Masters of Faith Medieval Chapter 1238

Masters of Faith Medieval Chapter 1238


Seeing that Jian Chen had taken the initiative to speak, Katata minced no words either. Thinking for a moment, he nodded his head, "You are correct. We came here to Wake City on behalf of the city lord all the way from Tianlong City."

"Radiant Saint Sword!" Jian Chen did not pause in his actions. Just as the Radiant Saint Shield transformed into countless fragments and shot towards the three Heaven Saint Masters, a huge sword around two meters in length immediately condensed in front of him. With a swing of his hand, the giant sword became a white flash, and sped towards another black-clothed assassin.

As he saw two flashes of light head towards him, Lang Tian sneered and swung out his hammers, smashing them away from him.

During the incident in the Dancing Sun City, a white-clothed youngster had made his debut. He attracted Heavenly Tribulation while breaking through to the Combat Soul realm, and eventually killed four guardians of the Demon King Palace, which was considered a huge contribution to the human race of the Southern Continent. After that, the Profound River Palace had started restlessly searching for this genius, but all of their attempts failed. Thus, none of these people were able to associate this youngster in front of them with that peerless genius when they first saw him.

"Take a look at the people in front of the soldiers. That white-robed man ¨• isn't he our king? With his Majesty leading the troops, do you think that he is off to fight against the four kingdoms?"

Although the old monk's experience and knowledge was vast, he had never seen anything like this before.

Pop pop!

Within the Blood Banner, Jiang Chen could clearly sense the changes within the banner. The feeling of it being controlled by someone else had disappeared. With Jiang Chen's experience, he immediately realized that Big Yellow had succeeded, he had completely cut the connection between the banner and Lord Blood Moon.

"Did you not want to know my name?"

"Dear seniors, have you two really not condensed your Saint Weapons and become Saints yet?" Liang Xiaole asked as she stared at them with her bright eyes. What a strange question. Her clothes were already filled with holes from the trees and thorns that stabbed and cut into her, and her pretty face resembled a kitty from the whisker like cuts. Since there were no water sources, she had to rely on drinking the blood of the magical beasts in order to stave off the thirst, and so there was no way she could wash off the filth on her face.

Chang Bai nodded his head in agreement, his eye glistening with a single luster, "My lord, I just had an outrageous thought; what if the fourth master is not a cripple unable to cultivate Saint Force? Seeing the fourth master's display of might today, perhaps the fourth master had already cultivated Saint Force to the fourth level? There would be no other way for the fourth master to beat the third master otherwise."

Standing up from his throne, Jian Chen looked to Ming Dong and then the rest. In the months they had been apart, You Yue and Bi Lian both were the most fatigued-looking of the group. The past several days of managing the mercenaries must have taken a considerable amount of energy from them.

"Afterwards, the sect master used ten-thousand-year-old heavenly resources to revive the child in his partner's womb. He went to the two organisations with just his fallen partner and young son and held a mad massacre in vengeance. In that battle, the sect master caused damage that was capable of ending both organisations. All the powerful members of the organisations died in the hands of the sect master, heavily weakening both organisations.

When the old man landed on the auction stage, he cleared his throat and looked around. After that, with a loud and clear voice, he said, "Welcome friends, welcome to this year's auction! I'm the auctioneer, Xu Neng, and I'll be the ceremony master for today's auction. Next, I'll explain the rules for the auction££"

Jiang Chen looked at the young man as well. He had noticed this young man when he entered the restaurant, but he never expected that this man would speak up and try helping him at this time.

"Synthetic pills?"

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