THE FIRST DATE Chapter 2424

THE FIRST DATE Chapter 2424

"Fuck you, don't drink it all!"

Jian Chen nodded his head and headed inside one of the more luxurious inns in the city. This inn was previously for private usage, but because of the battle, it had been temporarily repurposed for the use of the army. Transformed into a strategy room, Dongyi Junbai, Cao Keqin and the injured Heaven Saint Masters from the Gesun Kingdom were the ones providing leadership over the soldiers in this area.

A doubtful light emerged in Jiang Chen's eyes. He was very sensitive regarding the time 100 years ago. Anything that suddenly appeared 100 years ago were perhaps all related to him.

"Let's go."

Afterwards, more and more people started paying the entrance fee. Although the Manor Master increasing the price was somewhat shady, the majority of the people didn't really mind that much, as it was just an Earth Restoration Pill. Those who genuinely came here to get some rare and unique treasures were all rich and wealthy men, even those who felt pain regarding the price also paid and stepped onto the island. After all, they had traveled far to get here, and no one wanted to return empty handed.

The Seventh Emperor said, filled with confidence.

"You said he used a broken sword to repel two First Grade Combat Emperors and a Ninth Grade Combat King? Where is that broken sword? Can your master have a look?"

The Third Emperor tried his best to supress the fury in his heart. Today's battle caused him to feel extremely frustrated. Everything had been completely different from what he had imagined. Before the battle had even started, his side had been greatly pinned down. Each person here was of great status, but now, a young man was leading them by the nose, causing them all to feel frustrated.

The night quickly passed without incident, and by the next morning, one of the palace captain assembled outside, "A report for the Imperial Protector, the third prince wishes to see you!"

Many of the surrounding students watching the event became dumbstruck. Not only did it seem like Jian Chen did not care for the fairer s*x and threw such a beautiful lady into the air in such a crude way, he had also defeated the last 6 opponents in the same manner.

The search for the dog was still ongoing in the city. The men from the Lee family and Yan family who wanted to take part in the exam had already started their journey from different places and were using different paths. When the Yan family reached Origin Mountain, they met the Heavenly Blade Clan disciple trio who had been waiting for them there.

Since it was his uncle giving guidance, Jian Chen adopted a modest and studious attitude. However, his heart did not accept the teachings. His age was not truly reflected by his expression, and he had experienced more things than Bi Dao had. Whatever Bi Dao thought to be a problem was not one to Jian Chen.

"I believe you can do it."


"Damned dog, stop there!"

"Bang!" An explosive sound and a billow of energy pulsed out like an ocean of energy. The surrounding area quickly went to ruins as the three other divisions began to fight as well.Chapter 316: Entering the Immortal's Cave (Two)

Just as the man left, one of the heavily injured men that lost most of his Saint Force immediately lost consciousness.

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