Unlimited Anime Works! Chapter 423

Unlimited Anime Works! Chapter 423

Jiang Chen had written down a simple skill on a piece of paper that can train one's soul££It can't compare with the Mighty Soul Derivation skill, but it's still better than an ordinary soul training skill.

"Your Royal Highness, I've heard princess Ge Lan is already twenty years old and is still not yet married. Our Heavenly Eagle Kingdom hopes that our two kingdoms will become allies for many generations, so this servant has come here today to propose a marriage. Our kingdom hopes that the princess Gelan will be wedded to our Heavenly Kingdom's second prince." The prime minister spoke with a faint smile.


"Who was that idiot? Is there something wrong with his brain?"

Yan Hongtai walked up to Yan Zhanyun and asked.

If it was another Class 6 Radiant Saint Master or another Saint Ruler, they definitely would not have been able to break out from the trance as easily.

4 Saturday

Jian Chen continued to flow through each opponent smoothly like water. With each movement he made, another man fell to his sword with blood flying through the air. The floor alone had begun to form a pool of mixed blood from each of Jian Chen's victim's.

Seeing the Black Tiger pounce toward him, Jian Chen's previously dull expression suddenly flashed with a cold light. His two fingers wide and 1.33 meter long silver Light Wind Sword abruptly appeared in his right hand. The only thing that could be seen was a silver light flashing in front of the Black Tiger. At the same time, Jian Chen's body also whirled around, leaning toward the side, about one step away from where he had previously been standing.

Niu Er patted his chest as he spoke. After that, he led Jiang Chen further into the Martial Palace region.

"Where can we go after leaving the Martial Palace? The entire Eastern Continent is ruled by the Martial Saint Dynasty, it'll be really difficult for us to escape from the Crown Prince's watch. Furthermore, if we leave, we'll have to deal with the Shangguan Clan and Myriad Sword Sect hunting us."

"This Jian Chen is far too hard working at his cultivation. It has been half a month already, and he only comes out every three days or so to eat a meal. I don't know how he has managed to endure this, but it's been four days this time and he hasn't stepped out of his room even once. Ai, I'm worried he worked himself into an illness." Fang Hui looked at the closed door to Jian Chen's room with a look of worry on her face.

Guo Shan slammed his own chest and promised. His life was saved by Jiang Chen, so he had to ensure Jiang Chen that he would wouldn't have to worry while not here.

"This is truly frightening! Jiang Chen only made his debut not long ago, and now, he has altered the entire power structure of the Eastern Continent! He is an abnormal monster! With all that has happened, the Black Sect's reputation is now greater than the Martial Saint Dynasty's! And since the Imperial Emperor is dead, doesn't that mean that the Martial Saint Dynasty is already destroyed?"

Jiang Chen could feel the massive pressure coming from the Bloodthirsty Sword getting stronger and stronger. At the same time, the golden light glowing on his palms were also becoming brighter and brighter, and all his fingers kept moving swiftly like snakes.

"I have witnessed a few sound wave skills, but I have never seen anything like what Big Yellow just unleashed. Although it wasn't loud, it could actually shake our souls!"


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