Project:Unknown - Tales of Souls Chapter 881

Project:Unknown - Tales of Souls Chapter 881

This newly awakened ability was indeed heavenly-defying. Putting aside how deadly it was, its foul smell was more than enough to kill someone by disgusting them. He had used this ability twice since it was awakened. The first victim was the Crown Prince, and the second one was Shangguan Sheng. Luckily, there was gap between Big Yellow and the other two. If it was any Early Combat Soul warrior, he might have been instantly killed just from the fart's strength, or perhaps even die because of the foul smell.

Fan Zhong Tang had softened his manner, since his grandson had become the lamb waiting for slaughter, he couldn't help but lower down his pride.

Wu Jiu shook his head as he stared at the defense mechanism which was glowing dimly in front of him.

As if shaken from their stupor, every single mercenary immediately opened their mouths to swallow the liquid. A surge of boundless energy began to fill the entirety of their being as soon as the green liquid entered their stomachs. It caused the members to feel greatly shocked. Some of them even fell to the ground in a seated position so they could fully dedicate themselves to digesting the raw energy coursing through their bodies.

"This Illusionary Flash is quite extraordinary. I've understood only a portion of it, and yet I am still this fast. It's far faster than flying." Jian Chen remarked in surprise about the Illusionary Flash.

Yang Yun asked.

"Hahahaha££" Seeing just how he had taken no damage at all, Jian Chen began to laugh with a great smile. His heart had soared with joy at this. A Chaotic Body was extremely strong. His body had become extremely strong after tempering it with just a single wisp of Chaotic Force. If he continued to temper his body like this, an Earth Saint Master or even a Heaven Saint Master would not be able to harm him.Chapter 389: The Road Home

"That dog is too special; he has a big stomach!"


"You rascal! Let go of that broken sword!"

Originally, the Martial Saint Dynasty's high-end force was the Third Emperor and the others who were killed by Jiang Chen. These remaining Late Combat Soul warriors were just some mere ordinary Late Combat Soul warriors. Compared to Nangong Yunfan, Nangong Yunzheng, Thousand Hand Butcher Tu Yi, the gap between them became vivid.

Jian Chen had chopped off Ka Di Yun's right arm.

Therefore, one way or another, Lord Nether's tactic was extremely beneficial for the Demon King Palace. It could almost be considered a flawless strategy.

"It is how this auction house is run and what it sells that marks it different from the others. With Mercenary City itself running the auction every year, many extremely rare objects can be seen from it, ergo the ten thousand year old heavenly resource. They have always been sold off by this auction house."

Besides, this place was the Valley of Yin Spirits, it was the heart of Lord Blood Moon. Jiang Chen didn't believe that aside from Lord Blood Moon's own skill, there weren't any hidden traps around.

Jin Feng's body fell out of the air powerlessly, landing firmly on a mountain peak below. A Saint Ruler had just fallen like that.

In the surroundings, the older people of the Changyang clan remained silent. They all displayed a deep feeling of grief. Today, what happened definitely was an extremely heavy blow to the Changyang clan

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