Pathfinder: Journey into the Deadlands Chapter 1631

Pathfinder: Journey into the Deadlands Chapter 1631

"The purest Heavenly Thunder Flame underneath the heavens, it is the flame that belongs to Heaven and Earth, and it's a grade above the True Dragon Flame. I now possess both the True Dragon Flame and the Heavenly Thunder Flame. Once they've both merged, a new flame more powerful than any flame underneath the heavens will be born. There is nothing this flame can't burn, and it will be the greatest weapon against those evil things."

"I will have you all slain here today." Jian Chen spoke as even more killing intent exploded out from him. All of the nearby trees began to shake and explode before transforming into wood splinters that shone with an azure and violet glow. Traveling through the air, the wood splinters suddenly found themselves shooting straight for the Yangji Sect.

Jian Chen walked with Kendall for about the time it took for an oil lamp to burn out before finally arriving at an ordinary looking house with broken cobblestone steps leading to it. The house was not very big, and the eaves of the house had plenty of cobwebs hanging about it. Even the walls had many scars from the passage of time and nature. It was clear to see that this house had been in existence in Wake City for many years, but no one had taken care of it.

Wild wind emerged from Li Wu Ling's body. He circulated his demonic skill, and his eyes turned blood red. His lips turned black because of the demonic qi, then, he forcefully struck out his fist towards Jiang Chen.

Jian Chen looked at the one eyed scorpion that was still crying out in pain. He knew in his heart that this was the perfect time to kill the scorpion. With a flash of killing intent, he dashed towards it without even stopping to take out a spare change of clothes from within his Space Ring, making him completely naked while moving to finish off the scorpion.

"Little Chen, you're getting stronger with each passing day, I really want to thank you for helping me today! If not, your brother I would immediately upon arriving in the Southern Continent."

"Screw you!!!! What is your problem?! She agreed to become my human pet! Why did you still kill her?!"

"I bet on Ka Di Liang, 10 gold coins££"

Suddenly, several hundred large vats of flaming oil were moved to be poured over the city walls in an attempt to hinder and stop the invaders climbing the walls.

Mount Origin!


"Men! Come and take away this sharp-tongued fool. Then carve out his tongue!" The man barked out for his soldiers to hear.

"Does he really think he is invincible? This place is the Asura Palace! There are many people who can suppress him with ease!"

"What legend is that!?" Jian Chen spoke eagerly.

"Little Chen, let's delay no more, we need to quickly enter!"

Yang Shuo burst into laughter.

The appraising elder smiled and nodded, his gaze resting on the youth's face as he slowly said, "Not bad, Huang Dong. It seems that your harvest this time is quite plentiful."

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