Starship commander trapped in a fantasy world Chapter 2014

Starship commander trapped in a fantasy world Chapter 2014

He slowly walked towards the stone monument region. Qing Shui estimated that one afternoon should be enough for him to observe at least one stone monument.

The old man started to explain the next ten movements after he demonstrated a round of the first twenty movements. He slowed down the speed of his explanation, and would even sometimes repeat some details twice or thrice.

What had just occurred was something that could not be explained with an understanding of magical techniques and divine abilities.

"Since you came to find me, I'll tell you this - you and I are not suited for each other. I am only interested in you due to your background and social circles. To me, you are just like a new toy to a child. As soon as I am bored with you, I'll just abandon you at some corner."

The peerless beauty before him had her eyes closed. Her extremely calm and tranquil face left an exquisite impact on Qing Shui's mind. She had a long and delicate neck, and the most perfectly shaped breasts. His eyes travelled lower, towards the fair skin around her lower abdomen. It was flat, but it didn't lose its elasticity. It was translucent and snowy white, like the most beautiful white jade.

He was tired of being wound so tight. These people wanted to kill him, and weren't holding anything back. Their intentions were clear. Murder. The intense sensation of deadly crisis caused Bai Xiaochun to throw his head back and roar at the top of his lungs. Then he took a step forward, appearing directly in front of a young man in the early Foundation Establishment stage.

He slapped his chest proudly to emphasize his words.

"Isn't Qing Shui the husband your parents found for you?" Cang Wuya asked, surprised.

But why would she be willing to do that for the Feng Clan? Could it be that she was a member of the Feng Clan?

"Auntie, did you get a good night's sleep last night?" Hai Shiya was experienced, so she could observe the changes in Hai Dongqing from just a single glance. Only someone who had turned into a woman would have this perception.

The concocting process lasted for a month. Afterward, rumbling sounds filled the immortal's cave, and to Bai Xiaochun's excitement, two fingernail-sized white medicinal pills appeared.

Di Chen's body was shivering. She turned around and looked at QIng Shui with a dull expression. She never expected them to make things worse this time. Must she really sacrifice herself for the sake of Di Clan and the Residence of the Sky Tyrant Lord?

The aura of the demonic beast had completely vanished. He had been in the middle of his search when the aura had suddenly disappeared. It was strange indeed.

Down below, the terrain was covered with thick jungle, complete with enormous, towering trees. As he went along, he didn't see anybody within the jungle itself. The only thing on the ground was a thick blanket of leaves which had been decaying there for who knew how many years. In many areas, the leaves had rotted into nothing more than a sludge.

"Actually Grandpa Yu was crippled 10 years ago, and not too long ago he was cured by a mysterious alchemist. There was no mysterious alchemistˇ­"

"I... am the Blood Ancestor!!" he roared. Everything he had experienced in the past half a month had led up to this moment. Not only was he guiding the consciousnesses of everyone present, he was doing so without the slightest misstep, sending power to all corners of the Blood Ancestor's body.

"Mister, we are from Cloud Mist Sect. I owe you a favor. So would you please spare our faces?" The other middle-aged man said as he looked at Qing Shui.

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