Cultivator in a Zombie Apocalypse Chapter 2346

Cultivator in a Zombie Apocalypse Chapter 2346

Tie Ta's face grew angry as he heard the demand, "You want us to hand over the space belts? Hmph, don't even think about it." Tie Ta understood what was going on now; this was a roadside robbery.

"Yes Your Majesty, Imperial Protector has really become a Saint Ruler. He was also accompanied by rainbow clouds which blot out the sky within a fifty thousand kilometer radius. He's caused a great shock wave in that area." Speaking up to there, the young man paused slightly before continuing, "In addition, the Imperial Protector's grandfather has suddenly appeared, who is also a powerful Saint Ruler."

"Whatever, since great-granddaughter is so determined, grandfather will not force you. In the future, grandfather will just stay here and will guide great-granddaughter when she has the time." Bi Hai did not force Bi Lian in the end.

"If I may offer you some advice; don't try using your Saint Force. It'll only serve to increase the growth of the poison even more and accelerate your death." The man spoke with a smile. His eyes turned to the men behind Mo Tian, "Take use of the opportunity that the poison hasn't yet reached your hearts. If you wish to live, then hurry up and swear allegiance to my Defiance Mercenaries. Otherwise, the poison will reach your heart by nighttime. By that point, this antidote of mine will be useless to help you. I only have a limited quantity of this antidote, so choose quickly and don't regret the choice you make!"

"This guy actually broke through at the same time as me!"

Xuan Ye's strength kept coming from his body in a spectacular manner. It was not something Guan Yiyun could compare with. But, in the next second, more blood red lights shot out from the stone door.

Nodding his head slightly, Mu Zhaye spoke, "Fine, I was wanting to test his strength anyways. I'd like to see just how strong the rumors say the King of Mercenaries is."

Right at this moment, terrifying screams could be heard to his side. The Late Mortal Core warrior from the Mayor's mansion was screaming out in fear, scratching at his own face. Green mist was pouring out from his body.

Yu Fengyan had walked out as well only to see Bi Yuntian standing still. The moment she saw Jian Chen, her face suddenly froze in astonishment and utter disbelief.

Jiang Chen unleashed his energy and circulated the Clap of Thunder skill to its maximum, then a bright energy shot out from the axe. With a tremendous amount of force, he chopped towards the middle of the ocean of swords. He was going to shop this sword ocean in half with this attack.

Because of these Dimensional Creatures, the Misty Rain Tower had suffered a devastating disaster, and many of the Yan family member had died.


"Alright, I believe you."

The blue badge represented a Class 6 Radiant Saint Master and was distributed by the main office of the union. Only Class 6 Radiant Saint Masters had the right to wear it, so the old man clearly was a Class 6 Radiant Saint Master.

Jian Chen sighed and stared at Huang Luan with a complicated look. He was silent for a while before finally responding, "Luan'er, I have no answer to give to you now. From the start, I never thought about settling down. There is far too much weight on my shoulders, and the pressure I face is tremendous as well. All I want right now is a way to become stronger."

Seeing the token appear within Jian Chen's hand, the middle aged man's eyes began to shine. Immediately looking at Jian Chen's hand, he saw the Space Ring that was adorned on his finger.

"This one is Dick-Parosi, delegate of the Shuilan clan. We are willing to join your Flame Mercenaries££"

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