Romance of Dragons and Snakes Chapter 367

Romance of Dragons and Snakes Chapter 367

"That's enough. Everyone please settle down, we are getting nowhere with this. Why don't we listen to the patriarch's words?" A man spoke.

One of the mercenaries walked forward to speak to Jian Chen, "Fellow friend, judging from your appearance, I presume you've been at the Magical Beast Mountain Range for quite some time now."

As the man barked out an order, the surrounding mercenaries didn't hesitate for a moment as each one of them materialized their Saint Weapons and charged at Jian Chen from every possible angle.

After that, the man had left the compound, leaving the three of them alone.


"Hehe, two little tigers, how dare you fight me. You're just looking for death!"

"Yes!" The four replied before leaping into the cellar below.

Ignoring Lord Zhanlang's shock, Jiang Chen coldly harrumphed. Once he had the advantage, he would never stop. In an instant, he took the second step.

Furthermore, the Imperial Emperor really hated it when someone mentioned the rights to visit the Island of Ice a hundred years ago, it always made him feel as if what he got today was given to him by Wu Jiu. This mentality gave birth to an ill-feeling toward Wu Jiu, and now, because of Jiang Chen, this ill-feeling had become worse.

Jian Chen's expression grew solemn. His right arm nimbly controlled the Light Wind Sword to shake off the powerful energy that the man's sword had released. At the same time, he pressed his feet into the ground and instantly appeared behind the the man. Displaying all of the advantages his fast sword had, he began to openly attack the man with a typhoon of concentrated attacks.

"Ming Dong££Ming Dong, eh? A good name." The man thought for a moment before saying, "My child, allow me to tell you just what the situation was like for your Ming family five thousand years ago."

"Oh? Brother Jiang also an expert in the Dao of War?"

"There's a troublemaker! Arrest him!"

Although Jiang Zhenhai was mentally prepared for the answer, but when he heard that Jiang Chen was leaving, he still felt sad in his heart. For him, this gathering seemed to pass by so quickly. Sometimes, he truly wished his son was just an ordinary man, the same useless fool who always brought him trouble. At least, he would still have him by his side.

"Don't take it to heart, eminent monk. I, Jiang Chen travel the world with one principle; I do things according to my own liking. I've told you just now, I have some sort of connection with the Buddhist Sect. Since you were in trouble, I obviously had to offer my help."

Another Elder told him. As yesterday's commotion had attracted many people's attention, even he was informed about the incident.

The fifth elder slowly opened his eyes. The moment they opened, the rays of light in the room seemed to grow bright. In the next moment, the fifth elder's bright eyes seemed to become the only thing in the room, as if there was a whole, separate world in his eyes.

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