Supreme Martial System Chapter 2168

Supreme Martial System Chapter 2168

Liang Xiao's expression changed. Currently, he had to divide half of his focus to resist the deadly poison in his body, it made him have a hard time defending against Jiang Chen's Sonic Hawk Cry.

Jian Chen's eyebrows furrowed in thought as he considered the benefits within his head. Finally biting his lip, his eyes shone with a firm decision, "Alright then, I'll join your group. However, I have some conditions: I will not have any type of restriction put onto me, neither will I have to obey anyone. Also, if I want to leave the group in the future, the group will not try to stop me in any way.

"Since you're seeking death, I won't be polite with you."

The girl looked at Jian Chen with a complicated look and hesitated before saying, "Not only did you kill Shi Xiangran and Jiede Wukang, but you also took their Ruler Armaments. The two clans won't let you go for this, you should be more careful in the future." The girl spoke with a rare amount of concern. Although she still harbored some angry feelings from when Jian Chen had seen her body, but after dealing with him for some time, she had come to understand him more. From her anger for him rose a new type of feeling.

Jiang Chen said with a grin on his face. This was a daylight robbery!

Jiang Zhenhai and Yan Zhanyun couldn't control their excitement and simply let out joyful cries. Seeing Jiang Chen fighting in such an incredible manner made them very prideful.

Sneering, Jian Chen waved his fingers, allowing Sword Qi to gather once more. Even against such a formidable amount of Sword Qi, none of the soldiers had any hesitation and continued on. But before they could respond to Jian Chen's next move, he had already stabbed several of them through the throats.

Ignoring the demon's question, Jiang Chen destroyed his head with a punch and took out his demon soul. This demon soul was the reason why Jiang Chen killed this demon. He had only obtained one First Grade Demon King demon soul so far, and that wasn't enough for him to break through to the Combat King realm. Now, by obtaining the second one, it was a completely different story. He had completely confidence that he could break through to the next realm soon.

Jian Chen tilted his head, he could faintly see a heavily encased area that spanned around a hundred meters in circumference and had plenty of people stopping right in front of it.

"Since all of us are heading to Wake City, you should come with us. There's still a decent ways until Wake City, and the road is still dangerous, one more person is one more person to rely on after all." The sturdy looking man laughed with a friendly expression.

The Zhou Mercenary gripped at his neck with his hands as his face began to pale before ultimately, his body fell to the ground.

"Fifth Form of the Heavy Sword Void Splitter!"


Three headless bodies fell onto the ground, creating a pool of blood.

In front of them, two warriors sat around a stone table, drinking wine. When they saw someone flying into their stronghold, they immediately shouted out in alert.

Big Yellow became completely excited. He had killed one of the stone lions, and there was only one left. He wasn't scared off just dealing with one stone lion.

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