Unbounded Ruler Chapter 2878

Unbounded Ruler Chapter 2878

Jiang Chen put away the Heavenly Saint Sword. He really let the pirate go.

And, being constantly sneak attacked like this, both Han Yan and Nangong Wentian's senses improved significantly.

Thinking for a moment, Jian Chen spoke, "Could you tell me just what problems you have, and how I should help you?"


"Just take whatever junior disciple Jiang wants to give us. Although junior disciple Jiang is cruel and merciless toward his enemies, he isn't stingy with his own brothers."

"Why not? This Gate of Death doesn't seem as simply as its appearance. Even if we enter the Gate of Life, our safety won't be guaranteed. Perhaps the danger in the Gate of Life is even greater than the dangers in the Gate of Death?"

"Captain, what's going on?"

Lots of disciples from the Heavenly Sword Sect were staring at Jiang Chen, with fire spewing out of their eyes. By now, they all knew the matter of Jiang Chen killing disciples from the Heavenly Sword Sect, and they had all taken him as their enemy. Since Jiang Chen had just taken first place in today's competition, they obviously weren't happy.


"Our caravan will depart in an hour, so go make your preparations." With that said, the man didn't pay any more attention to Jian Chen and resumed commanding the transporters to work.

"Let me ask you again.Every time, when the disease strikes, your body will start shivering, and the blood would be frozen.You will have difficulties breathing, as if you are dead.You can' t feel anything except for the strange, painful sensation of something snake-like moving inside of your body, and that pain is very intense."

"No, we can't leave yet, something big is going to happen here, and we might be able to find a stroke of luck."

The youth looked at Jian Chen with disdain before looking back to the girl and spoke proudly, "This one is called Jiede Wukang." Within this isolated world, Jiede Wukang's name had been known to everyone as one of the five experts.

Jian Chen's foot stomped across the ground and flew off to his side two meters with an ungodly speed; dodging the blows of the men waiting for him.

"Still, we have to find a way to leave this place. Being trapped in this place forever is no different than waiting for the inevitable death."

"Look, the people of the Wu family are here, the ancestor worshipping ceremony is starting!"

As for the Qinhuang Kingdom, there were four other Imperial Protectors, each one of them Saint Rulers. With their strength, even the Shi family would be afraid. But the Shi family was not his only enemy. There was still the Jiede clan with their own Saint Ruler. If the two of them were to unite against the Qinhuang Kingdom, then even the Qinhuang Kingdom would feel slightly pressured.

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