LAFZ Chapter 256

LAFZ Chapter 256

The price had already reached the limit of what was possible for Inner Sect disciples to afford. Although none of them wished to let the pill go, they had no choice but to sigh. After all, Zhou Xinqi was already a Chosen in the Dao of medicine. Since she wanted the pill, none of the other disciples were willing to compete with her.

When Mistress Red-Dust's divine sense was shattered, Chen Hetian detected it. First, he looked out at the Wildlands, then he looked down at the huge eye, his expression that of amazement.

After they escaped, another batch of people appeared. These people were also in their 30s, but their strength felt unbalanced as a whole. They may be stronger than the previous group, but their maximum strength could only be placed at the Peak of Houtian.

"I forgot to wash my face todayˇ­."

The lands were filled with the rumbling of combat, which caused Bai Xiaochun to start to pant. He was feeling anything but safe at the moment, so he quickly produced some more talismans. After collecting the four bags of holding from his enemies, he cautiously made his way forward across the battlefield.

It's coldnessˇ­...

These creatures were not very big, but were still about three meters in size. Their bodies were like flames and they looked like burning toads. However, it was a pity that they were too big. They looked like frogs but yet had wings. Their bodies were tough as steel and like the Blood-Thirsty Bald Eagles, they were proficient in the use of poison and fire.These Scarlet Flame Flying Heavenly Frogs were even more terrifying because they could both fly and leap. Each time they leaped, it would be at least 300 meters...

Those who qualified to be listed as stars on that rainbow were true Chosen who received special treatment from the sect, and access to resources far beyond what was available to ordinary disciples. There were even special items that could only be purchased on Myriad Star Rainbow, and only by those on the list.

Cang Wuya laughed as he went out. Qing Shui and the others also followed him.?

He immediately understood everything after thinking about it!

Qing Shui could hear very clearly. It was the old man he had crippled one of the arms of in the afternoon. He didn't see the other person and it seemed like he must really have been injured quite badly by the Buddha's True Eyes.

Chapter 224 Comprehending the Crane Form, Small Success Stage for the Crane's Might.

This was Qing Zun and Qing Yin's first time here but they were still children so they didn't really mind if the place was unfamiliar to them. After they woke up, they happily played around and even ran outside.

The only person who might have had a chance was Bai Xiaochun, with his incredible powers of regeneration.

When that light touched the black spider silk, it melted away. A look of shock and terror appeared on the spider's face, and it tried to sink down further into the swamp. However, it was too slow! An image of a moon had already appeared on its back!

The Ye Clan was firm about it and Qing Shui was actually very supportive of their way of handling this issue. One must be ruthless when dealing with people who deserved it. He had realized that the Ye Clan had done it very well. Everything was handled by Ye Guyan. Ye Clan's old man was usually not involved in Ye Clan's matter unless Ye Guyan specifically looked for him.

As they passed along, some of the disciples from the four sects realized that something strange was happening. They saw the air rippling as countless banebeasts appeared, and at first, many of the ecstatic disciples rushed forward to try to kill them. But soon, their scalps began to tingle as they realized that there were far too many, hordes of them, like a tide of banebeasts!

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