Versatile: Alternate World Chapter 813

Versatile: Alternate World Chapter 813

While Jian Chen was running, he suddenly felt something coming from behind. Turning his head behind, an unsightly look graced his face as he saw a figure flying through the air a few hundred meters behind.


"It's different this time, because the Profound River Palace is involved."

"The Whirling Sun City is in the middle of the Qi Province It's a really huge city, not something this tiny little Silver Moon City can compare with! Also, there's quite a lot of talented outer circle disciples from the four big sects. Can you guys guess who will win the competition this time?"

"Senior disciple Huang, those three were supposed to guard the mountain today!"

Yan Hongtai said as he bowed toward Jiang Chen with the other two men. All of them were happy just thinking about how Jiang Chen was their family's son-in-law.

"Brother Ye, that monk is hiding on that desolate island. This guy is his partner, help me kill him first!"

"This is a once in a lifetime opportunity! Our Red city is isolated from the inner sections of the Qi Province due to Origin Mountain. Even if there were geniuses here, they wouldn't have any chance to join one of those big clans in the Qi Province££ But, now that the Heavenly Blade Clan disciples are here, they have given us a great opportunity."


The dozen or so Heaven Saint Masters slowly descended back to the ground and onto their mounts once more. Jian Chen slowly urged his mount ten meters ahead where the individual was. With a smile, Jian Chen spoke, "Sire Georgien, I did not think that we would see each other again so soon. It seems that we were destined to meet."

"Stop right there!"

"Little Yu, while you were in a coma, all of us were really worried about you."

Changyang Hu looked at him with doubt, "Fourth brother, if you say you haven't reached the level of a Saint, then how did you beat Ka Di Yun?"

Wu Cong squinted his eyes and brought up another heavyweight in the Martial Saint Dynasty.

Jian Chen shook his head calmly, "There is nothing to talk about, Commander Duo Li, please step back."

"Brat, who are you? How did you come here?"

"Clan Chief, that guy has fled the Jian Province and gone to the Martial Palace, what should we do now?"

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