Vampire rulerí»s strong Bride Chapter 647

Vampire rulerí»s strong Bride Chapter 647

Unable to continue on with his internal injuries, Jian Chen walked over to the dead corpses of the other commanders and extended his hand to grab onto their Space Belts and Space Rings. Then dragging his injured body over to where the chariots were, Jian Chen immediately set about collecting them all without leaving a trace and would leave straight after.

The tightly-closed door was opened silently. A person shrouded in black mist walked in from outside. His appearance could not be seen, while only the outline of body was visible. He seemed like a ghost.

"Could you please bring out the official for this place, I have a few things to discuss with him." A deep voice came from Jian Chen's throat, he had even changed what he sounded like.

Jian Chen's eyes flashed brightly with color as he lifted his right hand up. A single blade of pure Sword Qi began to form as Jian Chen began to use the Origin energy for the Sword Spirits.

"Prince, I appreciate your kindness, but it looks like there isn't an easy way out today. Since that is the case, we'll just let our strength do the talking. Jiang Chen is thankful for your help, but for now, prince, I urge you to stay out of this, don't get yourself involved in this dilemma. The scores between myself, the Shangguan Clan, and the Myriad Sword Sect; I, Jiang Chen will settle them myself."

Big Yellow's ears stood up.

Cheng Mingxiang expressionlessly said, "Vice headmaster's teachings are correct. Ming Xiang understands his wrongs, and will not repeat them ever again."

"I don't know, but I'm sure there are some treasures here! I was thinking about why those demons and devils don't attack Inferno City, there must be some reason behind it, and perhaps it's related to this hidden treasure."

"Brother Jian Chen, your strength is quite strong. In the future when you have time, we must compare notes. Right now, the captain of the guards is the only one capable of fighting me. There aren't many willing to fight with me, and I dare not find Earth Saint Masters to fight with since I would easily be overpowered." Qin Xiao explained as he drank from his cup.

"Come, let's go check out some other places."

The disappearance of anyone that left for the forest did not strike fear into the hearts of the mercenaries. Instead, it had bolstered them and caused even more mercenaries to believe that there was some sort of treasure within the forest.

"I have successfully formed a total of 600 Dragon Marks in my body, so if I continue using the same method to cultivate, it will actually affect my foundation. The effects of the Five Elemental Pill could only last until now. Therefore, in order to continue absorbing demon souls, or even breaking through to the Divine Core realm, I'll need to strengthen my foundation. That's the reason why I need the Nine Life Crystal Beast's crystal core when I absorb demon souls in the future."

Leaving the competition grounds, Jian Chen noticed that the sky had long since darkened. He rubbed at his protesting stomach and shook his head with slight disappointment. In his previous world, he could have gone several days and nights without eating and still not feel hungry. Now that he was used to three meals a day, he now felt hungry after skipping a single meal, leaving Jian Chen to feel slightly disappointed with himself.

This kind of ending was not something they desired to see, and the young man in front of them was their only hope.

Xuan Yuzi was greatly frightened; he was defeated by a Divine Core young man, even with his formidable combat strength! This was like a nightmare for him! But soon after, he threw his glance onto the longsword in Jiang Chen's hand. Besides the terrified expression, a look of greed could be found.

However, just when the tiger cub began approached the Gilligan clan member, a shadow appeared in the originally brightly-lit sky.Chapter 694: Houston

"Does it need to be said? Of course we want the Flying Spirit Snake. We have three Ruler Armaments, and one of them is a longbow model! If the Flying Spirit Snake were to take to the skies, then we could shoot it down. We also have a whip that can tether and restrict the snake's mobility. At the very least, we could prevent it from taking to the skies. The two weapons are the bane of the Flying Spirit Snake." Qin Ji spoke with no hesitation.

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