The Transmigrated Empress Chapter 2526

The Transmigrated Empress Chapter 2526

"Mu Chi is correct. Shan Xiong, you must look at the long-term benefits. Joining the Flame Mercenaries is an opportunity that rarely comes by. It is by no means a demeaning trait to our statuses. Despite the Flame Mercenaries not being too large, as long as Changyang Xiangtian is there, then it will definitely become a major power within the area." Zhan Tian spoke. "Changyang Xiangtian was able to become a Heaven Saint Masters in his twenties. That alone speaks wonders of his perverse talent at cultivation. I am fully convinced that Changyang Xiangtian will ascend into the higher realms any given day now, and with such a person leading the Flame Mercenaries, it would be impossible for the mercenaries to not flourish. This'll make our own development that much easier, it isn't easy to become a Heaven Saint Master after all."Chapter 582: A Surge In Power

Just thinking about if Jian Chen had a battle skill caused everyone to have a burning glow within their eyes. Battle skills were a thing that every cultivator drooled over. As long as one was a cultivator, there was no way to resist the allure of having a battle skill.Chapter 184: Battle Skill?

Jian Chen continued to walk down the street after purchasing the white stone. Right now Jian Chen wasn't all that focused on researching the white stone, instead, he was lazily strolling around the street just in case he would be lucky enough to find another treasure.

Everyone knew about the legend of the Island of Ice. Therefore, anything that came from the Island of Ice would immediately attract their attention. Right at this moment, when the object shot out, it instantly attracted everyone's attention.

"What?! He destroyed Luo Song's Qi Sea?!"

After passing through the border fort, they were greeted with plains that stretched farther than the eye could see. There were very few people, and the road only had a few caravans on it. This was the road that was not under any control from the kingdoms, and was just a unregulated chaotic piece of land. Robbers and bandits roamed around these parts, so caravans generally grouped together with others and hired strong mercenaries to protect them.

In the end, the Gigantic Tornado Palm was no match for the Six Solar Finger. Lee Chang Ming's body fell down from the air and crashed into a big tree, breaking it with his fall. His body was shaking, and some blood could be seen on his lips.

Tyrant explained to Jiang Chen through his divine sense. In fact, Jiang Chen had known about this for a long time. Devil souls were useless for ordinary cultivators. At most, they were used to craft combat weapons. However, for devil path cultivators, they brought significant benefits. Therefore, it was only natural that the Heavenly Tower had relationships with the devil clans. Meanwhile, the Devil Realm was a perfect place for training. In the Western Region, from time to time, disciples of the major powers or ordinary cultivators will group up and venture into the Devil Realm and temper themselves by slaughtering devils.

When he looked at the ancestor's expression, Jian Chen relaxed a bit. That was because the ancestor clearly did not look as though he had seen through everything from Jian Chen. Otherwise, if he knew that Jian Chen had such an unbelievable amount of strength without a Saint Weapon, then even a Saint Ruler wouldn't help but feel shocked and would be unable to maintain a calm face like the one he had now.

Using the opportunity from the battle skill to strike, Jian Chen had covertly killed seven Heaven Saint Masters in the blink of an eye. This was by far a monumental blow to the Blue Wind Kingdom who only had four Heaven Saint Masters remaining, who had all been heavily injured by Xiao Tian.

"Honored Jian Chen, you must travel through this Space Gate to get to the other side, the elder is waiting for you." The man spoke.

One strike! One strike and the Combat Soul warrior was sliced in half! He died miserably on the spot.

"Hmph! You're courting death by killing so many of my men. I don't care who you are, today I will torture and kill you."

Lord Nether stared at Wu Ningzhu with a lustful look in his eyes. When he saw Yan Chenyu, his eyes immediately lit up. Wu Ningzhu was the prettiest girl in the Southern Continent, and he had never expected to meet another peerless beauty who was equal to Wu Ningzhu. This caused the lustful Lord Nether to feel really excited.

Jian Chen hadn't been idle himself. Controlling the first strand of Chaotic Force, he had it circle around his body and used it to temper his entire body. As the strand of Chaotic Force slowly traveled around his body, the tremendous amount of energy slowly infused itself with Jian Chen's body. His originally strong body was slowly being refined more and more, and whether it was his blood, muscles or meridians, they were all being strengthened at a tremendous rate.

Restraining the emotions in his mind, Jian Chen asked, "Huanggu clan? Could this be another strong clan that can rival your Huang family in strength?"

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