Ancient Astral God Chapter 2893

Ancient Astral God Chapter 2893

Jiang Chen smiled. It looked like Xuan Ye had found out about his current situation, and came here because of Yan Chenyu. But, there was no way Xuan Ye could help with Yan Chenyu's condition. Anyhow, since he came with good intentions, Jiang Chen couldn't just reject him.

"Water Manipulation!"

Jiang Chen didn't take what Jiang Zhen Hai said into his heart, he still had a calm expression on his face. The Dragon Marks and Yuan power within his Dantian boiled, and the force reached his fingers through his body.

"The Myriad Sword Sect is even better at joking than the Shangguan Clan! Try to concoct the pill? That's even more bullshit! Putting aside our friend who is in urgent need for a Nine Soul Restoration Pill, even if he wasn't in urgent need, how certain is your alchemist that he can successfully concoct this pill? Also, how certain is he that he can make it 100% effectiveness?"

"I thought that Ge Qiu would be able to handle the other two while Bi Hai and I would be able to fight and kill Jian Chen together. I didn't expect one of them to be the ancient Golden-Striped Silver Snake, able to fight one on one with Ge Qiu. This brat, if I knew he had such powerful help, then I would have asked even more experts to come. I very much doubt the Shi family would decline even the tungsten alloy deposit if offered." The Saint Ruler thought bitterly to himself. With the addition of a Fifth Heavenly Layer Saint Ruler into the fight, it would be very hard to kill Jian Chen now.

"Han Yan is right. You guys should know this; when the Imperial Decree saying that our families and friends are to be slaughtered was passed down, it means that all people associated with us are to be killed with no survivors left behind. But now, they've only imprisoned them, and haven't killed them. What does this tell us? It simply means that the Imperial Emperor is worried about Jiang Chen taking revenge in the future. The reason why they haven't started killing them yet is because they want to lure Jiang Chen out and kill them all at once. Everyone has seen how frightening Jiang Chen is, including the Imperial Emperor himself. If the Imperial Emperor simply slaughtered his entire family and all his friends at once, he's scared Jiang Chen might hide himself for a couple of years before showing, and when Jiang Chen shows up, the Martial Saint Dynasty will meet its biggest crisis yet. Therefore, they won't slaughter his friends or the families of his friends before he shows up. Their main goal is to eliminate this huge potential future threat; they want to kill the abnormal genius."

Jian Chen was flying five hundred meters above the ground, only to feel the wind blow past his ears and under his legs. Right now, he was feeling a feeling he had never felt before, but he knew it made him happy. Flying through the air and running on the ground were two separate matters. Although he wasn't as fast as when he used the Heaven's Stolen Fortune and Illusionary Flash, he still traveled at a decent pace. His speed with the wind elements aiding him was slower than the third elder of the Shi family, but he was barely expending any effort to move. With his strong mind, he could control a small amount of the wind to help him fly through the air without consuming much energy.

"So strong!"

The next step of the path was rather silent as Jian Chen followed the elder to a small pavilion. It was only a hundred meters in circumference and was ten meters tall. The entire building was made from bamboo and had a few scars on its surface, showing the toll time had done to it over the years. On top of the pavilion doors, a simple board was hung above with the word "Armory" written in fancy calligraphy.

Jian Chen's gaze followed Mu Tian until he walked off the platform. In his heart, he had already committed Mu Tian's name to memory. Based on his intuition, he felt that Mu Tian was probably quite a complex person, and hadn't used his full potential yet either. In the future, he would definitely accomplish much more; it was simply still unknown which of the two paths he would choose to advance on.

Big Yellow was speechless, but his current condition was not good either. He spat out his tongue and said, "Damn you, your father's wings are the same. Those wings are my innate ability, and I got them when I reached the Mortal Core realm! I can't use them for a long period of time with my current strength, especially when going so fast like we just did. It will actually hurt my back. I can't use these wings for at least half a month££ Let's walk to Whirling Sun City££ Unless, you carry me and Xiao Yu on your back!"

Trapped in the Restaurant

A white-robed, middle-aged man came walking up to the podium. The man looked like any other man his age, with no remarkable features. However, the light in his eyes was so bright, it looked as if he had a Saint Weapon hidden inside, making people afraid to stare straight into his eyes.

By the time he had returned to Wake City, the sky had already darkened. After eating some food at the hotel, Jian Chen requested a room and went to sleep.

As the people of the eight clans all entered the ferry, the Inky Stratus, which had been docked there for quite some time, it also began to leave slowly. It broke the surface of the water, and slowly floated towards the centre of the river.

"In that case, this one will be troubling you for a while." Jian Chen accepted with cupped hands before following them into the sect.

Ka Ki Qiuli looked at Ming Dong with a flabbergasted expression as well. She didn't think that this extremely strong outsider would actually be the famous Ming Dong.

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