Super Lazy System Chapter 2238

Super Lazy System Chapter 2238

Seeing that the blood pattern had laid true to Jian Chen's body, the third elder's eyes slowly closed as he fell down to the ground. His body resembled a mummy that had been deprived of moisture for an extremely long time.

As soon as all the branches were collected and bundled, Jian Chen stored them into his Space Ring and quickly left without a look back.

Just as the fully armed mercenaries walked into their sights, everyone in the Flame Mercenaries immediately stopped what they were doing and watched the 20 mercenaries with a tense expression.


Nangong Yunfan stretched his arm out and performed a welcoming gesture. In the Nangong family's main palace, being able to receive a seat given by the Family Chief himself was a great honor.Chapter 394 - Guidance


With this confirmation, the general's face split into a smile and immediately loosened from his tense state; even the look he was giving Jian Chen changed. When the soldiers realized that this youth was no enemy, they too let out sighs in relief and also smiled. They welcomed any allied Heaven Saint Master since they were extremely crucial in such a moment. It was in a battle that their true worth came out and inspired soldiers with their strength.

A cruel voice sounded out from behind Jiang Chen. He turned around and saw a Combat Soul warrior about to attack him. Jiang Chen knew this guy; he was from the Yellow Arcane Sect, one of the men who surrounded him back on the Blissful Island.

Big Yellow said, "Although the Nine Soul Restoration Pill is extremely rare, it can only help with restoring a person's soul. The Nine Solar Holy Water can provide unimaginable advantages to anyone."

Guan Yiyun said.

"Correct!" Jian Chen didn't bother to deny it. His sword strikes grew even more fierce as if he was set on executing the patriarch today. He had no desire for his Flame Mercenaries to be targeted by an Earth Saint Master.

Jian Chen raised an eyebrow and spoke in a low voice, "If you have anything to say, hurry up and say it." Having just experienced the unfortunate accident regarding the Flame Mercenaries, Jian Chen wasn't in a good mood, and even his speaking pattern had changed quite a bit.

This was a great lifesaving deed, the greatest kindness underneath the heavens. Not only had Jiang Chen saved the Black Sect; he had also saved their lives.


"Haha, great, this is great! Young master Jiang really is a peerless genius, he was able to kill Heavenly Core Blood Devils while at the peak of the Mortal Core realm, and after he breaks through to the Heavenly Core realm, those Blood Devils will not be his match!"

Observing the glows in his dantian once more, he noticed that it was as peaceful as ever, not having any of the previous excitement shown earlier in the day. While the two glows were housed within Jian Chen's dantian, he was completely unable to do anything about the two. He couldn't get up close with the dantian, and could only observe these mysterious things from afar. If he got any closer, then he would suffer a strong feedback that he couldn't yet break through. So for that reason, Jian Chen had decided that trying to get any closer to them in his dantian would be a forbidden action.

"Your Majesty, please escape! We will hold him off!" The three Earth Saint Masters were by no means cowards. They were willing to throw away their lives in order to try and stop Jian Chen from attacking their king.

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