Strategists Reincarnation Death Match Chapter 627

Strategists Reincarnation Death Match Chapter 627

Jiang Chen smiled. He flipped his palm and retrieved over 20 storage rings, each of them producing endless buzzing sounds.

"We're quitting too, surrender, we're willing to surrender, please spare our lives!"

Han Yan asked.

"Alright. Be careful on your way back.

Liu Peng was shocked, and he struggle with all his strength. But too bad, his strength was far from enough to free him from the dragon claw, not to mention escaping from the attack.

Big Yellow said with a frown on his face.

"Silly child, don't speak such foolish words. The Hua Yun Sect is far too strong for you to deal with by yourself." Bi Yuntian looked to Jian Chen and held him in her arms, afraid that he'd leave once more.


"Hahahaha££££ funny, funny, this is so funny££££ cough cough."

Big Yellow Dog explained.

Situ Qing blanched, "Have they already found us here?" He whispered.

The conflict with the Qingyi Sect had come to a temporary stop. Jiang Chen and Han Yan brought Big Yellow and flew toward the center of the Blissful Island. They had the paid the entrance fee, so they were eligible to enter the Blissful Manor.

"I know the rules of survival much better than any of you, especially the rules of Inferno Hell."

The king closed his pained eyes once more. After some time, he spoke, "Guard!"

Han Yan was startled for a moment and asked.

"You men in front of us, move aside quickly if you don't want to get killed!"

Jiang Chen was speechless; Big Yellow had let him witness how easy it was for him to level up.

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