Undying Will Chapter 257

Undying Will Chapter 257

If the recipe he gave her was too good, it might harm her instead of benefiting her.

He thought about it for a little while before dismissing it. Who would be so foolish to seek out such a powerful beast roar? Would that not just be signing your own death certificate? Qing Shui thought about his own anxiety earlier and believed he was being too careful. But well, there were still those who were not afraid of death, so it would be better to exercise more caution.


Of course, as soon as Shangguan Tianyou stepped forth, the Outer Sect disciples from the south bank exploded into loud cheering.

"I don't regret what I promised," she said. "I've already explained everything to the patriarch. In my heart, you are the blood master. As for how the patriarch views the matter, I've done everything I can to convince him to agree with me."

Qing Shui cooperatively wiped his mouth which caused Wu-Shuang to break into a light laughter. Even more people started to blatantly stare at the sight of this rare beauty.

At first, she had only thought that this man was very unique. She was fond of his personality because he wasn't the least bit arrogant and willful like those disciples from aristocratic clans. Most importantly, there had been the wonderful dream among the sea of flowers that had happened twice. On top of that, during the second timeĦ­...

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"What do you mean what's wrong?" Huoyun Liu-Li ventured forth with a low-sounding voice, while Canghai Mingyue fixedly stared at some place in the distance.

"Kid, your strength must be as insane as your arrogance!"

Nothing sophisticated, just a direct and effective punch!

However, it was on the night of the third day that some strange things started to happenĦ­.

"Hehe, of course there's something for her." Qing Shui took out a Violet Jade Immortal Sword that appeared to be more graceful and gorgeous compared to the other Violet Jade Swords. But the amount of strength increase remained the same. That was because if the strength increase was anymore than this, the user's body wouldn't be able to endure it. He then took out the Violet Jade Earrings, Violet Jade Necklace and Violet Jade Bracelet. They made a full set and the violet was majestic. Even without wearing them, one could definitely already tell how divine Hai Dongqing would look with them on her.

"The Beast Taming Pill is created using materials from a variety of demonic beasts. After consumption, it would increase the user's aura two times, allowing demonic beasts to be cowed easier, for a period of 20 hours."

"I'm a master necromancer!" he shouted. "How dare you do this to me!!" Even as Zhou Yixing's voice rang out, two soul blades suddenly screamed through the air toward him, a powerful attack that slammed into him and sent him staggering to the side, coughing up blood.

Furthermore, she'd had no idea that Bai Xiaochun's corpse troopers were at this level. Before, he had commanded 3,000, but now he had 5,000. Plus, the silver-armored one was fully in the deva level.

Twelvefold. Thirteenfold. Fourteenfold!

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