Better than one Chapter 2198

Better than one Chapter 2198

"There would be an elementary Martial Saint beauty who would accompany you for a drink. However, this is on the condition that she is agreeable. Moreover, it would not exceed 15 minutes." The lady smiled and said.

A grand battle of devas was about to begin!

When they reappeared, they were in a grand hall somewhere in the middle of the city. As soon as they appeared, and before they could even see their surroundings clearly, and icy voice spoke out.

If one day Wenren Wu-Shuang were to jump into the arms of another, Qing Shui would definitely feel bad. All men have their own selfish motives. Qing Shui was no exception. Moreover, what Qing Shui valued most, other than kinship, was women. He hoped to have a few pretty wives and children to pamper him in the future so that he would be able to see the heartwarming scenes when they are happy.

As for the spiritual energy within their bodies, they didn't dare to use it. In fact, to prevent it from seeping out, Zhao Tianjiao magically sealed himself.

He unleashed his spiritual sense quickly and everywhere around him was within the Nine Palace.

The burly man held an iron hammer in his other hand, which he used to hit the sword with all the force he could muster.

Before this refinement, Qing Shui had ensured that he had enough rest, and that his spirit had recovered to its optimal state. If it had been earlier, he might have lacked confidence. However, after refining the Gale Pellet, he found that his abilities to refine Medicinal Pills had increased significantly. It was not just an increase in a grade, it was more like a jump of an entire realm. That feeling was as though he had absolute control of everything within his hands. He might not be able to do it perfectly but he had the confidence that he could succeed.

Elder Ge was surrounded by a white halo. His weathered face contorted in pain, but he was also greatly surprise. He bit his lips until they bled.

Located here is my seventh physical soul, which is also a deva soul....

"I understand your sentiments, Elder Brother Zhao," Bai Xiaochun replied, "so there's no need to speak them aloud. Fellow Daoist Li, the battle is not over yet. I suggest you issue orders to take advantage of the opportunity I've won you, before it fades away!"

No one spoke or even moved, and no one looked at Bai Xiaochun and the Giant Ghost King. Everyone was waiting for the green-robed man to look up.

"Since senior is already here, why don't you stay for a few days?" Qing Shui quickly said.

When the doors opened, Qing Shui saw a path leading downwards. The place was dimly lit. Qing Shui noticed fist-sized glowing rocks on the wall every 200 meters.?

Furthermore, thanks to his Undying Hex, no amount of sealing formations did any good to slow him down. By the time he arrived, it was evening. Even as he stood there frowning, trying to decide how to enter, he heard an overly sentimental voice drifting out from inside.

A tremendous ape's cry rang out!

Despite being shown mercy, Xu Baocai's cultivation base had been severely damaged, sending him all the way back down to the Foundation Establishment level. Although he had recovered some since then, it seemed unlikely that he would ever return to his previous level.

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