The Sovereign System Chapter 977

The Sovereign System Chapter 977

A battle between Saint Rulers was not often seen on the continent. That was due to the fact that most Saint Rulers were hermits that barely ventured out, let alone fought.

"You're from Redsun Town?"

Shangguan Ying said. When he saw the Skymend Formation, he couldn't help but recall his grandson, the pride of his life. With Shangguan Yiqing's talent in the field of formations, his future achievements would definitely have been extraordinary.

By now, Jian Chen had already stored away some fragments of the profound mysteries of the world within his head. The statue of Mo Tianyun was completely different before compared to his eyes now. To him, the statue seemed to be completely filled with an endlessly profound mystery. Even the seemingly normal hands of the statue were filled with a strange substance that made the statue seem more lifelike. At the same time, it seemed as if the statue was harmonized with the world completely.

The Second Grade Combat King said.

"Dad, this!"

Liu Kui really died in an unjust manner. With his Mid Divine Core cultivation level, even if he couldn't defeat Jiang Chen, there was no way he would be killed so easily. He thought his life would be spared once he agreed to Big Yellow, and he didn't expect Jiang Chen would kill him with a single sword strike once he became relaxed.

Not too many mercenaries had seen a Class 5 Magical Beast before, but the ones that did instantly grew fearful and cried out at the sight of them. With three Class 5 Magical Beasts standing right in front of them, they all grew white with fright. Throwing down their helmets, they began to flee back toward Wake City.

Jiang Chen patted Yan Chen Yu's tender shoulder softly. Finally, Yan Chen Yu realized that she was hugging Jiang Chen. She immediately left Jiang Chen's arms like a frightened rabbit, blushing from shyness.

This man had a handsome face, and fair skin complexion. His body was full of power and grandeur, and his brows were aggressively curved. The aura of a great warrior could be sensed from his entire body.

Sensing Jiang Chen's powerful aura sweeping across the scene, Huo Yuner's expression suddenly change. Just from this aura alone he could really feel that the gap between himself and Jiang Chen; it was not small.

Jiang Chen spoke without any emotions. Although he sounded calm, his words were like a lightning strike to these people.

Jiang Chen jumped up from his rattan chair and nearly shouted out loudly. That pure Yang aura came from the Nine Solar Holy Water. Jiang Chen had cultivating the Nine Celestial Solar Energies in his past life, and when he was in his peak form, he was able to condense Nine Solar Holy Water, that's why he was very familiar with its aura. He had no doubts about the contents within the jade bottle; it was definitely Nine Solar Holy Water!

"Heavens! This strike is called the 108,000 Swords, there really are 108,000 swords in the skies now! Each sword carries a devastating force, this is terrifying!"

Rosco was about 40 years old this year. Ever since he had his Saint Weapon shattered and became a cripple, he arrived at the village and married himself to a woman of a closeby village. They then gave birth to a son and daughter who were both 10 years old.

"Why are you so afraid? Participating in such a major war is our pleasure! Besides, we have no way to turn back now! We can either survive or perish together with Jiang Chen! The Imperial Emperor is a man who seeks revenge for the smallest grievance, and if we are defeated, only death will await us!"

"Daoist Black, no matter what, I, Qing Styx want to bring Jiang Chen away today! Do you really want to make the relationship between the Black Sect and the Green Sanctuary Sect become tense?"

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