Trial Area Chapter 1619

Trial Area Chapter 1619

"What a cute little animal!" The girl inadvertently exclaimed aloud. She looked at the tiger in interest, she struggled to conceal the affection on her face.

"That's only natural. I didn't bring out these two Class 5 Monster Cores to sell. I am in no shortage of money." Jian Chen laughed.

After reaching the fifth level of the Qi Jing Realm, Jiang Cheng did not stop.He kept on refining the energy from the pills, even though the speed of leveling up decreased significantly.

When Jiang Chen and Big Yellow went past the defense mechanism, the scene in front of them changed dramatically once again. It was a plain gray world in front of them. The eerie and chilly energies within were so much stronger compared to the outside.

Two miserable screams ran throughout the air, and both men followed the footsteps of Ye Hui. Even though they had tried their hardest to block the attack, there was no was they could withstand this monk's frightening strike. As a result of them, both of them exploded into thousands of pieces.

Jiang Chen's words immediately caused Wu Ningzhu's expression to change, and she was able to confirm who he really was.

A grin appeared on Jiang Chen's face. He had now broken through to the Late Heavenly Core realm, and he had 410 Dragon Marks. His combat strength was extremely powerful, and with current cultivation base, he would be able to kill ordinary Mid Divine Core warrior. As for Early Divine Core warriors, he would be able to kill them in an instant. Even if this Yun Can was a genius amongst the younger generation, he could still kill him without too much trouble.

But the continuous attacks had made Big Yellow's ass become red.

Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang!

"Precisely! The duel is coming soon, and if young master can't return in time, Nangong Yunzheng is going to seize the Family Chief position with a righteous reason."

"Jian Chen, do you require help? I can call uncle Tian out to help." Ming Dong spoke under his breath to him.

With Jian Chen as the leader of the magical beast mounted group, they arrived in front of the 500,000 strong army. Each soldier stood in neat and tidy order; their eyes radiated a biting cold frost, and by their sides were three-meter-long giant, azure wolves.

Superior Weapons! Even Daoist Black himself didn't have one!

"Oh, so there is actually a city in Inferno Hell?"


"Brothers your ass, I am not your brother!"

Also, as all the humans were filled with killing intent and were enraged, therefore, even though they were outnumbered, they still made the demons cry out from their formidable attack.

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