Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 495

Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 495

Qing Shui failed repeatedly. However, there were no changes to his emotions. This was because he had already anticipated this, and did not feel that it was strange. He carved it bit by bit, learning as he continued.

"Elder Chen's blue sky boa is still strong and young," said the peak lord from Ghostfang Peak, his voice quavering with rage. "We can breed it even without a Beastbirth Seed. Bai Xiaochun, my own yaksha beast is perfectly suited for a Beastbirth Seed. If only you--"

"Father!" Qin Yin lifted her head and called out again.

Unfortunately, there was a huge number of tribal headquarters, some large and some small. Despite how skilled he was at this sort of thing, he didn't have time to visit them all. After about two hours passed, he had gone through about seventy percent, which was when the imps began to regain their senses.

"Brother Helian, we've disturbed you!" The few of them returned in disappointment. Now that things had came to this, there was nothing much they could say. The man from Tang Clan could not find any information from Helian Wei's eyes.

At this moment, Qing Shui finally felt the danger and did not dare to display any weakness. He hurriedly summon out the Firebird in response. However, despite its strength, it could probably only deal with two of the Iron Spine Falcon on its own.

"Xuan Yu, even if Qingqing kept quiet, why didn't you tell me about it? Plus, I have given you all the rights to all the family matters. Why didn't you help Qingqing? Do you feel good watching her suffer like this?" Qianyu Dingjun said after he had finished beating Qianyu Ji.

Bai Xiaochun's true self and his four clones unleashed a storm of magical techniques that covered everything in the area. A tempest of five parts raged around the Cai Clan chosen, converging upon him with deadly power.

"Mister, this is too much!" The burly old man quickly said as he drove his car hurriedly.

This was a kind of Heavenly Talisman that decreased all abilities. It worked in a way similar to the Godly Force Talisman and Divine Shield Talisman, just that the Descending Heavens Talisman decreased all the abilities in one go and was meant to be used against an opponent.

Of course, the Saint-Emperor's eyes glittered with delight, and the Vile-Emperor's glittered with something far different. When Virpk?a saw that look in the Vile-Emperor's eyes, he suddenly pulled out a jade slip and crushed it!

When the young woman didn't react to Bai Xiaochun's statement, the Sky Quarter peak lord's frustration rose. The truth was that he didn't need the medicine formula at all, nor did he want it. However, someone who he didn't dare to provoke had tasked him with watching out for Bai Xiaochun, and therefore, he had been looking for an opportunity to give him a large sum of merit points.

"During the treatment, my hands will come into contact with your body; just be mentally prepared." Qing Shui thought to warn her.

Blood spurted out as wounds opened up all over him, and blood also oozed out of his eyes, ears, nose, and mouth. He tried to struggle, but it seemed useless. Soon, his vision began to fade.

The possibility of the latter happening was a bit higher. As for when it happened, it could be millions of years before or even longer. But if it was something which happened within a million years, he should be able to find it in historical books or some unofficial histories. In any case, the people currently residing in the Village of Longevity should have been people who had lived there for more than a million years. Hence, it's unnecessary to think about whether they were the original villagers.

"Heavenly Palace Library!" Qing Shui had not expected that. In fact, he had almost forgotten about it. The most treasured place among the clans and aristocrats was the Library, and thinking about it made Qing Shui slightly excited.

Qing Shui had already equipped the Golden-Ringed Battle Armor and the Big Dipper Sword. Canghai Mingyue and Huoyun Liu-Li had also equipped the Tricolor Battle Skirts and boots respectively.

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