Ascension of the Chaos Emperor Chapter 2918

Ascension of the Chaos Emperor Chapter 2918

This was Jiang Chen's first thought. He knew that the Heavenly Tribulation had definitely attracted the attention of those mighty warriors from the Asura Palace. So, he instantly grabbed the Heavenly Saint Sword and placed it into his Qi Sea. Then, he stepped out with the Spatial Shift and began flying as fast as he could. He was in a bad shape now, making him unable to even rip apart space and move quicker.

"What's going on? This is terrifying!"

"It's possible. If any of the magical beasts were to receive the inheritance, then it would be a catastrophe for our continent. Even if the entire continent were to ally itself with the Bai clan, it wouldn't be a match for the magical beast clan." The fourth elder spoke seriously as well.

"Even if what you said is correct, the Flaming Angel would repress the growth of the Glory Lotus, but then, the Flaming Angel should still grow, so why is not only not growing, but dying as well?"

"Little brother, I don't know what battle skill it is that you have, but if it can make even the Harido clan drool at the mouth for it, it can't be a low one at all." Ying Changkong spoke with a serious expression as if concerned.

"Young master Jiang, please have some rest here. We won't disturb you unless those Blood Devils show up."

More importantly, Jiang Chen had no idea how many Evil Devils there were in this colony. The battle had just begun not long ago, and now, a lot of Late Divine Core Evil Devils have emerged. If he kept fighting, he might attract an Evil Devil at the Combat Soul realm, and that would be a huge problem.

Big Yellow turned around and wiggled his butt in front of the dead stone lion while portraying an extremely prideful expression.

Both men were instantly engaged in a fierce fight. With their cultivation levels, it should supposedly be an equal fight, but since Yuan Lei was injured by the formation's backlash, he couldn't fight with his full combat strength. Therefore, he was on the receiving side moments after the fight had begun. He was no match for Fan Zhongtang.

"Damn it, where did this abnormal young man come from? How could he counter the 108,000 Swords so easily? He is truly amazing!"

Chang Ning Feng let loose a long breath of air and said, "Ai, your strength is unbelievable. This was a Class 3 Magical Beast, but I'm having trouble thinking that this was nothing more than a Class 1 Magical Beast from how well you handled it."

But unfortunately, as Jiang Chen and Big Yellow were suffering from severe injuries, they were now in deep comas, and were showing no signs of waking up. Not only that, Jiang Chen's vitality was extremely weak, and it showed no signs of getting better. If not for that mysterious force inside his body supporting him, he would be no different from a dead man.

When there was a hefty reward, there would be brave people. Upon hearing the rich treasure, all the guards eyes heated up with greed as they charged with no regard for their lives toward Jian Chen. Their Saint Weapons flew at him one by one in hopes of injuring him instead of capturing him.

But the patriarch shook his head with a regretful look. "I don't even know what had happened at the time when I had the beast furs. At one point, it began to release a divinely aura before the mysteries of the world began to evolve around me. I took this chance to absorb its knowledge and comprehend it for myself to become a Saint Ruler."

Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang!££

Jing Ming Yue sighed, and bitterly smiled, "It's really unfathomable. Those two freshmen haven't even reached Saint level, and yet they were able to gain so many monster cores. The two of them even forced Kargath Academy's number one expert, Bogadi, down to third place. I really have no clue how they got their hands on so many monster cores. Could it really be possible that they had brought them in from outside?"

"This is awesome! You're really inhuman! All six emperors of the Martial Saint Dynasty are dead; this is a huge loss for them! Something like this has never happened in the Martial Saint Dynasty before! I am really excited just from hearing what you did!"

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