, as if their minds had been reduced to complete blanks....

Qing Shui currently understood some things about the Central Continent, after all, he intended to go there and the other continents. But Qing Shui had to first understand the major powers, sects, and clans of each Continent.

"Daddy, look at the demonic beasts I tamed!"

The two took up an umbrella and began walking in the snow. Qing Shui tried his best to distance himself from from Hai Dongqing. Even so, their shoulders would still collide with each others from time to time.

There was a hall and a room inside which should be the bedroom. There was a bathroom and washroom at the other end of the living room and it could be considered a small-scale basic room.

Qing Shui led Mu Qing throughout the Duality Minutest Formation, darting about. He would force her to be in the formation for two hours everyday and then let her set up the formation. Her speed and prowess were also changing endlessly.

"I still do not know when would that be, brother Shui, can I really reach Xiantian Realm?" Qing Bei's eyes opened wide in hope as she looked at Qing Shui.

Bai Xiaochun sighed and knelt down to pat his head. "Bruiser... you're usually so smart. How could you have been so dumb this time? You, you... you can steal bras if you want, but you can't screw me over in the process. I created you! I'm kind of like your father. You definitely can't screw your father over!

"Does that bloodstreak elder think he's a rabbit or something?"


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