Dual Cultivation Chapter 2571

Dual Cultivation Chapter 2571

After finishing the books, Jian Chen finally understood the new world to a better degree. Saint Weapons, elements and attributes, magical beasts, monster cores and mercenaries, everything was a new experience to Jian Chen that gave his heart a thrill. He was looking forward to the new world and desperately wished to leave the Changyang mansion immediately. To be able to experience the outside world would be a refreshing change of pace.

"That's right. For a twenty year old youth with good fortune, he is very arrogant." Another man spoke out with disdain in his voice.

Jian Chen heavily stared at the Silver Striped Golden Snake only ten meters away from him, his gaze filled with vigilance. He gripped his sword tightly as he thought about the fact that the Silver Striped Golden Snake he encountered was no ordinary magical beast. A single mistake could possible cause him to lose his life today.

Seeing the two people, the youth revealed a look of disdain as he muttered, "Another two men rushing to their deaths. I hope they're not too weak, I want to test out my strength." With that, the youth examined the two, but the moment he saw their faces, a look of shock overtook it.

Nangong Wentian was even more shocked right now.

He kept staring at Jiang Chen who still wore a faint smile on his face. It was really difficult to imagine how this innocent looking young man could be so fierce and brutal when attacking.


Although Hu Ba knew from Georgien that he should not make contact with the azure and violet glow, he wanted to give it a try nonetheless. He wanted to see just how strong the oddity that the azure and violet colors were.

Mu Rong Zhan said with an angry expression on his face.

Jiang Chen was very familiar with Big Yellow, so he was easily able to confirm that it was Big Yellow just from the outline of the figure. He immediately sent forth his Divine Sense.

A white-robed middle-aged man slowly withdrew his palm from the youth. With exhaustion, the man stared at the other middle-aged man who stood gravely nearby, "Lord Heiming, the wounds of your second son are quite severe. With my capabilities as a Radiant Saint Master, I am unable to fully cure his wounds in a single attempt. I will require several attempts."

Seeing the number on the tag, he inwardly understood clearly that his opponent would be number 136 on the third stage, because this time's competition matched opponents based on finding the two numbers that would give a sum of 200.

In an instant, the sword disappeared within the sea of flames without a trace. In the next, a fierce explosion could be heard as the flames suddenly blew apart.

"Ai, my poor house. It seems that I have to rebuild it once more." The fatty wailed.

Big Yellow said.

"Uncle Xiu Mi, when will little fatty return then?" Jian Chen asked.

Jian Chen couldn't help but feel the pain from his back wounds as he ran forward as fast as possible. Although he hadn't fought with this elder yet, he had a feeling that this man would be unprecedentedly dangerous.

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