A Slackers guide to Immortality Chapter 372

A Slackers guide to Immortality Chapter 372

Yan Xing gazed at Jiang Chen who was standing on the sidelines and said, "The men from the Lee family are here!"

"That can't be said for sure, but according to the news, the murderer had already been heavily injured by the clan leader. In this giant forest, even if here were to escape, he wouldn't get far."

Jian Chen pulled out his sword with a breath of air escaping from his lips. Fighting this Great Saint Master had cost him a large amount of his energy, and after this fight, he was starting to breathe heavily.

The area of this grassland was expansive, so Jian Chen could walk for 2 days before he would finally reach the end of the area which turned into a desolate piece of land. After walking for another 4 hours, he finally made his way to an official road where he could see the left over marks of a carriage that had driven by.

Huang Luan took several light steps toward Jian Chen at her leisure. At an extremely close range, her eyes were still full of complexity. Even now, in her mind, Huang Luan was unable to even think back to when she and Jian Chen had first met or when they had met again in the empty space during the Gathering of the Mercenaries.

"Tie Ta, you needn't worry. Your blood is indeed unique; according to what I know, the blood of some magical beasts is quite special. Some don't even have golden blood. With blood like yours, this may be a blessing in disguise instead of misfortune." Ming Dong comforted him.

The Moyun clan's ancestor grew dark at the very thought of a tiny Earth Saint Master threatening him. Despite being an extremely talented one, he was still not someone that he could consider an opponent. There was a clear divide between an Earth Saint Master and a Heaven Saint Master almost as different as the heavens and earth themselves.

"So I died, but because of the Sword Spirits, my soul was rescued by them££"

Before this, Jiang Chen hadn't used the True Dragon Flames to purify the devil soul. This was because only the strong devilish characteristic from the source could awaken the Ancient Divine Devil's bloodline in Han Yan's body. Only with that would Han Yan be able to wake up.

"Bitch, don't be so loud, who do you think you are?"

This event caused the name of the Changyang Clan to skyrocket. They completely overshadowed even the Hua Yun Sect's power to the point where they had replaced them as the authority figure. At this, Changyang Ba didn't know whether to laugh or cry. There was a helpless look on his face knowing that the Changyang clan could no longer be as low-profile as before.

Jiang Chen explained.

Jian Chen couldn't refuse having the king request this of him in such a manner and nodded his head without hesitation. Although the Heavenly Eagle Kingdom wasn't weak, the safety of several people wouldn't be too hard to manage with so many strong individuals from the Qinhuang Kingdom.

"Heavens, chief Jiang looks really young!"

"Little Chen, you just stood aside and watched us like you were watching a monkey show, is this really fine?"

Jiang Chen shook his head.

The patriarch ignored the bowing members of his clan in favor of observing Jian Chen. When he recognized his face, the patriarch immediately froze in disbelief. The person that he wanted to capture at all costs had actually taken the initiative to come to him! This revelation was startling to say the least.

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