Sex gods work hard: Kidnapped and married to the vampire King Chapter 2779

Sex gods work hard: Kidnapped and married to the vampire King Chapter 2779

What they saw was a huge crowd of Blood Devils, all kneeling on the ground according to their cultivation levels. No one dared raise their heads. In front of them there was a black altar made entirely from human skulls, it looked both deadly and frightening.

Chapter 1: Jian Chen

Suddenly, a saw tooth blade Ruler Armament appeared in Qin Ji's hand as a whip like Ruler Armament appeared in Tianmu Ling's own hand as they both attacked Ming Dong.

"Brother Jiang Chen, you've finished your cultivation?"

"That's the captain of the Hot Blooded Mercenaries as well££"

Because of Jian Chen's efforts, the Light Wind Sword had flew at a speed and direction that made it impossible for Zhar to take notice, so he was completely unaware of what had been used to hit him.

"I can agree with that sentiment. If we continue to sit around like this, then we will ultimately be digging our own graves. When the moment comes for the Flame Mercenaries to overcome us in power, then the next sacrifice to be annexed will be us. We must take action now without any time to spare."

"Yes, I'll help you."

Gaethyr then looked towards his good friend of many years, bearing an expression of slight admiration. Even though he struggled to believe it, he had to accept the fact that his good friend was now a step ahead of himself.

The entire group of the Heavenly Eagle Kingdom now had nasty looks on their faces. Each one stood by the second prince and prime minister with dignified stances as if prepared to defend them from the Gesun Kingdom.

The disciple extended his big hand and started grabbing towards the veil on Yan Chen Yu's face.

Guo Shan shouted out loudly from behind.

Jiang Chen gave a snort of contempt. He could tell lies without blinking his eyes. The Green Hellish Python's poison was completely under his control, and he could use it anytime he wanted to, just like his Yuan energy. Although Chen Shuang was a Mid Mortal Core warrior, it was difficult to hit him even with preparation. However, with Jiang Chen's abilities and his deadly poison, he wasn't really scared of Chen Shuang. Of course, the reason why he chose to run away was that Big Yellow had dragged him into the water with him before this. If Jiang Chen didn't get some advantages out of Big Yellow, then it would be unfair as this stupid dog had gotten all the advantages and benefits so far.

Once he had made the leap to become an Imperial Protector, Jian Chen's status had suddenly surpassed Qin Ji's own status. Now, if Qin Ji wished to enter the Qin Heaven Palace, he would need to ask for Jian Chen's permission.

And aside from this, the Crown Prince was the Imperial Emperor's own son; he was a son the Imperial Emperor was very proud of. If not for this, the Imperial Emperor wouldn't have made him the Crown Prince. Now, the Imperial Emperor very own son had been castrated by someone. As a father, it wasn't difficult to imagine how angry he was.

"Nan Bei Chao, Jiang Chen is the disciple of our Black Sect! You dare to mess around and disobey the rules set down by the four big sects?!"

"Fine, follow me."

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