The Time I Got Reincarnated Into A Game World Chapter 1058

The Time I Got Reincarnated Into A Game World Chapter 1058

The Light Wind Sword and the axe made contact in the air with a clanging sound as an explosion of energy flew out from the impact and scattered the rain around them off into every direction.

"Our speed won't be great if we only rely on my blood wings to carry the two of you."

This magical beast was just quietly lying on the stretcher, completely still. Its body was about 4-5m long, and it looked like a small hill.

Unknowingly, Jian Chen had already arrived before the front door of the Tianqin clan. This time, he did not even need to use his presence to clearly feel where Qin Xiao was. At this moment, Qin Xiao was with a large group of people in the conference hall of the Tianqin Clan. They seemed to be discussing something important and even the atmosphere of the entire hall seemed rather heavy.

Jian Chen sneered, "I indeed do have quite a few Heaven Tier Battle Skills, Though, that depends on whether you have the ability to take them from me." As soon as he finished, Jian Chen looked away from Li Gui and turned towards the bandit boss, "Bandit boss, looks like you don't decide on releasing the person with such a display."

Mu Rong Zhan said.


"Agh!" At this moment, Tie Ta also charged over. He swung his axe around, hacking away at the enemies, causing them to be batted away.

Tie Ta held onto his giant battleaxe as he watched around himself with no small amount of vigilance. "Although I've killed many beasts in the past, I've never killed a Magical Beast. They have the same strength of a Saint, so even if one was a Saint, it wouldn't be a definite kill. I'm not sure if we would be able to kill a Class 1 Magical Beast if we come across one, and if by chance one runs away, we won't be able to catch up."


The Light Wind Sword pierced deeply into the soldier's throat as the tip of the blade went through the back of his neck with blood dripping from the sword.

"You may go, wait until the auction ends before convening with us." Jian Chen commanded.

"Human, I beg of you to save my child." At the same time, the same voice could be heard within Jian Chen's eardrums. The voice carried a pleading yet weak voice as if it was without energy.

"One can stay in here for five years? Then why was it that I am only able to stay for half a year?" Jian Chen asked with confusion.

"Hmph! Lord Zhanlang, the Demon King Palace's days are over! Lord Nether has died, and you will follow his footsteps! When the demons decided to fight against the humans; they were destined to be annihilated!"

Jiang Chen nodded his head. If these Six Heroes of Mount Mang really had perfect synergy, it would be pretty difficult to defeat them. After all, six Late Divine Core warriors with perfect synergy could make their combat strength increase to an incredible level. Han Yan was a peak Mid Divine Core warrior, and together with his Ancient Divine Devil bloodline, his combat strength was nearly on par with his and Big Yellow's.

Dugu Feng couldn't help but have a small smile on his face as he clasped a hand on Ming Dong's shoulder, "Then I'll be calling you Ming Dong in the future. Today has been a lucky day for me to be able to come across two outstanding geniuses and become their comrade. You two are even younger than me, but you two are inversely stronger than me. Especially you, Ming Dong; with your own strength, you were able to receive a blow from my Ruler Armament and even caused me to be sent back. Could you be a Heaven Saint Master?"

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