Nidome no Yuusha Chapter 2075

Nidome no Yuusha Chapter 2075

Staring frostily at Kaizer, Jian Chen smiled, "Yan Kaizer, here we stand today with our debts from two years ago complete. Your Harido clan and the three major clans of Fengyang City not only tried to take what is mine, but you even tried to make me a prisoner. I have never forgotten this debt for the past two years, and now today it is finally over.

"Brother Jiang, you had such an incredible aura even though you were just breaking through to the Divine Core realm, astonishing! If I hadn't witnessed it myself, I wouldn't have believed it!"

However, upon arriving at the Western Region, Tyrant seemed spiritless and dejected, and a sorrowful expression was visible on his face. However, he quickly adjusted his emotions, then started flying at to speed. His ultimate goal was to save Jiang Chen and Big Yellow. If not for this, he wouldn't have come back to this place at all. This was because he didn't want to see the look of disappointment on his master's face.

After saying that, Jiang Chen took out another head from his storage ring. When everyone saw the face of that head, the atmosphere immediately heated up.

An excited look could be seen in Wu Jiu's eyes. He really liked Jiang Chen, there was nothing this young man didn't dare do. Looking at Jiang Chen made him feel as if he was looking at himself when he was young.

"Alright alright, look at your pitiful face££"

Furious, the general of the Gesun Kingdom immediately bowed to Jian Chen, "The enemy army's strongest have all been killed, just what should we do next, sire?"

Jiang Chen let go of Big Yellow's ear. Together with Guo Shan, they walked up to the peak of the mountain. After getting to know about Jiang Chen and Big Yellow's relationship, Guo Shan couldn't help but burst out in laughter. As for those few herbs eaten by Big Yellow, he just forgot about them. His relationship with Jiang Chen couldn't be compared with a few herbs.Chapter 134 ÿ Prodigal Beings

"If I increased it one more time, I would be walking myself into trouble. The 400 million bid was just perfect."

The Crown Prince was gnashing his teeth in anger. Although his hatred of Jiang Chen was enough to reach the heavens, and he felt a strong desire to just devour Jiang Chen, he had to admit that when compared to Jiang Chen, there was a huge gap between them, even though the Crown Prince had claimed to be the number one genius of the Eastern Continent.

Forcing a smile, Jian Chen asked Huang Luan, "What brings you here?"

Walking out of the room, Jian Chen was followed by Kai Er and the others with wooden expressions. They were clearly still processing what they had heard back in the room.

£¦Thank God, my son is not a useless scumbag, he is a genius.Damn this boy, how could he hide all of this from under my nose?'

Afterwards, once all the people had walked out of the forest, Jian Chen's group had already increased to 300-400 people.

But other than that, the existence of this manor was something that only a few select clans and sects knew about. The Saint Ruler of the Sect of Dragon and Tiger was one of these few.

"Someone was looking for you? Who?" Qin Xiao spoke with confusion.


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