Soul Between Lives Chapter 1937

Soul Between Lives Chapter 1937

This was what made Qing Shui felt very moved. However, there were also those who came because of other reasons. After all, Madam Duanmu and her daughter were indebted to Qing Shui since he had saved their lives. It was the same for Qianyu Dingjun's daughter.

Furthermore, his impressive fleshly body made it so that he didn't actually need to use divine abilities powered by his cultivation base to unleash deva-level battle prowess.

"So, it's you! Mr. Gorilla!!"

Apparently, this was not the first time the two of them had done this. Almost as soon as they vanished, someone stepped out of thin air in the spot they had left from. It was Lu Yuntao, Master God-Diviner's Daoist partner, who had been secretly keeping an eye on the children. Shaking her head, she vanished.

Lady Duanmu should have gotten word of this fight before she had returned to the Duanmu City and had probably made her way back in the middle of her journey.

He maintained his grasp and touched her chin with his thumb. As he saw the delicate dimples on the side of her desirable lips and her shivering body when she half-closed her eyes, revealing a slight view of her misty eyes and quivering luscious lashes, he couldn't help but feel a rush in his heart as he inched closer to give her a kiss.


He put on the Golden-Ringed Battle Armor, battle boots, helmet, and bracelet!

As for Song Junwan, her expression brightened; this was the Nightcrypt she remembered.

"Yup, we are okay."?

So he folded up this piece of Martial Saint level Demonic Beast Leather once again and set it aside!

He wasn't alone. Flanking him were Duke Deathcrier and the patriarchs from the Bai and Chen Clans. Clearly, those two patriarchs had been thoroughly brought under control by the Giant Ghost King after the rebellion.

The lass grinned and quickly answered "yes" before her eyes started to look around the room. Qing Shui patted her little head. He heated up the remaining half pot of the All Aspect Nourishment Soup till it was hot and boiling before serving it.

But at this moment, Qing Shui who was immersed in that wonderful feeling was woken up abruptly, like he was met with a loud call from a general!

Of course, they all knew that Bai Xiaochun was important to the Saint-Emperor. But even if he were more important than he already was, there were certain lines that could not be crossed. Bai Xiaochun had escaped any real punishment in the heavenly dragonfish incident both because of his usefulness to the Saint-Emperor Dynasty, and also because of the fact that he had been very careful. Because of that, the Saint-Emperor Dynasty chose to simply let the matter slide.

"Wind!" he said. It was one simple word, but when it came out of the mouth of the gravekeeper, it seemed to contain the power of the natural laws of heaven and earth. Almost immediately, the entire sky filled with a wind capable of destroying all living things!

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