Prodigal Alliance Head Chapter 2198

Prodigal Alliance Head Chapter 2198

Jian Chen couldn't help but feel shocked as he listened to Rum Guinness. "Then is there no other way to eliminate the dark energy within you?"

"Don't let me wait for too long, my patience is limited. If the Heavenly Tower doesn't want this trade, I believe that there are many others who will happily deal with me."

"I wonder how dad is right now. Since the territory around Fragrant Sky city is very peaceful, as well as it having the protection of a demon lord, I think nothing dangerous will happen. Besides, I've given dad the Profound Yuan skill, and with his talent and potential, I'm sure he has at least broken through to the Heavenly Core realm by now."


"Haha, Duan Jianhong, you're finished! The Burning Sky Pavilion is finished, and you, your Heavenly Sword Sect is finished as well! All because of your own decision!"

On the other side, Han Yan unleashed his devilish energy, then he waved his hand, causing a Dragon Devil to shoot toward a Late Combat Soul warrior.

"This is££" Seeing the expression on Jian Chen's face, the stall owner had a look of hesitation. Although he knew that this white stone was not an ordinary item by any means, he still didn't know what use it had. In order to understand the history behind this white stone, he had dove into multiple books about ancient treasures, but found nothing. He had even asked many close friends only to come up empty handed. So after thinking it over, he had finally set a concrete price for this white stone.

As for Qin Jue who had healed even earlier, it was almost as if he cherished words like gold. Ever since he had met Jian Chen up until now, he had never said more than ten words total. This had made him even more quiet than Katafei back in Wake City.

"I am. Why are you looking for me?"

The Black Striped Rhino's Demon Soul was as big as a fist. It was translucent, and a strong energy could be clearly felt from within.

"Captain, this warbeast is a Class 4 Magical Beast! Even if a Great Saint Master can damage it, we surely cannot with our strength! It'd be for the best if we retreat!" A gray robed middle aged man spoke to Hudolf from his side.

"Young master Jiang is a talented man, you have my respect. I want to thank young master Jiang for saving us, the Valley of Happiness."

Several moments later, Jian Chen let out a sigh in disappointment. Although the map indicated that the cave of the Saint Ruler was in this mountain range, it was not all that detailed and did not accurately pinpoint where the cave was.

Climbing onto the bed, Jian Chen took a few monster cores from within the Space Ring and closed his eyes as he started to cultivate using the energy from within the monster cores.

"Big Bro Jiang Chen, let's leave this place quickly. If not, the Mayor might appear, and then we'll have to struggle with dealing with him."

Underneath the power of every mercenary, every single magical beast was swiftly harvested and stored away for future use.

"Big Yellow, why did Little Chen dive into the magma? Is it really because he wants to run away from Wu Cong?"

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