The Craftsman Chapter 843

The Craftsman Chapter 843

"Dong dong dong!"

Elder Yun let out a sigh of relief before offering an apology, "Jian Chen, the matter from a few years ago was our fault. The two of us wish to offer our apologies in hope that you will forgive us."

In the afternoon, a member of the Flame Mercenaries came to Jian Chen's courtyard. "Captain, the captain of the Bloodrain Mercenaries wishes to see you."

His eyes narrowed with a brilliant cold light as he cautioned the Saint Ruler from the Jiede clan, "This is Mercenary City, are you really going to move a hand against me?"

"There's no possible way Jian Chen should have a strength like that. Who are you?" Another man skeptically inquired. They had never seen Jian Chen before and were thus not sure of what he looked like.

"You bastard, I don't believe that this is all I can do to you!" The man flew into a rage. He was no longer able to contain his fury, as he continued to curse at Jian Chen fiercely.

In a short moment, another ten bodyguards had fallen while barely a dozen of the bandits had died. Their casualties were very minimal, keeping an overwhelming advantage over the other party.

Nubis' eyes shined brightly for a few seconds when he saw just how confident these two were, but he said nothing.

"A Heaven Tier Battle Skill? He actually had one?!"

"A battle to be won is a battle that is over quickly. Bai Lie, let us two help elder Mo." Another elder immediately brought out his Saint Weapon to attack Ye Ming.

"A clean slate? How could it be that easy? Today, you three will leave an arm behind, and if there is another time in the future, then it will be your life."

"Go for them! Unique treasures are shooting spurting out of the island! This is a rare opportunity, daddy is going to be rich!"

Huang Tianba walked up to Jian Chen with a curious look on his face, "Brother Jian Chen, what's wrong? Is there some history between you and that Bi Hai? If he has some grievances with you, then rest assured, I'll help you fight him. Although we're of equal strengths, he has no Ruler Armament. There's no way he would be a match for me, and against the two of us, there should be no concern."

Ming Dong Versus Zhangsun Yunfeng

A look of disdain adorned Jian Chen's face as he flew in the direction that the noise of the movements was coming from.

Jiang Chen said.

Jiang Wei squinted his eyes. His face carried an insidious smile.

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