The Great Mage Chapter 1114

The Great Mage Chapter 1114

"Please enlighten us."

Jiang Chen was very generous, he could still easily afford to pay for a big meal.

With the combination of all these herbs, they could really revive a dead man. By simply sending these precious herbs to Jiang Chen, he could easily tell how prestigious Wu Jiu's status and background was.

"I am sincere with my apology, I just want to walk away from here alive. If you three think I am not sincere enough, then never mind, I'll just destroy this treasure in front of you all. After all, I won't leave this treasure behind if I will die anyways."

Seeing how persistent his brother Changyang Hu was, Jian Chen could only helplessly take back the Class 3 Monster Core.

Seeing the azure and violet Sword Qi, Zhar felt himself starting to panic. Although he had confidence in his Radiant Saint Armor and his strength as a Sixth Cycle Earth Saint Master with a Heaven Tier Battle Skill, he couldn't help but think back to when this very Sword Qi had damaged Caraga's Saint Weapon. For the very first time, Zhar felt doubt appear in his heart: could his Radiant Saint Armor's defenses be destroyed by this azure and violet Sword Qi?

From far away, a loud sound and a large amount of energy could be seen and heard. Even the shaking of the earth continued despite the long distance, and had even cracked the ground slightly.

"I have a suggestion, since both of you have come from afar, why don't you attack me at the same time? I'll fight both of you alone. Besides, I won't want people to say I'm bullying you."

"Fine, we'll take them out now, we'll take them out now!"

"No, the Blood Devil isn't a real devil. However, they are a hundred times crueler and more brutal than real devils. These Blood Devils are actually human, but they cultivate the Blood Devil cultivation skill which make them cruel and ruthless. They've lost all their humanity, and their minds only know how to kill without mercy. That's why they're called Blood Devils."

Jiang Chen and Guan Yi Yun both walked into the palace's main hall. In front of them, there was a big chair, and a man wearing a white robe sitting on it. He looked to be in his forties. Of course, his real age was definitely more than that.

At the dining tables, the expressions of a few people became stern, while an undetectable silver of coldness flashed across the eyes of others.

Jiang Chen looked at the monk with a smile.

Someone asked. As long as they still had their combat weapons, the chances for them to survive would be greater.

The shopkeeper replied.

Jian Chen's eyes flashed as the girl instantly grabbed at her longbow and shot two golden arrows from it. They traveled at an extremely fast pace.

The Jiang family and Yan family were current out of danger's way, as Big Yellow had arrived before those few Golden Guards could respond. Big Yellow had killed them, giving them absolutely no chance to strike back.

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