New Life : A Second Chance Chapter 1364

New Life : A Second Chance Chapter 1364

The two Dimensional Creatures became furious upon seeing the duo run away from them. Without any hesitation, they immediately chased after them while unleashing devastating energy from their bodies, killing all lives beings around where they passed.

It was only when it was late at night that Ming Dong left Jian Chen's place. As an esteemed guest of the Gesun Kingdom, he had his own room.

"Let senior disciple Jiang Chen kill them all; avenge all our fellow disciples who died by the hands of our enemy!"

"Furthermore, we must keep this matter with Wu Yun being the owner of the Class 5 Magical Beast a secret. We must not allow any news of this to be leaked out; otherwise, it would not benefit our Heavenly Phoenix Auction House at all. It would also have a huge impact on the reputation of our Heavenly Phoenix Auction House. You can understand this much, right?" Yullian spoke gently, but the words she spoke contained a hint of iron to them, almost as if she was speaking like a commander.

"Little Yu; how about we do it like this; you just keep hiding here and pay close attention to the situation in the Fragrant Sky City, while I'll start flying to the Southern Continent. If I bump into Jiang Chen along the way, I'll inform him about what's going on here."

"Little Yu, is that really you?!"

Jamie's laughter came to a screeching stop. He suddenly became stupefied, staring blankly at the floor of broken rock. Disbelief flooded his eyes.

"Good! Very good! This is damned good! I've given face to the Little Devil King once, but this time, you killed so many men from my Mayor's mansion! Even if the Little Devil King was here, I wouldn't let you go!"

Holding the bottle up above her head for everyone to see, the auctioneer started, "Audience, please allow me to introduce our next treasure to be sold. The item I hold in my hand will most likely be a first for everyone to see here. That is because this item is from one of the death zones of the Tian Yuan Continent--Fantasy Star Ocean."

"So many people were killed, this matter is going to become huge!"

"You really accept the challenge?"

With quick hands, Jiang Chen instantly grabbed the golden bronze plate and stored it into his storage ring. Just as he had expected, the bronze plates did have some other functionality.

Hesitating for a small moment, Jian Chen relented, "My homeland is on the verge of a war, I must hurry on over there or else I'm afraid something terrible may happen."

After Jiang Tao left, the doors began to slowly open to reveal a blue-robed elder with a dark expression. As he walked out, his eyebrows could be seen furrowed together.

With his own sigh of relief, Zhangsun Yunfeng was extremely grateful for the last second protection against Ming Dong. If it were not for that, then he would have been killed by Ming Dong's attack and would not live to see himself walk out of the arena.

Hearing Jiang Chen mention destroying the Black Ice Talisman, the Ice Demon King immediately cried out, "I too have no idea what the Black Ice Talisman exactly is, but it's supporting the entire world of glaciers, and I was also born because of it! Without this Black Ice Talisman, my cultivation will never be able to progress further! One more thing, if the distance between me and this Black Ice Talisman is too large, I'll lose the ability to hide my Demon Soul."

Thus, the very first individual from the Heavenly Eagle Kingdom was killed by Chang Wuji.

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