The Golden Dragon: Reincarnated Op Male Valyrian Reader X Game Of Thrones Harem Chapter 1235

The Golden Dragon: Reincarnated Op Male Valyrian Reader X Game Of Thrones Harem Chapter 1235


Jiang Chen gazed at Big Yellow.

"I don't know. Why do I suddenly feel uneasy?" Jian Chen slowly stood up from his seat and paced around the palace. His eyebrows were tightly furrowed. He had no idea just what had happened.

"I want to bet too!"

"Junior disciple Ling, have you found that Jiang Chen yet?"

Bai En pondered for a bit, before carefully asking, "Headmaster, should we consider giving away Class 1 and 2 Monster Cores to Changyang Xiang Tian for free then? That way, we could improve our relationship with him."

Jiang Chen's black hair was fluttering in the wind, causing him to look like a chaotic devil. His body simply flashed and arrived in front of Tiangang Yi. He unleashed an energy from his body that kept Tiangang Yi under his tight control.

Jian Chen laid there on the grass for a whole day and night. Without moving his body a single time, his eyes had remained closed for just as long.

Jian Chen's course of action had angered many of the men there, and instantly, those of the Saint Master level immediately charged toward Jian Chen in an attempt to seize him.

Guo Shan asked with a hint of curiosity. He had drunk three glasses of Energy Spring Water today, and that had given him a lot of benefits. His cultivation level had reached the peak of the Early Divine Core realm, and he was just one step away from the Mid Divine Core realm. With the help of these three glasses, he could break through to the Mid Divine Core realm in just a month, or perhaps even less.

Yet, this smile of Huang Luan did not last long. Her face had quickly grown dark; a concentrated amount of sadness and worry was mixed into it.

The guy who had spent over two hours trying to break the defense mechanism surrounding the Glory Lotus King couldn't do it any longer, and he simply fell onto the ground with sweat all over his forehead. It was pretty amazing to see a guy working so hard to get an herb. But, too bad, no matter how hard he worked, he just couldn't break the mechanism.

"It is!" Jian Chen replied.

Jiang Chen asked.

Guan Yiyun had an imposing aura, he never gave his opponent any chance to surrender. He shook his longsword and sliced his opponent's body in half, causing blood to rain down from the sky.


Sensing the astonishing heat radiate from the stream of fire, Tie Ta's expression immediately changed, as he desperately threw himself away from the attack. But despite his efforts he had not been able to dodge the attack of the fire serpent, and so his entire body caught on fire.

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