Short stories about life Chapter 112

Short stories about life Chapter 112

Regarding the serious injuries on his chest, the fractured bones had already pierced into his flesh. So whenever Jian Chen moved even the tiniest bit, the wounds on his chest would make Jian Chen feel even more pain. The pain was so intense that the signals his brain was receiving were practically torturing it. Slowly reclining on the grass, he closed his eyes and slowly started to use the rest of his spirit to heal himself. However, Jian Chen had fortunately memorized the entirety of the contents of the Azulet Sword Law, the method of "Recuperation", With the "Recuperation" method, he could slowly regain his spirit.

The old monk was happy with the news. He then squatted down next to Jiang Chen and threw out an examining look. With just one look, he was shocked, "Why is there such a strong and pure lightning energy within his body?"Chapter 530 - Lotus Sutra

Everyone quickly converged together with a happy smile on their faces.

Yan Zhan Yun let out a cold hump.

Jiang Chen leapt forwards, he pointed his finger out like a sword and unleashed the Six Profound Solar Fingers in an instant. Six gigantic and bright fingers merged into one and pierced towards the gigantic iron fan.

Afterwards, students walked up in succession and handed their monster cores to the teacher for appraisal, and at the same time, were recorded. The process was quite fast, and in the blink of an eye, dozens of people had already passed. The fewest number of monster cores among them so far had been 2, and the greatest number had taken out 8, which had made the appraising elder shocked for a moment.

Just one look at the clothes of the person and Jian Chen automatically knew that this was a student of Kargath Academy. But for what reason why the student was bloody all over, Jian Chen was puzzled. There were no magical beasts around so there was no reason why he would be so injured. Kargath Academy also had strict rules about fighting among students. While giving each others pointers was allowed, fights that could lead to fatal injuries were not allowed.


At this moment, Nangong Yunfan was facing one of the most difficult decisions in his life.

However, the war below didn't affect the Heaven Saint Masters up above. The blue-robed middle-aged man from the Sect of Dragon and Sect had only glared at Jian Chen. "Sire, you must be the fourth master of the Changyang clan, Changyang Xiangtian. Becoming a Heaven Saint Master at such an age is truly a precedent within the entire Tian Yuan Continent, but lord Changyang Xiangtian, this is a negotiation between the Sect of Dragon and Tiger and the Qinhuang Kingdom. You have no rights to partake in this, or do you possibly represent the entire Qinhuang Kingdom?" When it came to Changyang Xiangtian, the man had been given his information by the Heavenly Eagle Kingdom. However, what he knew was only limited to the intelligence from the Heavenly Eagle Kingdom.

Then the space to Jian Chen's side began to intensely ripple with energy. The very next second, a Space Gate opened up to reveal a white-robed middle-aged man. He walked out to stand right next to Jian Chen.

Inside the monster core was the soul of a magical beast. The energy within was not only pure, but also fairly strong. According to what Changyang Hu had said, the moment Jian Chen started to absorb the monster core, then he would start to feel a long stream of pure and strong energy flowing out of the core. It would flow up through his arm, and slowly be absorbed within his body.

Jiang Chen said. The man in black had come at the right time, if he was here half an hour late, when Jiang Chen had already absorbed the Bloody Combat Wolf's soul completely, this man in black wouldn't have been a threat to Jiang Chen. But, too bad, time wasn't on Jiang Chen's side.

Ming Dong's words were spoken very casually, but everyone in the audience was able to hear them loud and clear. Regarding Ming Dong as some sort of lunatic, some of the more violent students couldn't help but curse him out.

Jiang Chen gave Duan Li a smile and accepted Li Wu Ling's challenge.

Jiang Chen told Yan Chenyu.


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