Don the Hero Chapter 736

Don the Hero Chapter 736

After the informant left, Yun Li's face hardened in worry as his eyebrows knit together. With a slow sigh, he murmured to himself, "Who would have imagined that Jian Chen would actually return at this moment. Truly, the machinations of man are superseded by those of the Heavens££"

"The Flowing Cloud Sword Pavilion bids 47,000 purple coins££.."

As the sounds of metal rang in the air, Cheng Mingxiang's sword was forced off to the sides by the Light Wind Sword. Jian Chen had struck out with his sword with such force that Cheng Mingxiang's sword arm had become numb with pain.

The elder had a shocked look on his face as Jian Chen's words registered in his mind. "What did you say, you're from the Gesun Kingdom? Impossible! We know every single expert within the Gesun Kingdom, and you're not one of them. Just who are you, spare us your false words!"

"Junior disciple Liu was hovering between life and death while you were tormenting him. Killing you like this can be considered me being merciful."

The other male disciple quickly bowed and apologized as well. Tan Lang was sitting in front of him, so he obviously had to behave properly.

For Wu Cong, sparing Han Yan's life was the biggest concession. As a supreme prince, it was rare for him to give way to someone else.


Chang Qing lowered his head and apologized.

As the dawn sun slowly rose over the edge of the horizon, the cross-legged Jian Chen finished his cultivation, and stood up to stretch.

Shangguan Yiqing shouted out loudly as he connected his aura to the Skynet Formation. At the same time, bright beams shout out from all those warriors and fell into Shangguan Yiqing and Xuan Yuzi's bodies.

Jiang Chen said.

Jiang Chen had his eyes opened wide as well. With a surprised look, he looked at the prideful and narcissistic Big Yellow. Even with all his experience, he still couldn't understand why the old man would kneel down in front of Big Yellow.

Jiang Chen asked. When Big Yellow struck just now, he was captured within the Blood Banner, therefore he didn't know what happened outside.

His words had caused the high ranking elders of the family to grow nervous. Delaying to say anything for some time, the head of the Shi family spoke, "Patriarch, Because of our inabilities, the Seal of Treasure Mountain was lost to us."

Jiang Chen said. He was currently in sector two together with Big Yellow, but they hadn't ventured far enough, so they hadn't met any Heavenly Core demon lords. So far, they had only killed a few Late Mortal Core demon beasts.

Next to the window, the young man lazily leaned against the wall while drinking wine by himself. He would occasionally look at the big yellow dog with a smile on his face.

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