The Glory After Rebirth Chapter 816

The Glory After Rebirth Chapter 816

Xiang Bao looked towards the gradually disappearing figure, and tears once again streaked down her face. Standing in the middle of the streets, she appeared so helpless, so pitiful!

A sonic boom rolled out in all directions. At the same time, the image of an enormous, illusory trident appeared behind the Grand Heavenmaster. Fully 30,000-meters tall, it seemed large enough to fill all creation as it slammed into the violet-gold lightning bolt.

Just then, another batch of people came from a distance away!

Heart pounding with fear, Bai Xiaochun turned back to watch what was happening on the battlefield. After all, he found it hard to believe that the Giant Ghost King would so blithely shoot himself in the foot.

"Come boy, I will gift you the first three moves, if I didn't¡­ I'm afraid you wouldn't even get the opportunity to attack me." Upon hearing that, Qing You had a nasty expression on his face. He wasted no time, and rushed forward while wielding his twin hammers with herculean strength. Fast and furious!

"Home¡­." Bai Xiaochi murmured.?

The majestic number two Chosen from the Profound Stream Sect was being held in the arms of this little girl. Clearly, he wasn't dead either! He was trembling from the pain, and his tongue had been removed, making it impossible for him to speak.

Scene after scene flashed past Qing Shui's eyes. When his mother had carried him and secretly cried when he was young while telling him stories of the Yan Clan, thinking that he wouldn't understand; thinking of his mother's suffering and expectations of him; of the times when he was laughed at and called a failure by the people from the Qing Village; and later¡­when he defeated Situ Bufan; when he went through the coming of age ceremony; when he entered Hundred Miles City; when he first met Shi Qingzhuang and eventually had s*x with her; when he met Wenren Wushuang; when he killed a Xiantian cultivator; and when he gained a strong master who was a peerless beauty¡­

Qing Luo and the others saw Yu Donghao out..

In terms of personality, neither of them were very much like Bai Xiaochun. Bai Xiaoxiao had a fiery temper, whereas Bai Dabao was impulsive, and didn't seem the least bit afraid of dying. In fact, he was curious about everything, and loved challenging people to fights.

Just as Yu He's anger rose to the limit, a lazy sounding voice drifted over. "Which dog from the Yang Clan is barking? It sounds so annoying, why don't they leash the dog at home instead of bringing it out for it to bark at people. Even though it's bark is noisy, I don't believe it would dare bite someone. But then again, it would be good if it bit someone. This way, we would have a reason to kill it." Although the tone behind the voice was lazy, it was filled with force. Qing Shui stepped into the Yu He Inn, as he spoke with a smile that was not quite a smile.

Qing Shui noticed that there was a faint connection between him and the lotus, and it was just then when his hand touched the golden colored lotus flower.

After the time it takes for a joss stick to burn, Qing Shui suddenly punched out.

This time, the Hai Clan was shocked. The Tu Clan that had forced them to a dead end had its strongest powers killed by one person.

If a newly born baby was already a victim to such unfairness, what was there to be further discussed about fairness? There was no way things could ever be fair¡­

Suddenly, Qing Shui could see a "crown" appearing on top of Firebird's head. It looked small because he was standing quite far from Firebird. But he was able to see the "crown" after carefully looking at it.

"Nine Yang Golden Body?" This was the second time Qing Shui heard of this term that was supposedly a type of special constitution of a human body. However, he was extremely bewildered because he had heard two different terms to this constitution. In the case of the Marionette Sect, it was the ¡®Nine Yang Golden Body'. For the outsiders, it wasn't the Nine Yang but the body of ¡®Nine Yin' Instead.

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