Being Overpowered in Naruto Chapter 1121

Being Overpowered in Naruto Chapter 1121

However, although the Old Emperor was quick to respond, Jiang Chen's sword was much faster. He managed to prevent the sword from hitting his head, but one of his arms was sliced off instead, causing blood to spray out like a fountain. He stumbled in mid-air, and nearly fell down. Losing one arm had greatly affected his combat strength.

A loud knocking sound came from the other side of Jian Chen's room.

The king's eyes continued to stare at the chessboard in front of him without shifting his gaze, "Hand it over!"

Many people felt like they were about to faint, especially those who had witnessed how Big Yellow had behaved back on the Blissful Island. Many of them wanted to prostrate themselves in front of Big Yellow in admiration. This dog was the prime example of one with absolutely no fear! Not only had he shit on the Myriad Sword Sect and Shangguan Clan's Elders, he now even cursed a prince as a stupid bitch!

A young and impetuous Heavenly Core warrior stood out and asked with a loud voice.


Han Yan who was surrounded by dozens of dead spirits suddenly let out a world-shaking roar. With just this roar alone, all the dead spirits surrounding him were instantly shattered into ashes.

"Give me that."

Tian Yishan glanced at Big Yellow. He knew that this dog came with Jiang Chen, therefore he didn't hesitate to speak, "I left the Qi Province 2 years ago and went to the Jian Province. Four months ago, I came to Inferno Hell to further my cultivating here, and I supposed I know pretty much everything about this place. There are all sorts of demons and devils living in this land, many of them are rare and strange creatures, but they are all powerful existences. The most frightening creatures, with the most numbers are the Evil Devils and Nine Life Crystal Beasts. Many people come to Inferno Hell just to look for Nine Life Crystal Beast crystal cores."

"Let me see how you're going to regroup and secure your position. Nine Phantom Wolves!"

"Yu'er is here to meet uncle Jiang."

"I only have one life, but I'm afraid you're not capable of taking it."

"I never expected such a special place to be in the Eastern Continent££"

Those who survived a great disaster were destined to have good fortune eternally after. Han Yan's affliction worked out as a blessing for him; he had now welcomed his new life.

The expressions of everyone changed. Nangong Yunzheng had actually invited this famous and legendary existence to help him; how were they going to fight this third match? And who were they going to send?Chapter 413 Ă¿ It's him!

One man said ferociously.


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