System: Strongest Shop Owner Chapter 1669

System: Strongest Shop Owner Chapter 1669

AST 995 - Entering the Sacred Land of Panacea, Legend of the Heartmatched Fruit, Six Hundred Li?

With that, he flew forward and began searching the Giant Ghost King's robes and tossing all sorts of items out toward Bai Xiaochun.

"I'm not leaving, I'm not leaving even if I were to die." Huoyun Liu-Li smiled and said, but anyone could tell that she was very determined.

Inserting the needle, the primordial flames technique was greatly effective, as it revitalized the damaged energy channels, and slowly expanded the previously atrophied channels.

Although the resulting detonation would be slightly less effective, a huge amount of power had already built up in the furnaces during the past several days. Having placed his sealing marks onto the furnaces, he shot back up toward the Great Wall, furnaces in tow.

Suddenly, in the distance, Qing Shui could see the wild boars frenziedly rampaging around before dashing in every direction in a panic. It seemed as though they were fleeing for their lives.

"Qing Shui might not necessarily be in trouble!' The one called Brother Niu turned towards the refined looking man and laughed.

The fact that he had refused to abandon his fellow disciples, and had even used himself as bait to lead the enemy away, left many people moved. The cultivation world was full of selfish people; individuals like Bai Xiaochun were not common. The loss of such a disciple left many people, even the Sect Leader and Elders, feeling very aggrieved.

Currently in the entire Hundred Miles City, there was no one who didn't know who Mingyue Gelous was. And in addition to that, when she broke through into Xiantian back then, she had cemented the Qing Clan's great status in the Hundred Miles City, and there were admirers of her sending gifts to the Qing Clan doorstep daily.

"Qing Shui's the best! Haha. Erm, do you really plan to leave it and... not talk to... that little beauty?" Huoyun Liu-Li uttered this very slowly. She had been watching Qing Shui's expression all this while. If she saw that anything was amiss, she would immediately shut up.

He picked up the Violet Jade Earrings, next he stared at her delicate and translucent ear, he had a strong sudden impulse to kiss it. The moment his hand came into contact with her earlobe, she trembled violently. Qing Shui laughed. So this was her sensitive spot, she must have felt ticklish just nowĄ­

"Let's go to the Di residence tomorrow! Qing'er has already brought that matter up many times." Di Chen said this at the side of Qing Shui's ears as she gently hugged him.

"Hongfei, it is true that we cannot violate the legislation. But given certain circumstances, there are people who can be exempted from the laws. When that time comes, if five of our clans unite together, we can swiftly topple even absolute power." Xu Shiji seemed to have a high position among these people. Their clan may be only small clans, but the Xi Clan was not a very big clan too. So if the five of them united together, they may actually stand a chance against the Xi Clan.

Huoyun Liu-Li knew about it. It felt so good to the point that it would make the bones soft.

Qing Shui entered Qing Yi's room. Seeing Qing Yi, he took out a Golden Ringed Snake Fruit and two Endurance-Enhancing Fruits. "Mother, these are for you!" Qing Shui smiled. Facing Qing Yi, Qing Shui's smile was always silly and honest.

The woman hesitated for a moment before accepting it, as if she had wanted to say something but didn't say it in the end.

Despite how the Foundation Establishment cultivators gave chase, Bai Xiaochun was too fast, and Middle Peak was too big. He raced back and forth for a full two hours, until he finally managed to shake all of the Foundation Establishment cultivators.

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