Karasuno Chapter 219

Karasuno Chapter 219

Following the metallic clang from the clash, the three Earth Saint Masters from the Heavenly Eagle Kingdom's paled in the face. Although the youth in front of them was quite young, his strength was no less than theirs. The cyan-colored sword had contained a stronger amount of Saint Force than their own weapons, and he was far more of a match for them. With this single collision, the Heavenly Eagle Kingdom's experts had been forced back several steps with startled expressions as they looked at Ming Dong.

At the very front of the division, Jian Chen and the other thirteen members of the Qinhuang Kingdom lead the soldiers. The king of the Gesun Kingdom, princess You Yue, Changyang Ba, Ming Dong, Dugu Feng, Khafir, Ye Ming, Senior An, and Yun Zheng stood at the back so as to avoid any accidents that may occur. This battle would undoubtedly be far more intense than the one at the stronghold ¨• this was the battle that would determine the continued existence of the Heavenly Eagle Kingdom. For that, the Heavenly Eagle Kingdom would surely go all out to defend their city, and for the sake of everyone's welfare, Jian Chen had all of his close family and friends stay behind.

This city was going to become a place of chaos, and everyone felt helpless about this. You couldn't go anywhere in this city without hearing someone talk about Jiang Chen. From Fragrant Sky city to Red city, Jiang Chen had become a reincarnated demon. Wherever he went, trouble followed!

"A prodigy, a prodigy, he really is a prodigy. This kid was basically born powerful." The fourteenth elder could not help but sigh emotionally.

At that moment, the headmaster walked on over and said, "Dear students, starting from today, you will have to survive in the forest for 3 days and have to hand over two monster cores at the very least. If you give up halfway or do not obtain two monster cores, then that will be considered as a loss and you will not be rewarded." His clear voice was transmitted to every student's ear.

This was an amazing transformation, a new birth after death. It was hard to imagine how strong Yan Chenyu would become when she woke up.

The sounds of battle could be heard not too far away. Upon closer observation, Jian Chen noticed that it seemed to be a battle royale with around a hundred ordinary looking people riding on horses. Judging from their appearances, they looked to be bandits. The opposing side only had thirty men who were all desperately trying to defend a luxurious looking caravan.

"Uncle Tian!" Upon seeing this man, Ming Dong called out affectionately as if greeting a family member.Chapter 523: Revisiting the Huang Family

Tie Ta's expression grew hard as he heard Jian Chen. If it was just one magical beast, he wouldn't have been worried, three magical beasts and the both of them combined could take them on. But now that there were at least 10 of them; Tie Ta didn't dare to have a swelled head now.

"Esteemed elder, there's a second test?" Jian Chen asked curiously. He revealed an expression of doubt.

Feeling the explosive might that came from a casual swing of Dugu Feng's sword, every member of the Defiance Mercenaries felt miserable beyond belief. At this moment, practically every person could only think about how terrifying an Earth Saint Master was.

"Tynes, what important matter do you have to tell me? Has the Sect of Dragon and Tiger decided to mobilize against you?" Jian Chen inquired with a solemn expression.

Jian Chen looked back at the man without saying a word. He felt okay even after pushing himself to his limits. He had pushed his speed to a rate he had never achieved before. But his attack was essentially dodged by the man, so if Jian Chen wanted to land a killing blow on this man in the future, it would be a lot harder. After all, the man's strength was not weaker than Jian Chen's, and he was also a wind attribute Saint. He would definitely specialize in speed. In other words, it could be said that against this middle-aged man, Jian Chen had lost any type of advantage.

Hearing this, everyone's eyes narrowed before another person spoke. "But our soldier reserves are currently three million strong with practically everyone injured or tired. Furthermore, there are countless of mercenaries with absolutely no discipline at all. I believe we should send the vanguards over to the other forts only."

A greedy look appeared in the eyes of this man. The attraction of a high-ranked combat weapon, to any Heavenly Core warrior, was very huge.

"Let you go? We're just about to settle the score for Wang Yun and Huang Zheng. All four of you did beat them up, right?"

"Young master Jiang, this place is filled with Yin Spirits. The deeper we go, the thicker it becomes. I heard that at the end of this valley, the Yin Spirits are so intense that even a Late Heavenly Core warrior can't withstand it at all."

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