HOTD Mature Parody Chapter 2930

HOTD Mature Parody Chapter 2930


£¦Revenge, I must have revenge! Kill him, I must kill him!'

It was a shame that this sphere of energy was traveling far too fast. Despite Jian Chen's effort to dodge the sphere, he wasn't able to completely avoid taking damage. Originally the sphere had tried to slam against Jian Chen's chest, but since Jian Chen had moved his body, it had struck firmly against his left shoulder.

Jian Chen's new speed would only be enough for him to travel for two hours. After those two hours, he would be utterly exhausted. He wouldn't even have enough strength to fight, let alone escape.Chapter 366: Inescapable Net (Four)


The other clans in Wake City had secretly observed the affairs of the Tianxiong clan. When they realized just how much damage the Tianxiong clan had taken while in the Magical Beast Mountain range, each one of them had begun to prepare their clan to take over and divide up the shares of the Tianxiong clan in the market.

At the beginning, two Late Combat Soul warriors had teamed up to kill the Ice Demon King, but they were immediately left speechless. When it had been killed, it had immediately reappeared on the other side of the battlefield to slaughter those who were weaker than it.

"Ai, if I had known Jian Chen's skills at detection were so high, I would have tracked him myself. Now that the situation is like this, it's quite troublesome. If Jian Chen continues to stay within Mercenary City, then we won't be able to make a move at all." The elder spoke with a sigh.

The elder quickly finished counting the monster cores and said, "There are a total of 97 monster cores here." Saying this, the elder recorded it into his notebook.

"Greetings, senior disciple Jiang."

The elder who the Light Wind Sword was about to pierce grew serious. In this short of a distance, the chances of him being able to dodge the attack were very low.

"What's going on?"

The Tianzhu Kingdom was a country that could be said to be in the middling ranks. It was slightly stronger than the Heavenly Eagle Kingdom, and Heaven Saint Masters could be said to hold mighty ranks here. Whenever one ventured out in public, they would catch the eyes of many people.

Inside the manor, Jian Chen could detect three Heaven Saint Masters. One of them lacked both of his legs ¨• it was the very same one that had tried to stop him in the Thousand Venom Valley and tried to take the tiger cub away from him.

The earth quaked. The mountains shook. In this one moment, the mountain range was experiencing an event that may as well be the same as the ending of the world.

"Damn it, this ability is really amazing! If this is the case, Shangguan Ying is going to die today!"

In one strike, Jian Chen was once again sent flying back a few steps while the elder was once again unaffected and instead chased after the retreating Jian Chen with his dagger aimed at Jian Chen's heart.

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