My Ex Next Door Chapter 2422

My Ex Next Door Chapter 2422

After that, Wu Cong led the group and entered the black gate.


The Heavenly Saint Sword struck once again. It impaled Yang Yun's body with a £¦puchi' sound. An Early Combat Soul genius was so vulnerable in front of Jiang Chen.

"If you don't believe it, you can send people do go down and search. It won't be too hard for them to find their corpses." The great elder stared at the boss and replied with another sneer.

Jiang Zhen Hai and Yan Zhan Yun were having an enjoyable conversation. Yan Zhan Yun didn't stand up and leave until the night had arrived.

"Manager, it's a beautiful day with pleasant surroundings. Why don't you find a girl to discuss life with this monk?"

When Jian Chen saw the Magical Crystal Cannon, he had to resist the urge to sigh. He didn't think that the fireball shot at him was from a Magical Crystal Cannon.

"Young man, who are you?!"

Ever since his escape from Mercenary City, the man had been living in unease without a day of solace. When he had first realized what was happening in Mercenary City, he had been deeply influenced by it. Jian Chen was able to do as he pleased in Mercenary City without restraint, and for the life of him, the patriarch could not understand why.

Those at the Qi Hai and Mortal Core realm could only absorb natural energies. They still couldn't control the natural energies.

This was the first time Jiang Chen had truly become furious since he was reincarnated. It was the anger that came from the deepest source of himself. Ignited by the flames of fury, the Dragon Transformation skill began circulating itself, and it produced a buzzing sound in his Qi Sea.

Jian Chen continued to travel back and forth as he dodged attacks from all directions, while stabbing out with his bloody Light Wind Sword towards each bandit's heart and throat. Almost each move was a fatal blow, and for those who did not get hit in one of those two areas, Jian Chen's sword still left severe injuries deep enough to see bone. None of the bandits around him had any way of fighting back against Jian Chen; most of them couldn't even see his sword move. Whenever the bandits slashed with their weapons, at the most crucial point, Jian Chen would evade the swing. Before they could understand what had just happened, they would all fall to the floor dead.

"Damn it, that Jiang Chen is such a vicious man! He even killed Shangguan Yiqing and Xuan Yuzi! I've heard he isn't even a Combat Soul warrior yet, just a Peak Divine Core warrior! What a monster!"

Jiang Chen said with a serious expression. He wanted the Jiang family to be the ultimate ruler of this territory, and only the Jiang family was capable of that.

The dark expression on Jian Chen's face was nowhere to be seen since his arrival. Smiling in reply, he said, "When you visit a temple, you visit with a reason. Here I am today with the hope that the city lord will be able to help me with something."

"We're not sure about Brother Jiu's real identity, and now is not the time to think about that. What we need to do now is take all treasures we can, and find the exit. We need to return to the Black Sect and save Little Yu."

"You may go." The elder wrote down Liang Dezhong's name.

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