Deep Space Epoch Chapter 111

Deep Space Epoch Chapter 111

After examining the location further, Bai Xiaochun's eyes lit up with surprise.

"I didn't do anything to offend him!" he complained inwardly. However, there was no other option for him than to bow his head and hurry into the whirlpool.

Li Qinghou looked profoundly glad as he transformed into a beam of light that also shot away with them.

He called for his Diamond Gigantic Elephant and requested for it to rush at him.?

In almost that exact same instant, numerous booming sounds echoed out as eight crimson figures blurred through the spot he had just occupied.

Qing Shui cast a glance at that Young Master, "It's fine, however I'm trying to run a clinic here. Are you intending to smash my clinic by bringing so many men over with you?"

"Tell me why the General Manor still exists in such a poor Greencloud Continent?" Qing Shui stared at Ji Wutong and asked softly.

Although it was still painted gaudily, the veins of the wood inside had already changed. If you scraped away the paint, you would find that they seemed to be filled with starlight, as if the sword had been thoroughly and completely transformed.

Looking at his surroundings, he was able to quickly locate that Pure Gold Fishing Rod that had been strewn aside in a distance, hurrying towards there. As he was approaching the rod, Qing Shui's jaw dropped when he saw the object hooked by his fish hook.


"Back in the Luochen Mountains, the tears you shed, were they real, or just for show...?"

At that moment, a heavenly smell came from the kitchen. It was a light smell which intruded into one's heart, making one's organs feel extremely comfortable. It was a wonderful feeling, as if one would start to float.

Qing Shui was not interested in the remaining items. A relatively powerful weapon, the Rainbow Sword, was sold off at a whopping price. To the people here, money was nothing. It was the item that had the least worth.

When his voice echoed out, solemn and serious, his slight frame suddenly seemed more like a towering mountain. The cold way he looked at the Outer Sect disciples caused their laughter to turn into stares of shock.

A war-horse which was around thirty meters long with a body which resembled that of a fiery jade rushed out of the water with a loud neighing noise.

"Then, Mingyue, you probably know where Stonegold Phoenix Tail Grass grows!" Qing Shui thought about his Realm of Violet Jade Immortal and decided that he would harvest one even if it has not matured.?

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