I am Hunter! Why Do I Need to Be Popular? Chapter 1973

I am Hunter! Why Do I Need to Be Popular? Chapter 1973

"Crown Prince, take it easy!"

Great Master Ren Feng said.

The monk arrived in front of the formation and took out a talisman. He then waved the talisman in his hand, revealing a crack in the formation, then walked through the crack. After Tyrant entered the crack, the formation immediately restored itself to its original form.

Without hesitating, he sent the blood dripping out from his wound into Big Yellow's mouth. The fresh blood turned into a straight line, like a stream of running water and flowed into Big Yellow's mouth at a steady pace.

Jiang Chen said.


The fourth floor was rather empty in comparison to the stories below. Throughout the entire floor, there were many strange and bizarre objects on display. Ranging from many different colored stones to strange lumps of ironĂ¿there were even many antique looking pottery vases and chinaware. In short, there were many fantastical things to be seen, some from the past and many weren't ordinary looking things at all. However, what their uses may be, no one knew.Chapter 277: Strange Five Colored Stone

On the other hand, while Ka Di Yun was standing at the same place, his face had scrunched up in major pain as his body began to visibly tremble from the pain he was feeling.

Big Yellow rushed over to Jiang Chen's front and asked.

The other burly man had been frightened by Jiang Chen's gaze, and after witnessing his partner's face turning into a pig's face, he was so scared that he didn't even have the courage to speak. He could only clench his jaw tightly in anger. Working for the Heavenly Tower had always been something he was proud about, but now someone actually beat up the Heavenly Tower's people. This was simply an act of not showing any respect to the Heavenly Tower.

Without the burden of having Liang Xiaole anymore, Tie Ta and Jian Chen's speed had risen exponentially, and so the two soon reached the third region.

Jiang Chen grabbed a Mortal Restoration Pill and consumed it, immediately circulating his Dragon Transformation skill to quickly restore his strength.

"Captain, those five haven't come back yet. I think they're dealing with their own mercenary groups." A thirty year old mercenary responded.

This sudden development caused the man to become shocked. Even the arm that was going to grab at Jian Chen's shoulder instantly stopped as he stood completely still.

"Kaka, see that? I told you he would be number one!"

Blankly standing up from the ground, Ka Di Liang looked all around himself, before he fully comprehended what had just happened. Indignation burst forth from his eyes, as he shot Jian Chen a malicious glare. Although he had reached the 9th layer, he had ultimately been beaten by a student who had only reached the 8th layer, and felt his defeat was an extreme waste. Every time he thought of this, Ka Di Liang's heart filled with endless anger. To him, this was definitely a huge disgrace.

The battle had become even more violent. The real culprits were leisurely sitting on a cloud, watching. If Liu Hong realized he had been framed, he might throw up all his blood.

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