Shadow of the World Chapter 509

Shadow of the World Chapter 509


"Let's go check it out."

Chen Shuang said as he looked at the men from Lee family.

Dong dong dong££

The battle was causing both sides to rapidly lose numbers; both the bandits and the mercenaries suffered from disastrous casualties. Aside from Jian Chen, who was still completely clean of blood, everyone else was drenched in it; some were covered head to toe in both blood and wounds.

"Did something happen to the Yangji Sect? I feel as if some sort of challenger has caused trouble for them."

Jiang Chen struck his palm towards Yang Shuang and his pleading immediately died down.Chapter 2 I won't do it, do it yourself!

"We're doomed! The Black Sect is completely doomed, we're all going to die today!"

"They have to be on his body. He must have used some sort of secret method to separate the connection between our Ruler Armaments and us. But what can we do about it? Hmph, he still has the Imprint of Death on his body. No matter where he runs off to, we'll be able to find him. That is, unless he stays within Mercenary City his entire life." Patriarch Shi spoke under his breath before leaving the inn with the other.

Wu Jiu saw Jiang Chen as well, but his glance immediately fell onto those floating heads. When he saw the faces of those heads, Wu Jiu didn't feel any joy, but he just let out a long and heavy sigh. No matter what, these men were his blood brothers. Although they had always given him trouble when he was still alive; treating him as their enemy, Wu Jiu still felt pity for them when he saw their miserable ending.

All of the Lee family's businesses and properties now belonged to the Yan family. From this point forward, the Lee Family no longer exists in Red city. Lee Shan Yue, who had been in power for more than 20 years, had disappeared in the tidal wave called history.

Hearing this, the people who did not have a great understanding of Jian Chen's background actually did not react too greatly, and only felt excited because of an additional Saint Ruler. However, You Yue knew Jian Chen's background and was instead filled with doubt. Excluding Jian Chen, she was the only person in the crowd that had a relative understanding to the people in the Changyang Manor. She felt astonished by the fact that a Saint Ruler grandfather had suddenly appeared by Jian Chen's side.

If a wind attribute Earth Saint Master was determined on running away, then his speed would most definitely outrank Jian Chen's.

After 4 hours, Jian Chen had finally organized the large mass of various monsters cores. There were now 3 piles in front of him; one each for Class 1, Class 2, and Class 3.

Yun Li's expression remained unchanged. Letting out a sigh, he replied, "Brother Jian Chen, you overestimate your older brother's spy network. It isn't able to delve too deeply into anything, and for something like the Class 5 Magical Beast cub, this older brother knows nothing about it. Perhaps the thief has already left Wake City?"

"What? Did you just say that you are all that are left of the Zhou Mercenaries?" Zhou Yun spoke with a serious face. Immediately standing up, he strode on over to the man with a loud shout.

"You££ you're Jiang Chen?!"

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