Tyrant smiled in a malicious manner, revealing his true colors. He didn't even include his symbolic £ŠAmitabha' in his words.

Qing Styx roared out with extreme fury. He stared towards the Qi Province while covered in fury. All his hopes were gone, his fruit of labor that was supposed to belong to him was now gone, it was all taken by Jiang Chen.

After burning both Combat Soul warriors to a crisp, the Fiery Magma Dragon let out a wild roar, and continued flying across the ocean. Its energy was only depleted after flying nearly 500 kilometers. Finally, it fell down from the sky and crashed onto the ocean surface, instantly melting the frozen ice. A huge explosion was seen where it crashed, and ice was sent all over the place, as well as a huge amount of smoke. The terrifying vibrations caused the hearts of all those who watched it to tremble.

"Of course not. His soul has awakened, meaning that he won't die this time. It will still take time for him to recover from his injuries. As for how long it'll take, that's really hard to tell. According to his injuries, perhaps it'll take at least half a year. However, he's a man with extraordinary talent, and can't be judged by normal standards. Perhaps the duration will be greatly shortened."

Changyang Hu's fist smashed against the floor and left behind a giant crater as it sunk into the ground.

Hearing this, Yan Hong Tai and Jiang Zhen Hai looked at each other. Both their faces had an uneasy expression. A Heavenly Core Demon Lord kneeled down in front of a dog at such a critical time before turning around and killing Lee Shan Yue. When they imagined this scene in their heads, they could feel intense and exciting emotions.

"Too bad we're not eligible for such preferential treatment. If we were, we might be able to befriend the Manor Master. With that relationship, we might even be able to enjoy some advantages during the trade fair."

"So, how is Xiao Yu going to thank Big Bro?"

Jian Chen began to grow solemn by this point, but he was not frantic just yet. Although the tiger cub was lost, he still had a method of finding the tiger cub.

"My lord, this lowly soldier has done wrong. This lowly soldier with no eyes has erred and wasted the precious time of my lord. My lord, please be generous and spare the life of your subordinate." The soldier lamented pitifully right in front of Jian Chen. Right now in the man's mind, his regret had been so huge that his intestines had gone green.

Han Yan started laughing out from his heart.Chapter 348 ÿ Nine Yin Body's Eruption

The leader furrowed his brows, as if he had heard this name somewhere before, and it was really familiar to him. But, for some reason, he just couldn't recall where he had heard it. At the same time, the other three guards wore the same blurred expressions on their faces.

Next to the fat guy was another young man who was also in his twenties. The young man was holding a fan in his hands, and by looking at him, one could easily tell that he was a rich family's child.

Jiang Chen said.

Ka Di Qiuli quickly strode towards Jian Chen, but when she was within 3 meters from him, she suddenly jumped up into the air to deliver a flying jump kick towards his face. Although Ka Di Qiuli was young, she was fairly strong since she was already at the 9th Saint Force layer.

As Jian Chen walked into the courtyard, the figures inside the house suddenly appeared in front of Jian Chen's eye. In the previously empty space in front of him, a single blue robed middle aged man stood there. The man looked to be around fifty years old with a few scars adorning his face. They made his appearance rather frightening.

After that, Jiang Chen turned to another three men; Guan Yiyun, Tian Yishan, and Yu Zihan.


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