The Summoned Incognito Hero Chapter 1735

The Summoned Incognito Hero Chapter 1735

"Hehe, what a useless fellow; he can't even protect his fiancee. Of course I can help him. However, my condition is that I want to meet his fiancee. A woman that's fought for by others, her beauty shouldn't be too bad right?"

"That speed... it couldn't just be a secret magic. It would also require shocking levels of fleshly body power...."

Thus, the area came to be a restricted area. After all, the Underworld River was normally illusory, and would only appear in the world of men under special circumstances or using special techniques.

It moved so quickly it was hard to track with the naked eye. Only a blur of afterimages could be seen as it blasted completely through the black puppet....

The lady was dressed in a plain snowy white dress. Although her sleeves were a slightly too long and covered half of her palms, they seemed harmoniously aesthetic to Qing Shui. Her face was partly concealed by a snowy white veil. Her eyes were unconcealed though, and Qing Shui was stunned by them. It took him a lot of strength to look away from them.

At this point, everyone felt that this was just an excuse. Even the Guo Clan thought so too but they weren't able to change Guo Polu's mind.

He was the complete and utter center of attention!

"Those that are in extremely poverty have suffered too much, so death could be also considered a form of release for them. As for those that are extremely wealthy, they enjoyed life too much. This could be considered a form of "expropriation". Those that betray everything for money, would do all sorts of evil things, and thus, they deserve death." Qing Shui put down the pen he was doodling with, and lightly drummed the table following a light rhythm.

That voice belonged to an almighty entity from countless years in the past, who had been speaking to his apprentices about Essences. The reason his voice was able to transmit through all the years was because his Dao was none other than the Essence of time. And he had already become a part of the natural laws of the cosmos around him!

"I grew it myself, but I hope you don't look down on it. There aren't many of them." Qing Shui rubbed his nose and said embarrassed.

In this world, where cultivation was everything, the topics of discussion between people naturally revolved around cultivation. This word "cultivation" was the bane of Qing Shui. He detested everything that had to do with it. And so, whenever he was neither sleeping nor eating, he would jog in the hills and mountains alone, basking in the great solitude of nature.

Bai Xiaochun's pupils constricted. He could immediately tell that this Master Cloud Lightning was much stronger than the other he had faced. Both were in the mid Deva Realm, but the one from before had apparently just made his breakthrough. The one he faced now seemed to have been in the mid Deva Realm for quite some time, and was actually very close to stepping into the late realm.

By this point, all of the fifty giants were dead, most of them having chosen to go out in self-detonation. However, the resulting explosions were of little use. Bai Xiaochun had been prepared for that, and used his Frigid Paragon energy to dispel the force. As a result, not a single one of his men were killed!

The situation in Heavenly Palace had stabilized, it had become the strongest sect in the Greencloud Continent. That half year was peaceful and uneventful. Even though Qing Shui made good use of this time, it was also very boring for him.

"He's back!!"

Canghai Mingyue fell into a daze as she listened, and then she spoke shyly, "Grandfather, what are you talking about? Who wants to get married to him?"

Qing Shui noticed that he had difficulty connecting with her. She used to be confident, but now she was more distraught. Qing Shui felt sad about it, as he wasn't able to shoulder part of her burden with her.

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