Arcanum Chapter 1843

Arcanum Chapter 1843

As soon as Gongsun Wan'er appeared, thousands of eyes came to focus on her, especially those in the front of the crowd, who were the other celestials of similar rank to Gu Tianjun.

Simultaneously, Celestial Aged Spirit and Chen Su both hesitated for a moment, then turned around. After all, if their inaction caused Bai Xiaochun and Sima Yunhua to be captured, the Saint-Emperor would not be pleased with them at all.

Bai Xiaochun was also very pleased. Looking admiringly at Hou Xiaomei, he cleared his throat. In his opinion, considering how much she admired him, it would be improper not to tell her about his true identity.

Clearing his throat, the Saint-Emperor said, "What were you about to say, Second Bro?"?

Forget that there had been a multitude of reasons, in the end, he had not paid enough attention to his family. He had not spent time with them. Perhaps without impending catastrophe, he would not have realized it. And maybe if he had realized it, he would never have been able to find the right balance between cultivation and family.

"F*cking trash, what do I need you for!"

"3rd Brother, this place is very dangerous. Be on your guard. Don't always be thinking about women. One day, you'll find yourself dead in a woman's arms." A deep and powerful voice rang out.

He was no longer in the mid Nascent Soul stage; he had risen to the late stage!!

Hou Yunqing was so taken aback by Bai Xiaochun's response that he didn't know what to say next. Finally, he cleared his throat and changed the subject.

"Father, save me!" he shouted in alarm. Before the cold wind could touch him, a terrifying energy suddenly erupted from within the imperial palace.

At this moment, a woman who looked like a portrait was standing on top of the battle stage. She had an exoticbeautiful face and slender and fertile body.?

"To tell you the truth, the techniques and cultivations arts of the Misty Hall are actually all duo-cultivation techniques! However, their duo-cultivation techniques are rather special. It's possible to cultivate the set of techniques alone and although it couldn't be compared to the strength gained if they really duo-cultivate, the strength gained from cultivation alone is not too bad as well. Not only that.. their set of duo-cultivation techniques are unsuitable for male-female coupling, which was why the disciples of the Misty Hall are all females."

After considering things again, Qing Shui decided to absorb it!

In the cultivation world, people always respected the powerful. It was almost like a natural law. However, in Devil Penitentiary, there was an additional law, and that was to respect inquisitors!


They left the Lai residence in a carriage and sped toward the once familiar location.?

"Why would I not? If Daddy doesn't want Luan Luan anymore, I fear that I won't be able to take it." More tears welled up in Luan Luan's eyes.

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