How to kill a Nightmare Chapter 1267

How to kill a Nightmare Chapter 1267

Buddha's True Eyes!

The merit points could be used to pay admission fees to scripture sermons or the Magical Arts Pavilion. They could also be used to gain access to all sorts of special places in the sect set aside for certain aspects of cultivation. Virtually everything in the sect could be acquired with merit points, and they were actually viewed as more valuable than spirit stones.

"Are you sure you don't want to come in?" Di Qing looked at Qing Shui.


This was basically the layout of the Four Symbols Formation. Qing Shui then drove the Core Qi and forced it into the center of the formation, which would formally initiate the Four Symbols Formation. Once initiated, the power of the four representatives would be boosted exponentially.

The dark red blood slowly seeped into the Golden Calligraphy Brush. Qing Shui only lifted the Golden Calligraphy Brush when every last drop of blood in the Moonstone Ink Slab was gone.

If it wasn't for the need to take care of her grandson, the old woman would have gone to the Evil Dragon's Den herself. Who would have thought that she would run into a young man with such a strange set of skills. He was actually able to cure her grandson without any medicinal pillsˇ­ˇ­.

It was another regular morning, and Qing Shui was preparing to go outside to take a walk. He saw a man come in when he got to the courtyard. He was about forty years old, but he was masculine and wild. He had a pair of bright eyes and a straight nose, he wasn't handsome, but he had some special charm about him.

Qing Shui was familiar with the "crown" because the Black Champion Monarch Falcons are beasts that have a "crown" on their heads. The "crown" is no small matter as only strong beasts with noble blood can possess such crowns.

They were all half siblings who had different mothers. Mu Qian had three wives. His eldest son and his third son were from his first wife. His second son and his youngest daughter were from another wife, while Mu Qing was her mother's only daughter.

Mingyue Gelou was numb, tears trickled down her face. She could not bear to part with her daughter, but she could not turn her back on the Qing Clan either. Today, for that man who had given her everything, she would be willing to even fight to her last breath. If she were to escape by herself, so what if she lived? She would never forgive herself.

Initially he had just wanted to bring little Yuchang out alone, but who would think that it would have turned into something like a family outing.

"Thisˇ­ thisˇ­." Although he wasn't actually capable of crying, in this moment, that was exactly what he wanted to do.

Chapter 483 All demoness exudes feminine charm. A ten years promise.

The powers of the cauldron were mysterious and enigmatic; when the countless streams of sword qi from the Celestial slammed into it, they were like eggs slamming into a boulder. They shattered, and the golden cauldron wasn't harmed at all. A moment later, the cauldron then slammed into the howling Celestial himself.

Formations were a powerful existence in the World of the Nine Continents. It was said that there were slightly more sects in the other four continents who knew about formations and not as many in these five continents. The Sky Prison Sect only knew the basics of formations.

A few dozen lotus pods had already reached the surface of the water, and therefore, everyone was already talking about the possibility of a series of lotus banquets. People throughout the two immortal domains controlled by the Saint-Emperor Dynasty were getting excited, and the major clans began to make preparations to send representatives to the capital city.

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