Shambala Sect Chapter 2221

Shambala Sect Chapter 2221

"Wu Lang obtained quite some benefits back on the Island of Ice, I'm sure he'll gain some improvements after coming out from his secluded cultivation."

After walking through the demonic forest for two entire days, Jian Chen and Ming Dong's faces were filled with dirt and grime. Their faces had been covered by the dirt and their clothes ripped apart by the tree branches so that they no longer covered their bodies.

Elder Xiu remained silent as he stared deeply at the tiger cub. In the end, when he looked at the wings on the tigers back, his eyebrows furrowed together as he revealed a ponderous expression.

Daoist Black was startled.

"I don't know what Red City's Lee family will do, but I do know that tonight, the Mu Rong family will disappear from Fragrant Sky city."

"Sire, this is Kargath Academy. Outsiders are not permitted entry, and yet you have intruded anyways. You even interfered with a competition between students. Those are very serious violations of the rules of our Kargath Academy, prepare yourself to receive punishment for it!" At that moment, a stringently strict voice could be heard loud and clear through the grounds. At the same time the voice could be heard, a humanoid figure appeared in the blink of an eye before reappearing right in front of Ming Dong.

"Although I wasn't born in Mo Tianyun's time, I've heard of his legends many times. In his year, the creator of Mercenary City was matchless. No one under the heavens could fight him and he was even able to drive back the strongest of the Bai. The continent was left safe, but what a shame that he couldn't withstand the corrosion of time!" Dugu feng spoke as he looked at the statue.

Bi Hai observed the five people rather solemnly. He could feel the strength of the five people. Three were Fifth Heavenly Layer Saint Rulers, while the other two were in the Sixth Heavenly Layer. Such a powerful lineup definitely was not something the three of them could deal with.

"You're right, a man should have a great dream! Living an ordinary life is just boring! We don't ask for longevity, we just want to live a glorious life! Even if our lives were like shooting stars which only shine brightly for a short amount of time, we would still leave our own glorious days in this world!"

Big Yellow was laughing out heartily while bouncing around in the rattan chair.

Zhou Bei Zhen and the guards were looking towards Jiang Chen, their young master.This was unbelievable, obviously they were having a hard time adapting to the changes of their young master.

The mighty Saint warriors had all completely mastered the dimensional rules, they could walk anywhere they wanted amongst the dimensional space. Also, any Saint who has mastered the Dimension Shift skill could break open dimensional barrier with their bare hands and walk in like it was their backyard.

With such a simple looking painting, Jian Chen was able to understand so many pieces of information. If the other Saint Rulers were to figure out that Jian Chen was able to grasp this much, their eyes would pop open in shock, and the would look at him with inconceivable looks.

Jiang Chen wanted to cover all bases. Their opponent was so powerful, there was no way they could fight it with force alone, they had to understand all of its routines before thinking about a way to deal with it.

The king couldn't hide the overjoyed look on his face, but when he saw Qin Wuming standing right next to him, he became quite embarrassed. "That'd be too much. The invasion of the Heavenly Eagle Kingdom was all due to the contributions of the Qinhuang Kingdom. These suit of armors should go to them instead."

After saying that, Fan Zhong Tang brought Fan Kun with him and flew up into the sky towards the inner circle area.

"Damn it, there really are defense mechanisms protecting these herbs! This master dog didn't realize it because of the fluster, but, none of these mechanisms are going to stop this master dog, they are just too weak!"

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