Reincarnation System Chapter 624

Reincarnation System Chapter 624

Nangong Wentian said with a laugh. He knew Jiang Chen quite well by now. If one were to compare pure combat strength, those two geniuses might be the same as Jiang Chen, but the Heavenly Saint Sword Jiang Chen had was a truly mighty weapon, it was not something those two geniuses could defend again. As for that Skynet Formation, perhaps Jiang Chen already had a solution.

Jiang Chen answered.

The Seventh Emperor coldly harrumphed. In his mind, Jiang Zhenhai was just a small-fry, a tiny ant. However, this tiny ant had actually refused to kneel down before him; this was something he couldn't accept.

The black serpent spoke with a loud voice; it spat out a pungent breath that made them feel awful.

The two Saint Masters turned around to hear who had just spoken, only to see an armored mercenary with the struggling cub in his hands. Its claws waved about in midair as it howled unceasingly. While it was a cute sight, it was also quite a pathetic one.

Not too long after they entered the streets, the angry snarl of a magical beast could be heard from behind. The roar caused the entire street to shake, almost as if there was an earthquake.

Jiang Chen stretched out his arm and grabbed the saber, taking it into his possession with no feelings of guilt.

The Class 5 Radiant Saint Master looked around, before his gaze landed on the men who surrounded Jian Chen. He snorted and yelled loudly, "How dare you actually move against a Radiant Saint Master? Do you people want to taste the punishment from the union? Hurry up and move away for me!"

Duan Jianhong sent out his message through his Divine Sense, informing all the Divine Core Sect Elders of the Heavenly Sword Sect.

Like any other person, He Yun was startled to hear of a ten-thousand-year-old heavenly resource, but he was quick to recover, "Captain, I hate to be one to disappoint, but a ten-thousand-year-old heavenly resource is beyond even my alchemical skills. I do not possess the ability to process such a treasure."


Qin Wujian did not stay for long. He left the Flame Mercenaries to return to the Gesun Kingdom as soon as he conveyed the message to Jian Chen.

At that very moment, Jian Chen's impression of Yang Ling skyrocketed.

As for the light attribute cave, Jian Chen could feel both the soft rays of Radiant Saint Force as well as the hard tyrannical ray of Radiant Saint Force. So with the harsh rays of light stabbing into his body, Jian Chen would naturally feel a sharp stabbing sensation.

"Isn't that the Lanming clan? For them to have so many injuries, did a powerful faction decide to be their enemy?"


Of course, just the True Dragon Flames alone was far from enough.Chapter 327 ΓΏ Deep Pond

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