White Snake Chapter 2098

White Snake Chapter 2098

In the valley a few hundred miles away, Big Yellow was wagging his tail calmly, but Zhang Wei and the other men were walking back and forth in panic.

This dog seems pretty strong!

This brutal scene shocked everyone, even Qiu Tianba couldn't stop himself from trembling. No one had any idea where this ferocious dog came from.

Big Yellow widened his eyes.

While both parties were in a deadlock, Jian Chen finally acted. The short 3 meter distance was nothing to him, and with a sway of his body, Jian Chen had already covered 2 meters of distance. In an instant, he appeared in front of the viper. The iron rod in his hand made an ear-piercing cry as it was thrust forward faster than the naked eye could see, headed straight for the viper that was currently seven inches away.

Someone asked.

He was the leader of the Black Leopard Mercenaries.

Guan Yi Yun moved as well. He appeared in front of Liang Xiao, completely blocking his way.

Just because of its amazing loyalty to the Ice God, Jiang Chen would never give up the Black Ice Talisman in his hand. In the Ice Demon King's mind, Jiang Chen had profaned the holy Ice God, and the reason it didn't kill Jiang Chen right now was because it was scared it would damage the Black Ice Talisman. As long as Jiang Chen threw away the Black Ice Talisman, the Ice Demon King would definitely forget its promise and start trying to kill Jiang Chen again.

Li Dong's eyes went wide in an instant.

The clerk took the two Space Belts and began to inspect the amount of monster cores inside. Quickly, a look of shock appeared on her face because the amount of Class 1 and 2 Monster Cores in the Space Belts numbered to around 2000. This was the first time she had ever seen so many monster cores!

This was what everyone was thinking about at this moment.This young man in front of them would have a bright future.Forget about all his other abilities, just his abilities as an alchemist was enough to live a king's life.

"I want everyone out here, now!

"Not possible!" The standing middle aged man said. "The news we received was very clear-cut. These two Class 5 Magical Beasts died from battling each other before being collected. Judging from the man-made injuries inflicted onto the two when the monster cores were extracted, then that person isn't strong at all, so everyone's concerns aren't necessary."

"Be careful Big Yellow, this sound-wave isn't easy to deal with!"

Jian Chen tilted his head, he could faintly see a heavily encased area that spanned around a hundred meters in circumference and had plenty of people stopping right in front of it.

"Alright, since Brother Jiang Chen has also agreed with this; let the war against the Demon King Palace begin! Everyone in the Profound River Palace is ready for battle, we can set out at any time."

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