World Teacher Other World Style Education & Agent Chapter 352

World Teacher Other World Style Education & Agent Chapter 352

One of the grand elders looked to Chang Wuji wearily, "Chang Wuji, with one move you've killed a dozen of my Hua Yun Sect. You are being too fierce."

Saber! It was the most commonly used weapon in a battlefield, and it was also the sharpest weapon; a symbol of war, as well as the most formidable existence within the Dao of War. Now, just from having focused on cultivating this single weapon, Wu Jiu had been able to break through his bottleneck and become a Combat King warrior in a single go, causing the Dao of War to become even stronger.

The excitement continued for some time before Jian Chen held up his palm to calm the crowd. "Tie Ta is a Great Saint Master, but he will hold the same position of power as Kai Er, Qingfeng, Mo Tian, and Charcas. Henceforth, the mercenaries here today will be the core of the Flame Mercenaries. Everything you might need for your cultivation such as funding, living expenses, or anything else required by you mercenaries will be handled by the entirety of the group. The monster cores required for your cultivation will be provided for your strength to be increased." By now, Jian Chen possessed a mountain of monster cores and a surplus of wealth that could rival an entire nation. To provide for these sixty or so men whose strengths were at the Great Saint Master would be nothing more than a single hair from nine cows.

After Qin Wutian had left, Jian Chen's eyes scoured over the others, "Let us all discuss our plan on dealing with the Sect of Dragon and Tiger. What ideas or plans might everyone have?"

Jian Chen's eyes frosted over with an intense killing intent that seemed as if it was almost capable of destroying souls. This made anyone with a weaker amount of strength afraid to make eye contact with him. Just as the Light Wind Sword immediately stabbed through the Great Saint Master, it was pulled out just as fast as it came. It them immediately stabbed towards the other Great Saint Master by his side.

"Yang Yutian, do you see? When the president left, he used a Radiant Arte. He can fly with it, and its speed is also extremely great. If it is practised to a high level, it's not any slower than Saint Rulers using Spatial Force." The ninth elder stared at Jian Chen with a smile. The talent Jian Chen had displayed along with the fact that he had become a disciple of the president had already caused the two Class 7 elders to treat him completely differently. If it was another Class 6 Radiant Saint Master, the two of them would not even bother to pay any attention as elders.

Jiang Chen's blood wings flapped, and he descended from the skies. Tens of Mortal Core Blood Devils immediately surrounded him. They showed their fangs and tried tearing him apart.

The clash between the two had caused yet another explosion with the Sword Qi being blown apart while the three Heaven Tier Battle Skills weakened once more. With this one additional step, Jian Chen had all about run out of enough time to do anything else. The very last thing to do was to allow the three battle skills to hit him.

Ge Qiu had already taken the chance to lunge for Nubis. With Nubis obstructed, Situ Qing and Bi Hai were free to chase down Jian Chen to try and kill him together.

Jiang Chen extended his hand and retrieved the two demon souls from the dead stone lions, and stored them in his storage ring.

At this point, Tie Ta being the Kargath Academy's headmaster's apprentice was no longer a secret; all the teachers recognized him. When Tie Ta walked up, the appraising elder could not help but smile as he said, "Tie Ta, I wonder what your profits were like this time?"

Jiang Chen was really excited. Only two minutes had passed by, and he was about to break through to the Late Divine Core realm. The required 3,200 Dragon Marks had all been fully formed, and with that, the Divine Core floating in his Qi Sea started violently trembling. Jiang Chen knew he needed an enormous amount of energy when breaking through, so he dared not hesitate. He immediately retrieved an enormous amount of Mortal Restoration Pills and swallowed them all like they held absolutely no value. Right at this moment, he had once again become a bottomless hole, and this hole could only be filled by an enormous amount of energy.

Dong! Dong! Dong! Dong!

A massive trade fair like this would attract a lot of powers and warriors. With so many rare and unique treasures, robbing was something really tempting to those who had eyes on things they wanted. But, since the Blissful Island's trade fair had been held for so many years without any trouble, it wasn't hard to imagine how domineering the Manor Master was.

The teacher didn't enter the headmaster's office. After sending Changyang Hu in, and sending the headmaster his respects, he lightly closed the door and left.

One of the young men asked. He was a genius from the Invincible Sect.

As the sounds of metal rang in the air, Cheng Mingxiang's sword was forced off to the sides by the Light Wind Sword. Jian Chen had struck out with his sword with such force that Cheng Mingxiang's sword arm had become numb with pain.

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