One Piece Talent System Chapter 691

One Piece Talent System Chapter 691

Deere took in a deep breath of air to calm his beating heart as he looked at Jian Chen. With a smile, he said, "Jian Chen, before we had only thought that you were a Saint, but it seems like your strength was far beyond our imagination. You really did keep us in the dark."

Now that the war was all but over, Jian Chen had been able to enter the city without any obstructions. After leaving Shen Fang and Sans at an inn for the time being, Jian Chen left almost impatiently for the Changyang Manor.

Jiang Chen said with a faint smile.

And although Jiang Chen's cultivation level was way weaker than his, Jiang Chen still gave him a feeling that he should admire Jiang Chen. The feeling felt so natural, as if Jiang Chen was an immortal who had descended from the immortal realm, looking down upon everything in this mortal realm.

Looking at the scene below, Yun Li nodded slightly before crying out, "Open the gates and attack!"

But, what happened next made everyone's jaws drop towards the floor. Just when the hands of the duo was about to touch Yan Chen Yu, Jiang Chen moved.

"Humph! Want to kill me? Do you really think you have the ability to do so?"

Suddenly, a thought crossed Jian Chen's mind. His expression immediately changed as he hurriedly asked, "Uncle Chang, what of my parents? Are they alright?"

Jiang Chen patted Big Yellow's head. After that, the trio started walking around in the square.

Jiang Chen looked at Yang Shuo and challenged him.

Hearing this, Granny Feng immediately felt pleasant joy. Finally, she could have a peace of mind. She had been worried about this. Although Jiang Chen had defeated Nanbei Chao, he might also have the same goal as Nanbei Chao, wanting to rule the entire Qi Province by himself. If he really did that, the Valley of Happiness would have no ability to stop him at all.

Not only this, the places where the four big sects were residing must be places with the greatest amount of natural energies. Powerful warriors could make good use of those places. They could construct special formations that can gather natural energies, making it a place suitable for cultivation and a place people would yearn to be. This allowed the sect to be everlasting.

Furthermore, intense anger could be seen in its eyes. The existence of these weak mortals in its territory killing its people was an insult to its dignity. This was something that it couldn't forgive.

There was a strange feeling within Jian Chen's heart. For a person to be so strong in the caravan, why was it that the strongest person in his group was only a Peak Great Saint Master? The average strength in this group was only a Great Saint, with some that weren't even at that level.

Plop££ plop££

A white-robed middle-aged man slowly withdrew his palm from the youth. With exhaustion, the man stared at the other middle-aged man who stood gravely nearby, "Lord Heiming, the wounds of your second son are quite severe. With my capabilities as a Radiant Saint Master, I am unable to fully cure his wounds in a single attempt. I will require several attempts."

"Guo Shan is actually still somewhat dependable."

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