Demon Bride Chapter 2744

Demon Bride Chapter 2744

The crowds were whispering amongst themselves. All of them were staring at the center of conflict, trying to figure out how things would go. One thing was for sure, these people from the Myriad Sword Sect wouldn't easily let go off this matter.

Jian Chen's words made Kai Er and the others extremely happy, "Many thanks to the captain for your guidance."

"Let's see it this way, you've all seen the amazing power of the Class 6 Magical Beast for yourself. It was easily capable of destroying several Earth Saint Masters at once. Why don't we each join together to fight the Class 6 Magical Beast, then in the end, we shall all fight for the cub?" A middle-aged man from the Baiyue clan spoke.

"Damn it! Nine Late Combat Soul warriors, a dozen other Combat Soul warriors, and over two hundred Divine Core warriors! Perhaps the Martial Saint Dynasty is the only power that can utilize this huge formation! Brother Jiang Chen is really amazing, although he is facing this formation all by himself, I can see no signs of fear on his face."

All four of them kept silent, they couldn't deny that since there were so many disciple on the spot. That day, it was Guo Lei who had beaten Wang Yun, while the other three had assaulted Huang Zheng.

Upon hearing that Jian Chen was planning to head out to the outside world, an indescribable sheen could be seen in fatty's eyes. After looking at his grandfather, the sheen disappeared. With an envious look, he spoke, "Jian Chen, come back soon. You promised to help me build a new house, don't forget!"

Just as what most people had expected, as the strongest existence of the Martial Saint Dynasty, the Old Great Emperor had a bag full of incredible skills. The Old Great Emperor fought in a mighty manner, but even so, he was still suppressed by Jiang Chen. The Old Great Emperor did indeed have a lot of powerful skills, but on the other side, Jiang Chen was not weaker.

With a thought in his mind, the golden colored book immediately appeared in Jiang Chen's hand. Then, he saw three big words on the cover: Illusion Heart Sutra.

Xuan Ye worriedly asked.

The report was given to the elders of the Changyang clan first, but they already knew of the finer details and couldn't help but smile without a care in the world. However, the city lord was not as calm as the elders were. Throwing down the report, he brought several divisions of his army to rush on out.


The war had just ended and the soldiers of the Changyang clan had only just returned. As the clan leader, Changyang Ba had many things to do and was thus very busy.

"Then what should we do, sit here and wait for our deaths?" Someone asked.


"You have suffered because of me. So, it wouldn't make sense if I didn't come here to rescue you."

"The dimensional crack has started dropping out Combat Soul Dimensional Creatures, the two of us just can't stop them anymore."

The adult warrior took out ten Earth Restoration Pills and handed them over to the old man. The Mind Concentration Peal had a great effect on ordinary cultivators, it could help them focus their mind quickly and enter a state of cultivation.

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