Trust the Pathfinder Chapter 2748

Trust the Pathfinder Chapter 2748

Jiang Chen almost coughed out some blood, this dog was actually the real abnormal monster!Chapter 148 ÿ The Blood Devils Bane

It was during that time that Huang Luan had felt something murky in her mind. From then to the time where she had split with Jian Chen after the Gathering of the Mercenaries, this murky sensation had gradually grown clear in her mind. When she had returned to the villa this particular feeling had grown extremely fierce. In the end, this line of thought had seized control of her thinking had begun to replay memories of when she was with Jian Chen frequently.

Hearing this, Ming Dong stared at the youth with an angry stare, but before he could say anything, the youth opened his mouth once more, "What? Did you wish to fight? Come then, try and hit me." The youth was overly haughty and didn't even see Ming Dong as his opponent at all, furthermore, he completely ignored Jian Chen who was right by Ming Dong's side.

"Big Yellow, why don't you try transforming into a smaller form? Perhaps you'll look even more mighty then!"

"He is the Combat Soul warrior in the center of Inferno City, I've always heard about him, and he is finally here."

"Forget it, third sister. After all, Xiangtian stirred up this trouble for the sake of saving Ah Hu. You can't blame everything on Xiangtian." Ling Long sided with Jian Chen.

Four hours later, the ten blood soaked bodyguards and the carriage finally entered the city. On the road, everyone had begun to notice their identities and began to talk among themselves.

In the past, there were many people who took the Class 5 test who could make the testing rock explode, but were unable to pour Radiant Saint Force into the bead, or were unable to make the bead glow azure. As a result, they remained Class 4 Radiant Saint Masters.

Wu Cong and the other Combat Soul warriors were still swimming around within the magma pool, restlessly searching for the Magma's Heart. None of them knew what had just happened outside.Chapter 340 ÿ Late Divine Core Realm

"Old Jiu, just surrender! You've torn the Imperial Decree, that's like slapping the Imperial Emperor's face; a capital offense! We are just obeying the Crown Prince's order to bring you in front of the Imperial Emperor to face your judgment."

Tian Yishan said.

"Let me through, let me through, I wish to participate!" Suddenly, a voice behind the group could be heard as Ming Dong charged toward the ascending group with a pleading look at the floating elder.

"Changyang Xiang Tian, you're seeking death right now!" Cheng Mingxiang snarled. The fiery red sword appeared in his hands, and gave off a searing red glow as it struck out towards Jian Chen's chest.

For the next few days, a countless stream of people came into Phoenix City from every direction. Even more waiters and workers for the inns and restaurants hurried around as the buildings filled up completely. Along with the amount of guests, the prices of the inns rapidly soared to ten times the usual price. At the same time, the security of the city was intensified as groups of soldiers could be seen patrolling around every area.

If Jian Chen was determined to make the Flame Mercenaries the number one mercenary group within the continent, then the mercenary rankings were unavoidable. This would have to be the first step to accomplishing Kendall's last wish.

"Pooh, damn it, those idiots from the Heavenly Sword Sect tried to catch me, their father? They haven't even looked into the mirror to see what they look like! An awesome being like me is not someone who can be caught easily!"

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