Divine Throne of Primordial Blood Chapter 2189

Divine Throne of Primordial Blood Chapter 2189

Long time ago, the violet and azure swords had been utilized by their owner in a massive war. In the end, the owner had failed to harmonize with the two and caused tremendous damage to both him and the swords. Ultimately, the swords had been destroyed and left behind two pieces of primal chaos. The remaining amount of Yin Yang Qi that had flowed in the world had formed the two to become a pair of Sword Spirits who hid in a spiritual vein underground to recover.

One of the men was wearing a golden armor; he had thick golden hair like that of a lion. As for the other man, he wore a black robe and had a pair of vicious eyes, causing him to look like a wolf.

Fan Kun cupped his fist towards Guo Shan. Guo Shan was after all the chief alchemist of the Black Sect, and he had a status that was not any weaker than Fan Kun's grandfather. He couldn't offend him.

Jiang Chen said with a serious expression.Chapter 387 ΓΏ (Title at bottom of chapter)

"How wonderful! So there are still descendants remaining still. Come now then, we'll go see your mother at once!" Bi Hai was completely besides himself with excitement now.

Although the God's Descent and Judgement's Sword were both known as one of the three great Radiant Artes, the God's Descent was a forbidden technique after all. Their strength could not be compared. Just from the single casting of God's Descent, it had almost sucked Jian Chen's soul dry. At this moment, Jian Chen's eyelids were extremely heavy. Even keeping his eyes open was an extremely difficult task, and his brain currently throbbed with a great headache.

Afterward, no one bothered to speak anymore. They watched the empty space above the Sect of Dragon and Tiger in silence. Many of them had already predicted a good show, leaving them quite expectant.

Yan Yang reminded Jiang Chen.

Chang Bai shook his head, "Unlikely. When I first witnessed his strength, four of the Heaven Saint Masters from the Pingyang Kingdom and Qian Yun from the Qiangan Kingdom had been unable to even touch the fourth master. The Hua Yun Sect stands no chance."

"I second Yun Zhibing's suggestion. Captain, while ten thousand purple coins isn't a small amount by any means, but it can't be spent if we're dead. If we die here, there isn't any point to money or enjoying any other worldly pleasure." Another tanned person spoke.


Jian Chen's eyes swept around himself to look at the nearby people in the auction house before replying, "Elder Huang, I have a few precious things that I would like to sell, would elder like to talk about them?"

"I agree as well." Jiede Wukang spoke out.

"Alright, let's enter the city."

"Senior Huang has put it well. The two of you should give up on this." Jian Chen conformed to what Huang Tianba had said.

One by one the bidders in the booths had increased the price. This time the Harido clan did not bother to interject with their own price so the amount of people fighting for this one had increased exponentially. Soon enough, the price had already gone over a one hundred thousand purple coins.

Looking at Jian Chen's expression, Lin Bai sniggered, "This is the treatment a Class 5 Radiant Saint Master receives. When you reach Class 5 in the future, you too can enjoy treatment like this."

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