Nine Paths of Asura Chapter 618

Nine Paths of Asura Chapter 618

Hai Clan!

She was afraid of losing what they had before. All of her efforts were because of him and she was prepared to give herself to him. She only had Qing Shui in her heart and nobody else could replace him anymore.

"Why would I? I am alright with it as long as you don't mind," Qing Yi quickly replied.

Her sickly delicate face was tinted red. Her icy countenance was indescribably breathtaking, even Qing Shui secretly praised her beauty.?

Clearly, the army cared a lot about Bai Xiaochun, because all of those cultivators came from the group of 10,000 that he had personally rescued off of the battlefield. Originally, they had been members of other parts of the army, but had been specifically reassigned by General Bai Lin.

He thought back to life in his clan, how these young ones had been so attached to him, and suddenly he began to breathe raggedly. At the same time, a look of struggle appeared in his eyes.

"Okay let's go, we have nothing going on and were planning to laze about anyways. Would some guy welcome us to go with him?" Canghai Mingyue intentionally gazed at Qing Shui.

The store was thus filled with a warm youthfulness as the fair, gorgeous young ladies sashayed around like blossoms in breeze, while the male customers looked with great thirst.?

Despite that, everyone seemed to be looking at one spot. That was the spot that Qing Shui usually practice at!

"Why are you not together with your daddy?"

This could be why talismans were drawn using blood to ward off evil spirits, although Heavenly talismans were not used to ward off evil spirits, and not all all Heavenly talismans were drawn with red blood either.?

Everyone who heard his story was completely shaken. Nine-Isles roared in rage, his hatred for Bai Xiaochun burning bright and hot. As for Lin Mu, he went into secluded meditation for a few days after hearing the stories. When he emerged, he said that he had prepared a huge surprise for Bai Xiaochun!

Squad 9 rushed back into the cellblock, their hearts surging with excitement. The gray-robed prisoners had recovered from the sight of Bai Xiaochun interrogating Old Devil Zhou, and quickly rushed over.

The ghost face lay in his hiding spot, staring blankly into the sky at the face of the baby girl. After a moment passed, he sighed, his heart filled with both bitterness and excitement. "So, the detestable Bai Xiaochun finally broke throughˇ­."

"Congratulations, Your Majesty. May I present your son!"

Since he had managed to refine the Small Revitalizing Pellet, he could not treat himself too shabbily. It was just that this was the first time he had refined this kind of 3rd grade pill, and thus he was very excited. To be able to succeed on his first try, it must be partially thanks to the effects of the Golden Flint Iron Cauldron!

The Misty Hall's Palace Mistress was absent, but Qing Shui knew that she wouldn't appear in events like this. He shifted his gaze towards the others from the Heavenly Palace and saw a few familiar faces. Among those who crossed gazes with Qing Shui, some smiled at him in return, whereas some immediately averted their gazes.

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