Dungeon Core Online Chapter 2414

Dungeon Core Online Chapter 2414

Jiang Chen coldly harrumphed.

Bi Yuntian smiled and nodded her head to look at both Yu Fengyan and Ling Long. Then looking to Bai Yushuang, she spoke with a gentle voice, "Eldest sister and second sister are correct. Xiang'er might be someone of extreme importance, but he is still my child, and his nature has never changed since then. When he comes back, I'll have a talk with Xiang'er and see that some plans can be made. It won't be long until then. Soon, these small matters will be quickly forgotten about."

Memories from long ago were suddenly recalled back into his mind as Jian Chen thought about his eldest brother Changyang Hu and Tie Ta from Kargath Academy. These two were very similar to the Senior An in front of him. Because of this, Jian Chen's impression of him was decent.

"Right, I also wonder what's going on right now££"

The place Jian Chen and Ming Dong were in was an isolated mountain range with a sinister environment as multiple poisonous insects and vipers could be found.

From what the woman had written down, it fully depicted the first and second stage of the Miracle Water of Bi. Word for word, it was a perfect match to what Bi Dao and his mother had once told him; this was far too much for Jian Chen to believe.

Big Yellow's eyes lit up.

Yan Chenyu suddenly leapt up from the floor and threw herself into Jiang Chen's arms. She wrapped both her arms tightly around Jiang Chen, and placed her beautiful face close to his shoulder. She was unable to prevent tears from leaking out, just like a child who had been bullied by someone and suddenly saw the most precious person in her life.

Cai Dong and Wang Heng were completely startled. Some outer circle disciples had gone to them not long ago and told them about Guo Lei being beaten by Jiang Chen, and how he was looking for Cai Dong. However, they never mentioned anything about Mortal Restoration Pills, much less this huge amount.

At this moment, there was a wave of agony that smashed into their hearts.


With his head pointed towards the skies, Daoist Black also started laughing. Tears could be seen flowing down from his cheeks. He had put all his hope onto Jiang Chen, and if Jiang Chen didn't return in time, the Black Sect would definitely become a hell filled with slaughter, and countless disciples of the Black Sect would die.

Jian Chen laughed and said, "Everyone had contributed to this situation. If it weren't for you guys stalling them, if they had somehow joined forces with Luo Jian to attack me, I'm afraid that I would have lost then. Let's go with this, Tie Ta and I will take half of the monster cores, and you guys will take the rest and divide it amongst yourselves. That should be fine, right?"Chapter 46: Rich Profit

Afterward when everyone was about to leave, Jian Chen pulled Ming Dong aside, "Ming Dong, you come with me. I want to introduce a friend to you."

Without missing, the step forcefully trampled upon Lord Zhanlang's body, forcing Lord Zhanlang to let out a miserable cry that echoed throughout the entire mountain. To everyone's surprise, Lord Zhanlang's golden armor shattered into pieces, and countless stream of blood emerged from his body like fountains.

"What?! How can this be possible?!"

"Pretty, you are too small. Why not become master's human pet? I'll help modify you a little!"

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