Reality System Chapter 2958

Reality System Chapter 2958

Everyone looking at this spectacle went into an uproar as they all looked at Jian Chen and Zhe Gu's corpse with complete and utter shock.

"My breakthrough is going to cause powerful fluctuations. If that Wu Cong finds out where I am, he will definitely come to stop me."



Placing a piece of barbequed meat into his mouth, Jian Chen stared at Tie Ta and spoke with a rather ambiguous voice. "Tie Ta, I heard that you left Kargath Academy two years ago and never came back. Did something happen back home?"

"His future achievements will be limitless! From now on, the Yu family will submit to young master Jiang, we will follow him and obey all his commands!"


Shutting the door to his room, Jian Chen tore off the clothes he had been wearing with a pained grunt. Using a clean towel to wipe off the dried up blood on his chest, the wounds on his chest could now be clearly seen. In some parts of his chest, parts of his bones could be seen almost.

Jian Chen and Ming Dong both walked past the paddies until they arrived at the village entrance itself. Even after trudging past the fields, their shoes were still impeccably clean without a single spot of dust or dirt on it. The rich-looking robes the two of them wore caused them to look completely out of place in comparison to the peasant farmers who were all wearing coarse-looking clothing. So when the two arrived at this place, they caught the attention of all the villagers who began to grow nervous at their approach. Several of the villagers had already begun to clench their hoes and sickles tightly in preparation.

Jiang Chen rolled his eyes helplessly. He immediately regretted bringing Big Yellow along. If he allowed this damned to freely roam in this mountain, Guo Shan would end up crying his lungs out.

The battle in the sky grew more and more intense. While the Heavenly Eagle Kingdom held an advantage with numbers, their strength was beneath the Qinhuang Kingdom's Heaven Saint Master. Thus, the nine Heaven Saint Masters were completely suppressed by the six Heaven Saint Masters to the point where they weren't even able to fight back, forcing them to rely on just their battle skills.

Out of these three newly arrived Dimensional Creatures, two of them were only Late Divine Core beasts, while the other one was an Early Combat Soul beast.

Liang Xiao shouted coldly. He waved his hand and unleashed a bright light that was sent flying towards Jiang Chen. He was trying to kill Jiang Chen with this attack.

"I know about this Skymend Formation from the Heavenly Book of Source Formations. But, constructing this formation is extremely complicated. We also need to merge the Yin and Yang energy together."

Jiang Zhen Hai shouted, "Mu Rong Zhan, how can you leave like this?I doubt you've forgotten about our bet.From today onwards, your pill shop will be ours!"

Controlling his divine sense, the golden paper instantly appeared on top of Jiang Chen's palm. The paper was very thin, but its material was not ordinary; it felt nothing was being held in his hand. A faded golden light was emitting from the characters on the paper.

Everyone were shaken by this incredible event. None of these people had ever seen such a majestic creature before, and some had never even heard about it.

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