She Rules the Wolves Chapter 1532

She Rules the Wolves Chapter 1532

"Milord, could I have offended you somehow in someplace? Might I inquire the specifics?" There was a trill to his voice now. Although he had no idea how strong Jian Chen was, the amount of killing intent targeted at him was enough to leave his heart in terror.

If anyone else saw this sight, then they would surely be amazed to the point of having to pick up their jaw from the ground. This scene was far too astonishing to believe since the leaves had been floating wildly through the air and even weaved with other leaves at random intervals. Just focusing on one leaf amid the mess of them, constantly changing positions in the air would definitely cause a person to become dizzy. It would had been even more impossible to think that someone had been able to clearly write the word "Sword" on any of them.

"Big Bro Jiang Chen, have you broken through?"

£¦What the fuck, someone at the 9th level Qi Jing realm's first time concocted a pill, and the result is there anything more shocking than this?'The pills they produced were nothing compared to his.

"Who would've thought the Flame Mercenaries would have three Saint Rulers. A little surprising." Of the five elderly men, one of they stared at the three people in disdain.


In the blink of an eye, the colors of the sky began to dim. The magical beasts in the 3rd region were far less abundant than the ones in the 2nd region.Half a day had passed, but Jian Chen and Tie Ta had only found a few magical beasts. Everytime they encountered one, they experienced an arduous battle to kill it. Within that afternoon, the two of them had only gained another 7 Class 2 Monster Cores. Compared to their bounty in the 2nd region, this number was clearly insignificant. But when they thought about how the 5 students who attacked them earlier had only gained 12 Class 2 Monster Cores in 2 days despite being Saints, their hearts felt a bit more relieved.

"Sigh££ She's gone. Becoming young master Yin Ren's target, she has bad luck££"

Walking up to Jian Chen, Qin Xiao looked to see if any harm had befallen Jian Chen before slapping him on the shoulder, "Brother Jian Chen, are you alright?"

"Fourth sister!"

The crack looked like a third eye, and a green beam shot out from it like a fountain. With amazing speed, it quickly approached Jiang Chen's face. This green beam was made up from a greenish slime, and it smelled bad. It could even corrode the surround air, causing cracking sounds to be heard as it flew toward Jiang Chen.

"I found an untouched underground energy vein during my trip to Yellowstone. I'll being you to Redsun Town now and let you cultivate with the help of it. Combined with the Six Profound Solar Energies skill, you will be able to break through to the Mid Divine Core realm within three days. At that time, you will have the abilities to fight Fan Zhong Tang, and I will be able to leave for Misty Mountain with a peace of mind."

Just at this moment, above the open square outside the palace, a figure descended extremely quickly with a blur. He appeared outside the main entrance of the Qin Heaven Palace without any sound or presence at all.

"Little friend, this treasure is too precious, I can't take it."

Lee Shan Yue and Yan Zhan Yun entered the Heavenly Falls Tower and met the shopkeeper of the Heavenly Falls Tower.

With Jiang Chen and the other's senses, they could clearly feel many auras hiding within this mountain range. There were so many demonic auras here that it could cause anyone's heart to shudder in terror.

Someone said.

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