Dawn of Giants Chapter 1739

Dawn of Giants Chapter 1739

With this simple strike, both sides could see the strength and weakness of each other, However, Luo Di felt like vomiting blood, although his opponent's attacks were not a threat to him, he was also not able to injure his opponent. His body seemed like it was wrapped in divine armor, he just could not break through it.

This feeling was very weird because he loved this woman and respected her as well. He sneaked a look at her and it just so happened that their gazes met. Yiye Jiange had only looked toward Qing Shui because she noticed that he was in a daze during the meal.

"Is ¡®thank you' still necessary between us?" Qing Shui said while he teased the little lass in his arms.

Qing Shui knew now that things had progressed to this level, he could only defeat the opponent. While killing his way here, Qing Shui had conserved his strength, to prepare for the battle against Feng Shamo or any other strong experts.

After this round of weakening by Qing Shui, Luo Di's expressions finally changed. He gripped the Thunder God in his hands smashing it towards Qing Shui as he rushed over, he knew that retreat was not an option.

He only had one option¡­ strike fear into their hearts!

"Sect Uncle Bai, uh... I have something to take care of, I have to run." Chen Zi'ang promptly fled as though his life depended on it.

He slowly walked out and immediately operated his strength all the way to its peak. He also summoned the Diamond Gigantic Elephant and took out both the Violet Gold Divine Shield and Big Dipper Sword.

Also among the Wildlands forces were cultivators from Arch-Emperor City, including several heavenly marquises and two heavenly dukes. Although they technically outranked Mistress Red-Dust, during times of war, they would usually abide by the orders of the army leaders.

"At long last¡­ I can return¡­. I wouldn't be doing this unless there were no other choice, Ghostmother¡­. I very much look forward to the joy on your face when you see me again¡­."

However, Qing Shui didn't do it. He wanted to let the old man think back to the past or rather to repent. Although it was painful, sometimes it was a means of recollecting the past. Therefore, he didn't take any action.

Only after doing this did Qing Shui think that it might make Hu You look bad, but he saw that Hu You did not appear frustrated, awkward, or unsatisfied, but instead was looking at Qing Shui with a happy and passionate gaze.

Presently, Qing Shui was giving his utmost effort to control his body. The Yin-Yang Image in his consciousness had also started rotating faster. Never could he have thought that he would encounter such a situation. Even though the tyrannical poison wasn't didn't cause him to lose his human nature, he was on the edge of losing control of his body.

Emotion was visible in his eyes as he stared down at all the living creatures below¡­.

Before that though, Qing Shui practiced most of the Ancient Strengthening Technique to better condition himself. Then he took out the Golden Flint Iron Cauldron and proceed to put in the rinsed medicinal herbs into the cauldron in the proper level.

"Senior uncle, do you mean to say that you are afraid the Feng Clan might come up with some other bizarre tricks?" Qing Shui thought of other matters when he heard that the Golden Jade Rabbit could spit out Golden Mist just now.

"Grand elder, in my heart, you are holy, like the moon in the sky, eternally sacred, so beautiful that even someone who spotted you from afar would be envious." He looked hurt, and although his words were spoken softly, they filled the whole immortal's cave.

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