CEO in a fantasy world Chapter 687

CEO in a fantasy world Chapter 687

Moreover, the opponent was only at one and a half stars to begin with. After he was weakened by 4000 countries, it ended up being an instant kill. The Diamond Gigantic Elephant's Instantaneous Diamond Evasion which had levelled up now allowed Qing Shui to be like a fish in the water. It wouldn't have been possible to do the same with the previous level of the Instantaneous Diamond Evasion which only allowed him to move a hundred meters each time.

Qing Shui was extremely happy because this sword gave a double attribute enhancement. After all, this was the first time he forged a sword according to the ancient blueprints. The effect was already better than what he expected.

Within these ten days, Qing Shui didn't manage to cultivate the Bear Form to the small success stage, but he had already somewhat understood the crux of that level.

"Did you know that the first Substitute Elder, Tie Songshan, challenged the new Protector Qing Shui?"

Bai Xiaochun sadly watched Li Hongming leave, then turned and stepped into the building which had been prepared for him. It was thousands of meters across, and other than a three-story structure at one end, was mostly just a large courtyard neatly paved with green spirit stone slabs. Considering that Great Wall City as a whole was virtually devoid of spiritual energy, that made this location a wonderful place for any cultivator.


Maybe it was because they had came here before, or that there would often be people who would visit to purchase medicinal herbs, but they got a lot of them very quickly. There were a number of medicinal herbs which Qing Shui could not recognize, but he had come across the rest in books before.

Qing Shui then walked in to see that the manor was well furnished with artificial mountains, water, and rocks. Qing Shui did not feel much about these furnishings. If he was interested, it wouldn't have been hard for him to get such hands on a similar manor.

In the World of the Nine Continents, this number ˇ®three' was the usual maximum number of tails. As for the heads, it was four, that is to say, if a Demonic Beast had four or more heads, it was a strong mutated Demonic Beast. ?As for the tails, it was three, that is to say, if a Demonic Beast had three or more tails, it would similarly be a strong mutated Demonic Beast.

As for the pulling force of the Diamond Gigantic Elephant, it was not something to be worried about. As long as the carriage was tough enough, it wouldn't be a problem even if it was to pass over mountains ridges.

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The middle-aged man who was presiding over the opening said loudly, "What are you waiting for?!"


It was late into the night before they finished talking about the past, and their current situation. Many tears had been shed, and they had sighed many times. Occasionally they laughed, and occasionally they would weep while laughing. Sometimes, it was like they were back in the Ovens, back in the days without true worry or careˇ­.

One more thing was that Qing Shui has absolutely never thought of relying on the unusual fruits to assist him in breaking through to the Martial Saint Grade. Qing Shui has always believed in his own Sixth Heavenly Layer. Hence for Martial Saint, Qing Shui wasn't really interested in it.

[1] In chinese, the turtle's head can also be referring to the glans, or the head of the p*nis.

Not only that, Song Family's reputation was also damaged significantly when the family, which had been powerful, was defeated by the Starmoon Hall...

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