Arca Chapter 2718

Arca Chapter 2718

After the two had stored their monster cores away, after a few nervous breaths, the distant grass moved to the side with a rustling sound as a very thin person came walking out. The moment the person saw both Tie Ta and Jian Chen sitting by a fire, a look of surprise came over their face before suddenly letting loose a cry of joy. It was a weak little lady holding onto a rice straw for support who came stumbling over.

Wu Cong asked. From his voice, it wasn't hard to understand how angry he was.

The stall owner became embarrassed as he listened to Jian Chen and laughed awkwardly, "Honored customer, it isn't that I'm unwilling to say the price, rather it's because I'm afraid that if I say a price, you'll be scared away. I've had many people express their interest in this white stone, but the moment they heard my price, they all put it down and left."

Many people stared at Jiang Chen and Big Yellow who were running towards the Misty Mountain as if they were looking at idiots. Although the Green Sanctuary Sect was domineering, they really had the strength and the abilities to do so. A tiger's butt was not something anyone could touch.

Seeing the sight of his own blood splashed on the sword through his neck, Tianxiong Lie suddenly grew sluggish as though he was going into shock from what he was seeing.Chapter 226: Deterrence

"Brother Jiang, my younger sister is amongst those captured teenage girls, my dad has brought a few Heavenly Core warriors from the Yu family and is preparing to save my sister in the Valley of Yin Spirits, I hope brother Jiang can give us a hand too."

Taking in another deep breath, he climbed down the mountain slope to wander about. Since he had to protect Qin Xiao, Jian Chen didn't dare go far. Until Qin Xiao was fully healed, Jian Chen didn't plan on leaving this place. If they were to travel with an immobile Qin Xiao and came across a strong individual, then it would be very problematic. Even if he wasn't afraid for himself, but if the target was Qin Xiao, Jian Chen would be stuck in a problematic situation.

Uncle Tian glanced at the ancestor before turning to ask Jian Chen, "Is this the man?" From his stare, uncle Tian simply disregarded the ancestor as anyone important despite him being a Saint Ruler.

"Brother Jiang, this"

"What an unfortunate man. If he didn't know the rules of the Blissful Island, why didn't he just keep his mouth shut? A Combat Soul demon lord is extremely brutal, his life was wasted by offending him."

The words of their teacher stunned the three men into utter shock and silence.

Just because Jiang Chen didn't want trouble didn't mean he was afraid of trouble. He wouldn't actively go and provoke the Myriad Sword Sect, but he wouldn't let them bully him. Furthermore, in his mind, Jiang Chen exactly how the real relationship between himself and the Myriad Sword Sect was.

Lee Shan Yue almost lost control. The ugly scar on his face was trembling and looked frightening. He had lost one son, and if he lost another one he would become insane. More importantly, if Lee Chang Hao was killed in front of him, that would be like slapping his face in front of a large crowd.

Now after a span of several short years, Changyang Xiangtian's strength had already reached the realm of the Heaven Saint Masters. Furthermore, he was also the Imperial Protector of the Gesun Kingdom. Such dazzling achievements like the ones that Changyang Xiangtian held were enough for every single student to deify him within their hearts. Even the envious students didn't dare to ever show this on the outside.

"How are the casualties?" Jian Chen asked the five.

After hearing what the white-robed old man had said, a sliver of interest flashed across the middle-aged man's eyes. However, he quickly concealed it and said helplessly, "Jin Tian, Jin Feng, this time, I can only apologise. Jian Chen actually has the grand elder of Mercenary City supporting him from behind and even the two ancient clans aren't his opponents, let alone my small Yan family. Please forgive me for being incapable of action."

Jiang Chen responded with a smile.

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