The Book Eating Magician Chapter 2284

The Book Eating Magician Chapter 2284

When that happened, Bai Xiaochun would fight back and spill blood immediately....

However, this created resentment with the Sky Prison Sect. On top of that, the incident with the Yin Clan was another fuse that was lit. She was well aware that this fuse was a short one, and it was ready to explode anytime.

With a physical strength of 450 stars, after adding the effects of the Diamond Qi, and Diamond Crossing Rivers, his strength had increased to 900 stars straight away. Then there was still Nature Energy and State of Immovable as Mountains...

There was a weapon's rack filled with various weapons on the side which included the saber, spear, sword, staff, battle axe, hatchet, scythe, dagger, and hammer. There were even various gloves and even claws.

"Therefore, it has already been fatedĄ­ that neither you nor anyone else can become an archaean in the Eternal Immortal Domains!

Except, he was currently in the middle of fleeing madly for his life from eight hats. He had attempted to fight back, but his magical techniques were absolutely useless against them. He had even resorted to some of his special methods of increasing his speed, and yet the hats were always able to keep up.

Every increase of 1000 countries was a pitfall, each ability of the body would reach a bottleneck, achieving saturation. However, Qing Shui was filled with hope because of the existence of the Heavenly Dan, it allowed Qing Shui to see that his future path would be very smooth.

"Making a breakthrough in the middle of fighting!?!?"

Qing Shui was very satisfied with his progress. He was now at the 100th cycle. When it increased to the 6th Heavenly Layer of the Ancient Strengthening Technique,it would probably breakthrough to the 200th cycle.

The most obvious effect of clearing through acupuncture points was definitely the storage of energy in these points, and one would also be able to feel that the acupuncture points would emit an amazing energy, as if it was a firm and strong supporting point!

In the morning, Qing Shui did not have anything to do and planned to head out for a walk. It had been very long since he felt so relaxed. After all, he has removed the Yan Clan which had been troubling them. As for the issues with the Lion King's Ridge and the Sword Tower, they were not something he would be able to accomplish within a day or two. For them, Qing Shui had also decided on his plans.

"If you don't wish to trade, I can chuck out their corpses immediately." Zuoshi Yangcan looked at Liu Ziyang with great interest and said.

AST 949 - Central Palace Blood Essence Reservoir, Keeping a Marrow Nibbling Golden Silkworm, A blessing in Disguise

"Qing ShuiĄ­ "

Despite that, despite the fact that this was a late Core Formation cultivator, he imparted such a sensation of imminent danger that the chief couldn't help but feel both humiliated and terrified.

She felt that she was getting further and further away from him. She could not succeed in chasing after his presence. Thinking of her previous husband, she recalled that he did not return for the whole night when they got married. However, on the second day when he returned, he was already dead.

"So, you finally show your face!" he said, his eyes radiating icy coldness and killing intent. Rumbling sounds echoed out as the air around him began to swirl like a vortex.

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