The Unknown Beauty Chapter 1933

The Unknown Beauty Chapter 1933

With that said and done with, Jian Chen turned his attention to Tie Ta who was currently seated on top of his magical beast mount in stone cold silence.

Jiang Chen squatted down next to her. He placed his palm on her cold face, then he gently said, "Little Yu, it was Big Bro Jiang Chen's fault for not being able to protect you. When you recover, I promise; I won't let you suffer any grievances. Whoever dares bully you, I will kill them."

At a critical moment while he was still within the Great Illusion Realm, if not for him experiencing a violent change in emotions and merging with the aura of his previous self, there was no way he could have pressured Yang Shuo with his eyes, much less stun him with his gaze alone.

Suddenly, with a single shake of Jian Chen's hand, the Light Wind Sword began to shake intensely. With a large sound of a sword moving through the air, a bright silver light came out from the Light Wind Sword and instantly cut all of the surrounding pieces of grass that made contact with it into powder.

Jian Chen sat by the fire and smiled as he watched everyone gossip among themselves. Every so often, he would laugh with everyone, and at this moment within his heart, he was completely content for the first time in a long time. Although everyone was joking around with each other, but with each word they spoke to one another revealed the deep bonds of friendships between them all and even infected Jian Chen with it.

Big Yellow said.

Every man dreamt about being a king; every many wanted power, and Jiang Zhenhai was no exception! However, with all of these people placed in front of him, he hesitated.

A figure shot up into the sky, and of course, he was none other than Wu Jiu. Jiang Chen leapt up into the sky and arrived in front of Wu Jiu. He cupped his fist and said, "Congratulations for breaking through to the Combat King realm, brother Jiu."

Many spectators were surprised by the situation. The fight originally had no suspense, but it had turned into something unbelievable. The way they looked at the two humans and the dog had now completely changed.



Big Yellow laughed out angrily; this giant serpent sure did know how to joke. It was committing suicide by speaking to Big Yellow like that.

With a single thought, Jian Chen's spirit transformed into thousands of pieces as he began to reforge the fragments of his Saint Weapon. At the same time, the two Class 5 Monster Cores within his hands continued to supply his dantian with a stream of energy. His dantian was like the cauldron and the energy was the fire that allowed for the fragments to be refined and smelted.

One of the Heaven Saint Masters had barked out, "Brat, you cannot distinguish what is the ground and what is the sky! Do you think you are Patriarch Changyang and will destroy the Pingyang Kingdom with your mere Heaven Saint Master strength?"

In an incredibly domineering manner, Jiang Chen unceasingly bombarded the Ice Demons with his fists so quickly that they looked like phantom fists.

After half the night when the entire palace was a fearful calm, a squadron of Black Armor soldiers continued to patrol. They made their way around the imperial palace, moving in every direction in an attempt to protect the peace.

Jiang Chen was very firm with his decision.

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