Sendai Yuusha wa Inkyou Shitai Chapter 2839

Sendai Yuusha wa Inkyou Shitai Chapter 2839

Even though the change occurred extremely suddenly and without any prior signs, old man Situ was a Sixth Heavenly Layer Saint Ruler, so his reaction speed was extremely fast. He immediately released Yu Fengyan before flying back by one hundred meters in a flash.

"Such a powerful Combat Seal! It just leveled a mountain! With the strength of this attack, I think even a Seventh Grade Combat King would be killed on the spot, and it's capable of taking on Eighth Grade Combat Kings. He is indeed a peerless genius. At the peak of the Fourth Grade Combat King realm, he is able of unleashing an attack with power than can normally only be shown by an Eighth Grade Combat King, what a genius!"

The moment Jian Chen saw the patriarch, he immediately stood up from his bed and cupped his hands in salute, "I greet the patriarch!"

After that, Qin Yunlong and Harry both transformed into two currents of light and flew to the sect at unbelievable speeds. Their speed was so fast that even the space around their bodies began to slightly distort.

Someone shouted out. A few warriors arrived in front of Jiang Chen, and all of them had red eyes, as if they were sick.

Despite their extremely lofty statuses, they treated Jian Chen with the utmost respect. Prior to their entry, each one of them had made their inquiries on Jian Chen. Therefore, they knew a decent amount of information. Now that he was comparable to a Saint Ruler in strength, it was enough for them to speak as equals, being courteous to a genius with limitless potential.

"Brother, they are dead now."

"It's really fortunate for the Wu family to give birth to such a genius. This city wasn't named Dancing Sun City before, it only got that name because of the young lady, Wu Ningzhu."

At the same time, Jian Chen resisted the great feeling of pain within his chest and soared toward the ape. With the Light Wind Sword flashing dangerously, he stabbed at the throat of the Green Scaled Ape.

With their strength, they could naturally hear every single footstep within the quiet manor. In total, there were several hundred people, but these people were all hidden away in their rooms to cultivate and weren't moving at all from.

"Older brother, what do you think about this Five Elemental Pill?"

Ming Dong looked around the table before taking a sneak peek behind to see if anyone else would come back to the table. Then, with a mysterious glance at Jian Chen, he asked, "Jian Chen, do you wish to know what the skeleton of a Saint Ruler can be used for?"

However, the headmaster of that pavilion was only just a Heaven Saint Master and wasn't too incredible-looking.

Quickly walking forward, Jian Chen squatted down to where the shop owner was. "Shopkeeper, what has happened? Who did all of this?"

"Sounds like your eldest uncle is the root cause of all the changes in the Nangong family."

Nangong Wentian said.

"Yes, Bai En understands." the vice headmaster answered respectfully. His mind was clear, in order to cultivate a genius, this would do whatever Kargath Academy would have to do.

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