The Duo- The Ace and The Joker Chapter 1421

The Duo- The Ace and The Joker Chapter 1421

"We'll follow young master Jiang's words."

Suddenly, a gleam of light flashed across Jian Chen's eyes. He immediately sat up on his bed and stared in the direction of the door.

Zhuang Fan couldn't help but say with mixed emotions. Indeed, what Jiang Chen was trying to accomplish wasn't something ordinary people could ever achieve.

Big Yellow bared his teeth.

A man had all sorts of responsibilities on his shoulders. Sometimes, when a man killed someone else, it might just be to protect his loved ones; he would have no choice but to slaughter his enemy. This was the cruelty of this world; the laws of survival.

After He Yun left, Jian Chen and Bi Lian were the only two who remained in the brilliant room.

So the six Saint Masters could only try to run away from the viper. Suddenly, a silver arc of light streaked by them and immediately pierced into the vitals of the viper before it could even respond.

Liang Xiaole was also extraordinarily smart. Although she wasn't very strong, she definitely didn't cause trouble for Tie Ta or Jian Chen, nor was she a burden like the two had previously thought she would be. She would stay behind the two, and whenever the two fought against a magical beast, she would stand far away so that she wouldn't get caught up in it.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

"Hmph!Why isn't the Jiang family here yet, is it because they are too scared?"

Of course, Yan Chenyu wouldn't let go of this opportunity to combine attacks with the Ice Demon King. She immediately unleashed a white mist which then turned into an ice cage that enveloped the Crown Prince from above.

The expression of Yu Zi Han who was watching the fight from far away changed. He was shocked by the fact that Liang Xiao possessed a high-ranked combat weapon. Because, even for those ordinary Divine Core warriors, a high-ranked combat weapon was something rare.

Big Yellow was really angry, because he was only able to kill a servant. For him, it was not enough!

The battle seemed eternal, and each roar was actually the Evil Devils calling for more reinforcements. More and more Evil Devils were flying out from the inner area of this place, and storming towards the battlefield with great speed.

On the way through the flower garden, the sounds of a zither could be heard as the second lady of the Tianqin clan sat within the center of a pavilion with her instrument.

"No wonder he dared fight the Myriad Sword Sect and Shangguan Clan, it's because he already killed the Myriad Sword Sect's genius Yang Shuo, and the Shangguan Clan's elder Shangguan Wei back in Inferno Hell! Both superpowers have sworn to kill him, and the enmity between them had already reached an unresolvable stage! That's why Jiang Chen didn't show any politeness to the two superpowers!"

Big Yellow was getting impatient.

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