Sect Patriarch System Chapter 2981

Sect Patriarch System Chapter 2981

Jian Chen nodded, "Chang Bai is correct. Father, the four Heaven Saint Masters from the Pingyang Kingdom were killed by me."

After Jian Chen left the inn, he listened to the random discussions of the people outside regarding the total annihilation of both the Zhou Mercenaries and Zhou clan.

"But the records had it written that unless something major happens on the Tian Yuan Continent, these ancient clans won't appear at all. That is because they are a true clan that lives in isolation."

Just then, a white robed elderly man with a great beard walked forward. Directly sitting down in front, the elder looked at the group assembled in front of him who looked back at him respectfully.

At the same time, it was a whole other scene in the Demon King Palace.

Big Yellow was going crazy.

"Old fool, you can die now."

"Yin Ren said his name, but this young man still attacked without showing any mercy££ Just who is this man?"

This was the only thing the old monk could do as things stood.

These four men were the Martial Palace's guards, and they might have been sent over by the Martial Saint Dynasty. Each of them were Divine Core warriors.

Jian Chen was silent as well for a moment. "Mother." He began, "I came back this time with extremely important information I wanted you to confirm."

"Master, the Multicolored Immortal Crystal is a crystal formed from the condensation of an Immortal's Qi after millions of years. It is not an item of this world, so the fact that we were able to come across it is an inconceivable matter."

Taking his palm off, Qin Wuming and the others could see that the tungsten alloy door was still standing nice and tall in front of them. It hadn't been broken, and Qin Wuming's palm didn't even leave a trace of it on the alloy.

"What's your rush, didn't you get enough from earlier? Or did you forget that you wanted to die?"

Once the Energy Spring Water entered their bodies, the four of them immediately felt a hot airflow spreading within. With the help of this hot airflow, the Yin Spirits were repelled from their bodies, and they felt extremely comfortable. The bad feelings caused by the Yin Spirits disappeared immediately.

Jiang Chen no time to waste, he just wished to leave Inferno Hell and return to the Black Sect.

Up ahead, the gigantic and majestic towers of the city gates blurrily came into view, along with the soldiers on it. Right now, Jian Chen was about 5 kilometers away from the city gates, while the Saint Masters behind him were about 50 meters away from him.

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