The Tech Prince of Britannia Chapter 281

The Tech Prince of Britannia Chapter 281

The ones from the younger generation were also struck with despair, some of them were slowly dying. Yan Meng was an old man, and he simply couldn't defend himself from any of those Dimensional Creatures. He was now lying on the ground, barely breathing.

"Could it be this is a special type of battle skill?!" Jian Chen thought.

In the blink of an eye, five Late Combat Soul warriors were killed by Jiang Chen, leaving behind four Late Combat Soul warrior. All of them belonged to the upper echelons of the Martial Saint Dynasty. The Crown Prince, Forth Emperor, Fifth Emperor, and the Sixth Emperor.

"I don't want to take any credit in this, all credit should go to Big Yellow. It was he who sensed the Heavenly Tribulation that day and brought me to you. Also, that guy accurately found the location of where you were, and with that mysterious sword of his, he actually took on and withstood those three powerful warriors from the Asura Palace for a short time, giving me the chance to save both of you. It's a shame we had to leave that mysterious broken sword behind. I'm guessing it's in the hands of the Asura Palace now."

Jiang Chen turned to Jiang Zhenhai. He wore a bright smile as he spoke.

Everyone were discussing Han Yan now. This Little Devil King is really famous, but his face is rarely seen in public. Thus, no one would have ever thought that this Little Devil King would come to the Silver Moon Restaurant to drink wine.

The Imperial Emperor who was fighting fiercely with Wu Jiu immediately cried out in shock. The Old Emperor was the most important person in today's war, and if he was defeated, it meant that this war had come to an end. Jiang Chen was an incredibly frightening man, as he was able to defeat the Old Emperor with just a mere Mid Combat Soul cultivation base, something truly unbelievable. Since the Old Emperor had lost one of his arms, he was no longer Jiang Chen's match. If the Old Emperor was killed by Jiang Chen today, the consequences today would be beyond the Imperial Emperor's imagination.

The hubbub of discussion echoed in the surroundings. Jian Chen's appearance had already attracted everyone's attention, because all Radiant Saint Masters with blue badges were important people. They did not appear very often within the union, but every time they did, it would always raise the attention of a lot of people.

Jiang Chen tried his best to talk with a polite tone. His target this time was the Firethorn Savage. If it wasn't necessary, he would rather not get into a fight with the Green Sanctuary Sect.

Jian Chen then gazed towards the two remaining books. Without any hesitation, he sent forth his presence again, working on breaking through the seals of the two books.

After crossing the Space Gate, Jian Chen looked to the faraway Lore City only to see it as it originally was. A countless stream of people could be seen going in and out without worry or panic.

Yu Zihan said in a gloomy manner.

He couldn't imagine how Big Yellow did it.

Qin Ji couldn't help but think back to when he saw the blurry azure and violet glow. He had felt a great change overcome Jian Chen, but he didn't say anything as he felt doubt and confusion cloud his heart.

"Young Master wants to concoct pills?Stop fooling around££you are good at consuming pills££But concocting pills?Forget it."

Soon, all the treasures had been taken away by Jiang Chen. Those who had lost their treasures had an expression more awful than one that would appear if their mother died. But, no matter what, they were still alive. If they hadn't handed over their treasures, they would be dead, and the treasures would end up with Jiang Chen regardless.

Jian Chen quickly ran through the streets toward the city gates. Phoenix City occupied a large area with many hidden places, even the number of spies was great. To stay behind in Phoenix City would not be a wise decision, and so the only remaining solution was to escape from the city and run into the countryside. Therefore Jian Chen would need to continue to run for a little longer.

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