Dominating system Chapter 1165

Dominating system Chapter 1165

Only a bit more than 100 cultivators stayed behind, and they were either the original members, or very sentimental and loyal. This time around, Bai Xiaochun's Dao protectors didn't leave, not even Chen Manyao. They all sat around in the immortal's cave, waiting for Bai Xiaochun's door to open.

Before the crowd could calm down, Ouyang Jie's cold voice once again cut through the noise. "Second battle!"

As for the Frigid School Medicine Manual, it was one of the three great foundation legacies of the Frigid School Spirit Society, which contained a great Dao of medicine that supposedly came from an outside world.

Eyes glittering, he lifted his left foot up and then stomped it back down toward the ground, fueling the motion with all the power of his Undying Tendons. Even before the foot actually made contact, the ground began to quake, sending countless volumes of sand flying up into the air.

The old man chuckled darkly, waving his hand so that a field of mist sprang up, surrounding him and ensuring that only a vague outline of his form was visible.

Heaven and earth trembled under the storm of fish!

Everything was happening too quickly; nothing could prevent the slaughter from being carried out!

The next day, Qing Shui woke up very early and walked toward the river. He was going to have his morning practice there but before he arrived, he could hear the sound of the swinging of swords. After walking further, he saw the lady dancing with the sword at the river bed,

But then, Bai Xiaochun spun to face Madam Cai and said, "The only impudent one here is you!

Luan Luan could tell something. After all, she had the Heart of Seven Orifices. However, she only knew that this Four-eared Macaque was unordinary but she wasn't sure what made it so.

And the rest of the inscriptions at the bottom of the monument are as follow:

Qing Shui woke up early in the morning and walked straight to the backyard. He could sense someone at the backyard even before he had the chance to go outside. The sky had just brightened up slightly, no one in the Qing Residence would be up this early.

It also wore a bizarre smile, and held a patch of skin in its hand. As it flew along, it threw the patch of skin on as if it were a garment, and then sped toward the doll.

Bai Hao stood off to the side, smiling wryly. This burly man was most certainly a shill. Bai Hao had come up with this idea, and after getting his Master's approval, had gone to find an appropriate person to hire. However, the person who had come up with the script was Bai Xiaochun, although Bai Hao had edited it slightly to make it slightly less exaggerated.

"Deva Shapes Heavenly WillĄ­. World RaimentĄ­." The ghost face shivered. After all, Deva Shapes Heavenly Will was the ultimate expression of the Deva Realm, and indicated that the cultivator in question truly had merged with heaven and earth. That cultivator's will had become the will of the heavens, and his very thoughts were the thoughts of all creation.

Another half month passed. One day, Bai Xiaochun was sitting there with eyes closed as he cultivated the blood sword, when all of a sudden, he made a breakthrough with the Blood Annihilation World!

"He used only one drop of my soul blood to actually produce a demigod aura.... How is this possible? He'll only get one attack out of it, but... it still shouldn't be possible!!"

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