Broly The Saiyan of Legend! Chapter 2358

Broly The Saiyan of Legend! Chapter 2358

A clear barrier had already appeared silently in the surroundings at a certain time, causing some fluctuations in the space around the room. The interior of the barrier also became blurry and the milky-white light in the room was completely locked inside by the barrier. None of it could escape to the outside, so naturally, there were no one who realised it was there.

A energy wave shot up toward the sky from the center of the Martial Saint Dynasty, representing extreme fury as it turned into a golden pillar that shot into the skies.

All sorts of dishes were placed in a beautiful arrangement on top of the table as Jian Chen, Changyang Ba, Bi Yuntian, and the other three wives of his father sat together and talked. The fact that Jian Chen was the captain of the Flame Mercenaries had already been revealed to his aunts, but it was still a very puzzling thing to think about how he was also the Imperial Protector of both the Qinhuang and Gesun Kingdom.

The stone lion really raised his feet and stepped towards Big Yellow.

It had been the six clans that had been the most nervous of them all in the city. A meeting had instantly been called for with the head of each of the six clans to discuss what to do next.Chapter 583: The Movement of Six Major Clans

Within the Jiang family!

Big Yellow raised his paw and scolded. The group couldn't come up with any words to refute him, so they shut their mouths.

"Let's see if I can take that energy back." Suddenly, Jian Chen's heart shook as he began to concentrate on stealing the energy back from the two glows in his dantian. However, the speed in which the azure and violet glow was absorbing the energy was far too fast. Even when using all of his strength, he was only able to take back a small amount of energy.

After a portion of the energy from the substance was assimilated, Jian Chen didn't know how much time had passed, but the gall bladder he had digested had shrunk a bit.

Upon hearing Gan Hou's words, Jian Chen's originally nonchalant face turned into one full of killing intent. Although Jian Chen was currently rather weak, that did not mean he was easily intimidated.

"Such a powerful Combat Seal! It just leveled a mountain! With the strength of this attack, I think even a Seventh Grade Combat King would be killed on the spot, and it's capable of taking on Eighth Grade Combat Kings. He is indeed a peerless genius. At the peak of the Fourth Grade Combat King realm, he is able of unleashing an attack with power than can normally only be shown by an Eighth Grade Combat King, what a genius!"

"Ka Di Yun has challenged every single one of the top ten students without a single loss. Now that he's challenging Ling Zhengtian, I've no doubts that he'll win."

Daoist Black said as he looked at Jiang Chen.

The longsword was unusually thin and the entire body was a silver white almost like a mirror that reflected the surrounding area on the blade.

"Fan Zhong Tang, I need a conclusion for what happened today."


"Oh Heavens, this is a Low-Ranked Heavenly Combat Skill! Too bad it's not the complete version, but even so, this is really shocking! Everything here is a cultivation, combat, or movement skill! This is an enormous treasure vault! If we take away everything here, we could grow a superpower in the Eastern Continent!"

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