The Phoenix Aspect Chapter 1313

The Phoenix Aspect Chapter 1313

Jiang Chen said.

"Teacher!" Immediately, one of the men riding on a magical beast came up to where the middle aged man was and spoke up, "Teacher, what is needed of me?"

The sounds of weapon smashing against weapon could be heard clashing against each other. After a series of rounds, Jian Chen had realized that the young lord was already at the Peak Great Saint Master level, making him slightly stronger than Jian Chen. However, Jian Chen's sword was fast enough for the young lord to have to commit most of his efforts to dodging the sword. In another three exchanges, Jian Chen clearly had the advantage over the young lord.

In the following moment, the Crown Prince felt as if the dog but suddenly double in size. After that, an extremely wicked sound entered his ears.

Right after Yan Xing spoke, Jiang Chen started walking towards the outside.

"No, I won't run!" The king finally spoke. Pushing away the eunuch, he stood up from his throne and looked at the still empty palace halls. With a gloomy spirit, he muttered, "If you wish to go, then go. This king won't go. This king will stay. This king will not go, this king won't leave this place. This king wants to stay."

Yu Fengyan and Bi Yuntian both looked speechless. They never would have thought that Bai Yushuang thought that way about Jian Chen.

Many people felt an impulse to give this arrogant guy a severe beating, but eventually refrained themselves from the impulse. Some Late Divine Core geniuses were staring at Jiang Chen as well, hostility leaking out from their eyes. However, they didn't do anything either. Firstly, they had to conserve their energy for the upcoming competition, and secondly, they did fear this man who could cripple Luo Song with a single kick.

The surrounding guards and elderly people immediately felt a cold intent envelope their bodies, causing them to shiver without any control. At that current moment, although Jian Chen did not give off any presence, he was like a death god to the surrounding people, unbelievably terrifying.

The arrival of the black hawk caused several tornadoes to appear above the city. The Heavenly Core was pressuring everyone.

Jian Chen wasted no words with him and left the area. He benefitted greatly from the Qiangan Kingdom. He had no idea that he would be able to obtain such a secret that was the cave of a Saint Ruler. This was a secret that would make every clan on the continent fight over to obtain.

Jian Chen nodded his head and brought Shen Fang and Sans into the courtyards. Calling for two maids, he had them brought to Chang Bai. Asking him to make preparations for the two, Jian Chen had spoke of the relationship between him and the two.

With each observation, Jian Chen could feel his thoughts grow more and more chaotic as he felt his mind expand. It was almost as if his head had become a constantly expanding balloon, and since he couldn't bear the "air" expanding within, his head was hurting badly.

Jiang Chen was able to kill Combat Kings with his frightening strength. However, if it came to a long distance pursuit, even if he combined the Nine Phantom Wolves and the Spatial Shift skill, he still couldn't compare with the speed of a Combat King could use Spatial Jump.

Jiang Chen said as he started laughing.

Jian Chen continued to flow through each opponent smoothly like water. With each movement he made, another man fell to his sword with blood flying through the air. The floor alone had begun to form a pool of mixed blood from each of Jian Chen's victim's.

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