Shatterd Chapter 2397

Shatterd Chapter 2397

Big Yellow urged them.


This was the real backlash, and it was much deadlier than what those geniuses who suffered when the previous Skynet Formation was broken had suffered. For Shangguan Yiqing, a backlash like this was definitely deadly.Sponsored chapter! Thank you for Christian J. and Fiona T. !

The monk said. Although his voice was soft, his words were extremely domineering. Right when he arrived, he immediately asked everyone to scram. Furthermore, when he talked, he still wore the same solemn expression, while portraying the image of an eminent monk.

"Jian Chen, the azure and violet Sword Qi you have, could it be from the Supreme Treasure you bought from the Treasure Pavilion?" Qin Xiao's eyes flashed with realization as he asked his question.

At this moment, everyone were throwing up, covering the clean auction hall with their puke. While vomiting, someone quickly used their Yuan energy to block the green air from getting close to them.

"What!? The second prince has already left the Heavenly Eagle Kingdom?" Jian Chen's eyebrows narrowed together. If the second prince had truly left the kingdom two days ago, then finding him would become more difficult than he initially thought.

After Yan Chen Yu and Han Yan were assaulted and wounded, the few of them had been waiting here every single day. They believed Jiang Chen would come back no matter what. Right now, when all of them saw Jiang Chen, they immediately walked up and greeted him.

"Wuuuu££ wuuuu££" The tiger that had been wrapped around Jian Chen's chest had been shaken awake with a baleful cry as it began to move its four paws against Jian Chen's chest. Opening it's eyes slowly to reveal the treasure like pupils, it began to look at the outside world with a curious expression.

However, the young man's eyes flew wide open when they landed upon You Yue. Dazed at the penultimate beauty that was You Yue, he did not speak for a long while.

Big Yellow, while wiggling his tail, slowly started walking out from the courtyard.

Suddenly, a voice called out behind him as a servant of the Kai clan suddenly came running towards Jian Chen. There was a fearful tint in his eyes as he approached before stopping right in front of Jian Chen. "My lord, the Golden Dragon Mercenaries and Charcas Mercenaries££"

Under Xiao Wei's lead, Jiang Chen and Han Yan came to a street. The floor was made from shiny black stones. Along the way, they saw many warriors walking by. Some of them had pleasant smiles on their faces, and some of them looked panicked.

The old man had an angry expression on his face. After that, he turned to Jiang Chen with a flattering expression, "Brother Chen Jiang, they have eyes by fail to see, none of them can recognize my treasure's greatness. Although it looks like a broken bronze plate, it's really heavy! I found it some time ago, and I can't exactly tell what it is. BUT, I'm sure it's something extraordinary!"

Cheng Mingxiang's eyes flashed with a murderous tint as he snarled, "Princess Ge Lan is mine, within the Gesun Kingdom, only I am suitable to be married to her." His voice was filled with an unquenchable hatred, "Sha La, bring some people over, we shall head towards Changyang Xiang Tian. This time, we will definitely teach him a lesson on trying to steal someone else's woman."

Without any more words, the group began to travel toward the Thousand Poison Valley, leaving behind a group of confused mercenaries who stared at the receding figure of Jian Chen. "Just who is that person to have even the patriarch of the Lanming clan be so polite to him? Ai, if I had known earlier I would have tried to be friendlier with him."

He was the mayor of Fragrant Sky city, Jiang Zhen Hai!

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