Prodigal Alliance Head Chapter 1178

Prodigal Alliance Head Chapter 1178

Meanwhile, back in the ancestral land, Bai Xiaochun put the deva soul away and suppressed his excitement. Then he opened his Heavenspan Dharma Eye a crack, which enabled him to judge how much progress had been made in opening the ancestral land from the outside.

With a shout, Di Qing immediately hugged Qing Shui lightly and started to sob. Her grieving appearance made Qing Shui's heart hurt incomparably.

"Well, I have never seen anyone who could demonstrate the action of forging ironware to such an extent."

The night wind was very cooling, Yiye Jiange sent Qing Shui off.

"Not enough, even if I could hug you for a lifetime, it would never be enough!" Qing Shui continued hugging as he nestled his face in Yu He's neck.

Wenren Wu-shuang rolled her eyes, "Okay, I shouldn't banter with you so much. I have a request, and need you to help me."

"My fellow Spirit Stream Sect disciples died protecting me. So now, I'll make sure the survivors reach Foundation Establishment!

When he thought about his profits for the day, Qing Shui felt elated in his heart. He then felt more motivated to cultivate, only by being strong, could he protect everything he had.

The room was really clean.Despite it being really cold outside, the room felt warm as if they were in Spring.

"Nightcrypt, don't do it...."

"Let's go!" Frigidsect said, his voice booming like thunder. The Heavenhorn Sword began to shine with dazzling silver light, and then rumbling echoed out as it shot off with incredible speed. In the blink of an eye, it had disappeared, leaving behind nothing but rolling sonic booms and a long streak of silver light.

This was also why Qing Shui decided to give it a try. Another reason was because his forging level had already reached 2-color, and was almost reaching the great perfection stage for the 2-color grade.

Instead of the woman, he saw something even more strange; the void around them seemed to be sinking!

By the time Qing Shui and Mu Qing rushed over to the front yard, more than half of the Mu Clan had already gathered. The women had already hidden themselves in the secret chamber. It had been sealed beforehand with a formation. If nobody eventually went to unseal the formation, it meant that they had been annihilated. Thus, they would by then escape through the secret passage. Whether they could escape in one piece would be up to them at that point.

Big Dipper Sword!

However, just in the moment when it seemed Bai Xiaochun would teleport away, a cold snort echoed out from the catacombs beneath the clan. It was none other than the deva patriarch surrounded by the seven candles! His eyes were currently glowing brightly as he made a grasping gesture, causing the air outside in the clan to distort as a powerful will appeared. It was a will that surpassed the will of the heavens, and took the form of a huge hand that began to close around Bai Xiaochun!

"Hehe, going to the Green Cloud Continent? That's great. Qingzhuang, do you want to go with Qing Shui?" Shi Clan's Old Master chuckled and asked Shi Qingzhuang who was already blushing.

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