S Rank System Chapter 773

S Rank System Chapter 773

Cloudmist Steps!

Back in Giant Ghost City, the Giant Ghost King heard the news, and muttered, "The little punk didn't even say goodbye to me when he left. Next time I see him, I'll definitely give him a good thrashing!"

"The patriarchs have issued orders. Junior Patriarch Bai Xiaochun is to lead a contingent of cultivators to sweep previously conquered territory and root out any stragglers from the Profound Stream Sect. Any other matters which come up along the way can be handled as you see fit, as long as you don't waste any time!"

His defense, however, had achieved an absurd amount of more than fifty countriesˇ­ˇ­!

"We can't leave him alive," he thought. "If he sticks around, the Bai Clan will get so powerful that nobody will be able to stop them!"


The whole battle ended very quickly. Apart from the time Qing Shui used to disrupt the formation, it only took a few minutes to totally clean up the remaining trash.

Expressions of excitement and profound anticipation appeared on the faces of the cultivators of the five legions.

And it all stemmed from the years-long grudge between himself and Li Yuansheng.

"Ignorant, simply ignorant!"

"I wonder if that spirit automaton changed the difficulty level on me?" Although he had his suspicions, he was pleased to have passed the level.

Upon emerging out into the open, he immediately turned to look at Stonemountain on the boulder, hoping to share his success. After all, despite not being able to assess Stonemountain's cultivation base, he could sense from his aura that he too cultivated the Living Mountain Incantation.

"Old bastard!" Bai Xiaochun said with a glare. "Fine. Time to show you method number two!" His right hand flashed with an incantation gesture, and he waved his finger at the elder, causing a sealing mark to settle down onto his mouth.

Bai Xiaochun looked up at her and simultaneously suppressed his rising anger.

"No idea, but I've already spent countless treasures and money, visiting countless doctors. For some reason, I felt as though you could see right through me the moment we first met. Even if it fails again this time, I have nothing to lose." The young master replied somewhat bitterly.

"Could it be that the Demonic Beast Sect will really be wiped out in my hands? A hundred years ago, I assured the previous Patriarch that I would definitely bring fame and honor to our Demonic Beast Sect..."

It wasn't a soulhoarding pagoda, but rather, a pagoda crafted from wood. Bai Xiaochun scanned it with divine sense to find that it was filled with multi-colored flameˇ­. It had everything from ten-colored flame all the way up to fifteen-colored flame, six tongues of it!

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