The Sword And The Arrow Chapter 1009

The Sword And The Arrow Chapter 1009

"Let's walk toward the inner parts of this desert, this place should just be a small piece of the entire island. Once we leave this desert, our cultivation bases will be restored to normal."

But unfortunately, as Jiang Chen and Big Yellow were suffering from severe injuries, they were now in deep comas, and were showing no signs of waking up. Not only that, Jiang Chen's vitality was extremely weak, and it showed no signs of getting better. If not for that mysterious force inside his body supporting him, he would be no different from a dead man.

Jian Chen cupped his hands together as a greeting.

An hour later, Jian Chen was already close to the abyss of the Mountain Range of Magical Beasts. The forest was growing more and more lush, causing Jian Chen to encounter more obstacles in his way. Right behind him, the Silver Striped Golden Snake was chasing him relentlessly. It was as if the snake had determined that Jian Chen was its prey; despite coming across a vast amount of magical beasts, its gaze continued to remain locked onto Jian Chen.

Slowly bringing his eyes away from the battle skill book, Jian Chen gazed upon the first book to see the four words Spirit of the Wind. This was a Human Tier cultivation method best suited for those with the wind Saint Force.

"The impudence if this guy is beyond all imagination! Let me teach him a lesson! Although my cultivation is restricted right now, I have spent all my life tempering my body; my bones are strong as steel, and skin is hard like bronze, I'll be able to tear him to pieces just with my bodily strength alone! Jiang Chen bastard, come here and meet your death!"

"Looks like they did have some use. But, too bad, this formation is really bad, I can destroy it with just a single strike."

Jiang Chen and Big Yellow were flying quickly. Around midnight, they had nearly arrived at Yellowstone.

Daoist Styx looked at Huo Yuner.

"Not good!"

Jiang Chen never prevented them from leaving. Firstly, he had to focus on facing his Heavenly Tribulation. Secondly, even though he could use the Heavenly Tribulation to kill a few Combat Kings, it wouldn't help him much. It was still very difficult for him to kill Xiao Nanfeng. He was after all just a First Grade Combat King. The gap between him and a Ninth Grade Combat King was not small. Also, Xiao Nanfeng was quite clever, so there was no way he would fall into Jiang Chen's trap.

Two young men from Mu Rong family hurried to Mu Rong Ying's side and helped him up, a scared look plastered on their faces.

The arrow formed from World Force tightly locked onto Jin Tian's presence. It seemed to even possess the power to teleport through space. It chased after Jin Tian with an even greater speed, immediately traversing several dozen kilometers, arriving behind Jin Tian.Chapter 687: Punch

"Xiao Han, you think too highly of yourself. If it were not for your grandfather, you wouldn't even be qualified to step within the Qinhuang palace. You think that you are amazing, or terrific even so that even elder brother is below your station? Your grandfather has wasted all those magical panaceas, but you are only a Great Saint Master, what a waste!" The princess of Funan lashed out verbally, not caring for Xiao Han's honor.

Because of his actions in Mercenary City, practically every family and household had thought that Jian Chen had the support of a very powerful patron. Combined with his talents, he was someone that people would hold no expense to get to know. A connection with him would serve beautifully for them.

Although the strength of all their attacks was combined, they still did have their respective targets. The Mountain Ripping Blade and Devilish Lute Tune were going toward Jiang Chen. The Devilish Lute Tune was really powerful, but this woman dared not use it again Big Yellow anymore, because Big Yellow could just eat all her attacks. This frightened her. Still, she didn't believe that Jiang Chen could also withstand here devilish tune.

Jiang Chen spoke in a manly manner. He was once a man who cared about nothing else but saving his own skin. In fact, he was still afraid of death. However, since these people wanted to kill him because of his young master, he had no regrets.

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