The Divine Martial Stars Chapter 1356

The Divine Martial Stars Chapter 1356

Jiang Chen smiled, he was not being cocky; he just wanted to fight with Mu Rong Zhan. He had just broken through to the Qi Hai realm, and he needed a high level warrior to test his own combat skills on. Mu Rong Zhan was the perfect candidate for that.

The spy replied.

Afterward, Jian Chen took out a small fist-sized fruit from his Space Ring and handed it to Bi Lian with a smile. "Lian'er, this is a Geofruit, a ten-thousand-year-old heavenly resource. I bought this in an auction house in Mercenary City to help change your cultivation. Once you eat this fruit, your body will become extremely suitable for cultivation. In the future, you'll find almost no obstacles in your path."

"Honored grand elders and master, he is the one that cut off the arm of my son, Changyang Xiangtian." The patriarch Cheng Fei spoke with gnashed teeth. Now that the three Heaven Saint Masters were here, he was filled with confidence and no longer feared Jian Chen.

The old eunuch dared not hide anything.

As he reached the inner halls of the Heavenly Phoenix Auction House, a large expansive area greeted his eyes. The space was filled with neat rows of seats for as far as the eye could see. It was clear that the number of seats had surpassed 1000.Chapter 173: The Auctioning of the Class 5 Magical Beast

Big Yellow immediately became angry; he kept shouting at Daoist Black. This dog didn't care who he was facing, he would even dare challenge the father of the heavenly king.

Sensing Jiang Chen's nervousness, Yan Chenyu felt a warmth in her heart. With a smile on her face, she said, "Chen Gege, don't panic, Little Yu is fine."

"Quickly absorb this Revival Pill, then we'll leave for Inferno City at once."

"Situ Qing was an extremely wealthy person I see. Several dozen purple cards to his wealth? There has to be more to this I'm sure. I wonder just how many purple coins there are in total though." Jian Chen sighed to himself after looking at the contents of the Space Ring.

After saying that, Jiang Chen waved his hand and unleashed a sea of flames onto the training ground. In an instant, all the dead bodies and severed arms on the ground were burnt to ashes, leaving no traces behind. A strong breeze then appeared, and the entire training ground returned to its original clean state, as if nothing had happened before.

Tyrant kowtowed toward the old monk in a respectful manner.

Jiang Zhen Hai sighed, he felt a little lost because after all these years of fighting with Mu Rong Zhan, it had now come to an end.

The fourth young master of the Changyang clan was the captain of the Flame Mercenaries, Jian Chen. This was no longer a secret, because no matter if it was the fourth young master of the Changyang clan or the captain of the Flame Mercenaries, they both possessed overly-great statuses. The fame was so great that there was basically no one who did not know about him in a radius of several thousand kilometers, receiving the attention of countless people. As a result, there would also be many more people who would ask about Jian Chen who was like a character from a legend, thus allowing his name to be spread even further. Also, after Jian Chen had truly became powerful, he did not purposefully conceal his identity. As a result, his true identity was found out very quickly by those who cared.

"Buddy, do you think that the young City Lord will come back?"

"The Heavenly Eagle Kingdom? So you dare to behave so atrociously toward our Gesun Kingdom? You really take us to be a kingdom that is easily bullied." Ye Ming growled with an extremely serious expression. With there only being a single Heaven Saint Master at the imperial palace and the other people strewn about without power, there was no way for the Gesun Kingdom to call on enough strength in such a short amount of time to withstand the ten Heaven Saint Masters from the Heavenly Eagle Kingdom.

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