The Human God Chapter 2335

The Human God Chapter 2335

After four more hours passed, the Immortal Fox Valley was visible in the distance.

"Elder Brother Bai, you're incredible!"

Actually none of this mattered right now. Because if a woman was willing to let a man hold her feet, that was an indication that at least she definitely had some good feelings towards that man.

The next day, everybody rode the flying beast towards General Country. There was plenty of time.

"Please treat yourself better. Be strong and live on. If, and I mean if, you feel tired out there one day, this will always be the place for you to rest!" Qing Shui said with complicated feelings in his heart. He couldn't help but felt like he was losing something precious as he said those words to Wushuang!

Despite his will, Qing Shui's consciousness was starting to get fuzzy, the blood flowing out from his chest dyed his whole body red, and at the same time some of his blood also splashed upon the worn and tattered Yin-Yang Pendant that he always wore around his neckĄ­

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Thankfully, his fleshly body was very strong, so he gritted his teeth and forced himself to stay conscious. After seeing that the Giant Ghost King was unconscious, he decided not to drag him around by the neck any more, and instead slung him over his back.

"Sigh, only he would be able to have such a beautiful daughter."

At this moment, both Qing Shui and Huoyun Liu-Li walked in.

The elderly calmed down as he spoke, but his blood shot eyes still showed that he was very angry. The pitch black saber he was holding gave others an impeccable feeling.

This time around, their journey to and fro would take over one month, and after some deliberation, they had chosen the metallic bull as their choice of steed.

"Qing Shui, as long as Dongqing is willing, then you have our full blessing. Dongqing, I'm giving you the final decision. Make a statement now," Hai Dongying chuckled.

"What audacity! Cancelling the marriage proposal?" Situ Jianyi bellowed in anger, seemingly a totally different person from the warm personality moments ago!

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He wasn't sure if there were more powerful entities waiting after the Arch-Ancestor, and therefore, had been relying almost completely on fleshly body power in this fight. If at all possible, he wanted to hold back from using his cultivation base or his magical techniques.

After pushing back the "perverse" thoughts, he stored the ingredients back into their boxes carefully, and left them in the Realm of Violet Jade Immortal. Afterwards, he closed up the Martial Clinic, and went back to the Qing Clan. When he recalled the scene with Wenren Wushuang, he felt a sense of pressure and helplessness. When would he be able to reach the state of passing by a field of flowers, but having not a blade of leaf on himself?

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