Li Ming Chapter 2297

Li Ming Chapter 2297

With both eyes extremely bloodshot, Yu Zihan immediately unleashed an attack with his sword.

"This stone door was made from a stone like material, but it's so durable!"

"Looking at the way you're smiling, it must be something bad. No way!"

Yan Hong Tai said.

"My apologies, but I believe that this battle should be won using our own strengths, not words." Jian Chen spoke calmly with a neutral expression.

"I don't recognize what it is. It contains a strong life-force essence within, and it looks like a demon beast's egg. But, how can it possess such powerful energy?"

The elderly man informed the boss very quickly. Not long after, the boss of the Flood Dragon Bandits walked out of the manor with a great group behind him.

"What a nice voice, I wonder which beauty would have such a voice like this."

"The cub's with him, we must stop him or else the cub will get away!"

Yan Zhan Yun's expression changed. Everyone could tell that Lee Shan Yue wanted to let Lee Chang Ming enter Origin Mountain to deal with Jiang Chen.


Guan Yi Yun's voice was loud and clear. Everyone in the square could hear him.

However, what made them even more shocked was what the man had said. He actually knew about the relationship between the five of them and the Gilligan clan. The matter was a big deal because once it got out, the five of them would become the public enemies of the Tian Yuan Continent.

"Brother Jiang, you££ how did you come into this place?"

Excited by the two spirits, Jian Chen began to question the two, "Ziying, Qingsuo, where is this stardust located?" He had no idea what stardust looked like and so if it were not for the two spirits, he would simply never be able to distinguish it from the entire city.

Said Yang Yong.

"Senior disciple Guan, weren't you in secluded meditation in order to break through to the Divine Core realm? Why did you stop cultivating so quickly?"

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